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Even Cindy’s target audience get her now.

Post any examples of All our political lies.


  1. An opinion piece by Duncan Garner on the self grandiose title of “transformational” government.

    “It was one of those things that’s said in Opposition and repeated in Government: “transformational”. Be careful promising the earth if you can’t deliver. Put it down to inexperience, naivety, and all those other words meaning the same thing.”



  2. The impact of the Oil and Gas Ban was signalled to the government. There is a significant cost to New Zealand and to Taranaki ranging into the billions of dollars in lost revenue. It is estimated to be roughly $28,000,000,000, or the equivalent of buying 43,000 KiwiBuild homes in Auckland and gifting them to people. NZIER has done the research and have even factored in changes to our export industry, cost increases, etc. It’s worth reading their document in full to understand the economic harm our Government has done.

    But when you read the MBIE warnings to Megan Woods and the government it gets worse. The cons they raised to the government:

    • significant risk to security of energy supply
    • continued upward pressure on domestic gas prices
    • perceptions of sovereign risk
    • may accelerate decommisioning of facilities
    • significantly alters regional employment opportunities and services sector
    • residual risk of legal challenge from investors

    And some of the comments they made in their document:

    • “Any significant discovery of gas foir export could also result in a global reduction of emissions through a displacement of coal”
    • “under their (IEA) base case scenario, coal-fiored generation is due to grow by 99 gigawats through to 2040”
    • “equivalent to a new, 4 unit, 1000 megawatt coal-fired Huntly power station built every 12 weeks for the next 23 years”
    • “competitively priced LNG would offset some of this projected increase”

    As you can see, despite what Jacinda Ardern has claimed the likely impact is going to be a worsening of global emissions. And our officials have warned this stupid coalition of liars that this is likely going to happen. Quoting one of the articles on it:

    “negligible impact” on reducing domestic greenhouse emissions and would “likely increase” global emissions as the methanol produced by Methanex using gas from New Zealand would be replaced by methanol produced using coal in China

    I mean, you’re offloading the same energy production to China. Do you really, honestly expect China to follow the same rigorous process as we do here in New Zealand?

    With one of their keystone captain’s call policies, Jacinda Ardern has deceived New Zealand and the world.

    Some reference links for you guys:

    NZIER Economic Impact Analysis
    Beehive Petroleum Allocation Scenarios
    Beehive Block Offer Release



    • And if you are after the facts, you can find Derek Handley’s release of timeline, communications, etc. here in a reasonably structured format. He voluntarily released this two days before our open and transparent government, who put together a dump of all information to try and hide it in volume that you can find here.



    • As to this statement:

      Rt Hon JACINDA ARDERN: My best recollection is that I received, some months ago, a text from Mr Handley mentioning the CTO role, which I do not recall directly engaging with as that would not have been appropriate. (From Hansard, here)

      There was discussion with Derek Handley prior; telling him she’d “talk to the team about how we can make use of you and your kind offer”. Also, in response to him asking about the CTO role and being able to send her some starting thoughts, she sent him her email address.



    • I agree, it stinks like Surströmming but apart from the text message Hardcore sent Ardern there’s not a lot of solid proof on this one.

      I don’t think you’d send such a personal seeming text to an elected official if you weren’t reasonably familiar with them. Using the Immigration Ministers’ first name, etc. suggests there is a much closer relationship than what is declared publicly. But how do you prove that?

      The whole Stroubek saga is a very good example of how the Labour Party appears to protect friends and family. There was no logical reason for Ian Lees-Galloway to rescind the deportation order in-place and grant him such a massive boon. There was no reason for Mike Bush to come out and make the statements he did and he’s made no other statements like that.

      If you do what the Prime Minister requested and read between the lines though, yeah. It all smells like a 6 month fermented herring.



    • Well, apparently he spent 45 minutes on the documentation and the decision.

      There’s a 12 page summary in the documentation. With an average of 500 words per page (Standard, 12 point font, A4 page, single spaced) and an average adult reading speed of 300 words per minute it would have taken him approximately 12 minutes just to review the summary. There are “hundreds” of pages in the full document.

      It can’t really be argued that when making a decision to cancel a deportation order for a known criminal currently in prison that spending 25 – 45 minutes on it would count as “deepest consideration“.

      One day hopefully we’ll find out what lies in Area 51 and why Ian Lees-Galloway made that decision so quickly and why our honest Prime Minister has not actually reprimanded him for this.



      • And don’t forget Winston knew all about it and assured us ILG had made the right decision, until it was evident WP didn’t know Sroubek was a criminal.
        Then there’s the patronising comment from SLG that the right decision had been made because “read between the lines”
        And haven’t we all read between the lines!



  3. “Year of Delivery” “We will build 1000 houses per year” “I don’t know why the Kiwibuild CEO resigned” “Climate change is my generation’s nuclear free moment” “Landlords will absorb any costs this Govt imposes on them” “We will end child poverty”



  4. If that little boy with his one finger in the air is making a statement about how many things Ardern and Robinson have not F—-D up over the last 19 months he’s a lying little shit as well because there are actually ZERO.



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