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Dear Supreme Leader

I am 76 and very fit.  I went out for a walk by myself today for an hour 20 minutes.  I passed by one person coming from the other direction.

I would estimate the chance of me catching the virus from him would be much less than one in a million.

If you have done basic probability in school you multiply two events to get the total probability. BTW, did you pass math in high school?

Now let us assume there are 5,000 people with the virus.  Then there is a one in a thousand chance of that person having the virus.

It is said by your experts that to be at risk of infection one usually has to be close to a person for about 15 minutes.

I would have been within two meters of this person for less than 5 seconds and the person did not sneeze or cough.

I would guess the chance of me catching the virus would be less than one on ten thousand if the person had the virus.

That means the chance of me being infected today would be less than one in ten million.

Now what is the downside of me following your patronizing and bad advice to not exercise outdoors?

I am not a medical expert any more than you are.  However, prolonged isolated inactivity could not only make an older person more susceptible to the virus but also other ailments.

Now let us look at your arrogant and incompetent Minister of Health.

Many people like me who have no use for your government were prepared to follow the advice of your government (taxpayer) paid experts that has now changed.

If you ask one of you staff to listen to talk back and social media they will tell you many feel like me.

I have not seen the track Clark rode on but it sounds like others have come off on it.  If he did the chance of him passing on the virus would be very low but he could take up a hospital bed.

That is a minor problem compared with his action and your failure to do your job as PM.

Your private telling off does not cut it nor does your insincere comments to Hillary with a smirk on your face. At the very least he should make a public apology.

I have no intention of following your ageist and patronizing advice and encouraging others to do likewise unless you properly discipline your arrogant and useless Minister who will not even go to Wellington.

I will make a deal with you. You do your job and properly discipline your Minister of Health and I will stay inside. If you fail to do your job I will ignore your advice which is not the law. I bet you are not brave enough to make an ageist law that discriminates against those over 70.

I am sure others on various blogs will await your response with interest. I hope that Mike Hosking will also be interested. If you listened to his advice and quarantined those coming back to NZ we would not be where we are now.

Chuck Bird

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  1. Not bad Chuck. Can you add a PS & ask the dozy bint to close the gates at the airports to any more returnees & their viruses? Thanks



  2. So you won’t be voting for Labour this time! 😆 😆

    Quite correct though.
    She won’t even get to read it unfortunately.

    Surely by now the polls must be turning agin her?

    Son observed yeaterday that most people seem to be relaxed and enjoying thier autumnm break.Well employees’ do.
    Can’t say the same for business owners.



    • Surely by now the polls must be turning agin her?

      What percentage of media coverage is negative? You see it because you look for it. But the visual media are still fawning over her and will continue to do so. And I strongly suspect the print media will use the few negative stories to claim they’re “impartial” and once this is all over will still laud her as our savior.

      I suspect Covid-19 has guaranteed her a 2nd term with some support from The Greens, The NZ Herald, TVNZ, Stuff and maybe NZ First.



      • …versus the Silent Majority.

        We have to have hope this will end soon or this inept debacle will overwhelm us and our country.

        Our established ‘rule of law’ has to be suspended under socialism to allow them to change the rules as they deem necessary. It is coming.

        Good letter Chuck.



  3. Excellent points Chuck!
    So many people I have spoken to are utterly disgusted by the Minister of Health’s actions- And many are saying ‘Why should I bother following the rules if Jacinda’s Ministers don’t?’



  4. Well done Chuck.
    One could be excused for thinking Cindy actually want’s to further bring the country to its knees to be able to inflict her socialist agenda on us.



  5. Excellent Chuck and not a single word of untruth but sorry my old son she ain’t listening, the best way to get Arederns attention is to gather a couple of hundred cameras in one spot ,she can actually smell a camera collection like that and will be attracted to it like a shark to blood .



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