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Liars Cannot Hide It Anymore




Facial, Speech and Virtual Polygraph Analysis Shows Ilhan Omar Exhibits Many Indications of a Compulsive Liar!!!

What is the truth about Omar’s immigration  to the US? An expert analysis shows she is most likely lying about it all.  Here are some excerpts from that study –

In assembling the virtual polygraph system, I used several Artificial Intelligence platforms to perform the speech and facial expression evaluation. 

For the speech analysis I used several algorithms to identify conversational dynamics and the detection of deceit through functions and patterns such as:

  • Usage of filler words like “Umm”, “and”,  Like”
  • Cut out contractions such as using “did not” rather than “didn’t
  • Increase/decrease in speech speed, pitch, and tone
  • Pausing frequently
  • Prolonging word vocalization to buy time
  • Repeating or rephrasing questions
  • Stuttering
  • Voice pitch changes

I calibrated the facial expression engine and established a baseline using several hours of Omar’s speeches on a variety of ‘neutral’ subjects. I then established her ‘truth’ baseline using over 1200 factual statements (i.e. statement known to be true). I also supplemented her baseline facial expressions with catalogue of over 230 combinations of her customized Microexpression.

Following the creation of a unique database of her facial expressions, I proceeded with the ML training using her unique data sets. The whole training process took about 32 hours.

Miss Frowny Face

Reading this you could be excused that if you replaced Omar with Cindy, you would come to the same conclusion.

The obvious ones are the teeth, frowny facial expressions, use of “umm” and “like” and poor pronunciation of words.


  1. As someone who has been to Ground Zero and spoken to survivors of 911 I utterly fucking detest Ilhan Omar.
    There are several videos of her laughing and joking about the World Trade Centre attacks and she seems genuinely perplexed as to why Americans make such a big deal about it! (She seems blissfully unaware that there a still people dying from illnesses related to the attacks)
    A truly repulsive individual…



  2. This is another post of mine, made this am, that was eliminated by the moderators on Kiwiblog.

    “Yet again, we have some acting surprised that ardern has been caught out lying.

    There are times, when the mods start up, that I feel I am the only person in the whole country that actually sees ardern for what she is.

    Even David Farrar seems blind to her at times.

    I have said it before and will not change my position despite enduring “moderation” she is a liar, her default position under pressure is to lie.

    She is a natural fit for “what’s in it for wynston” as he also has little integrity and has spent his entire political life lying about people and to people. He and ardern are only concerned about themselves and will do whatever it takes to achieve their selfish purposes.”



    • I thought by now you would have stopped going there. Every time you click on some topic there, it adds to the numbers of visits. These numbers are then used to sell advertising. The more clicks, the more advertisers will pay. I have not been back there since I started ysb.



      • Exactly. Visiting Kiwiblog sends David Farrar the message that his moderation and Labour leaning approach is valid. No thank you, like Trademe, etc. stop using them. Stop supporting the damn socialists. How hard is that?



      • Same. I was only a small time comenter on KB compared with some of you guys…… but I won’t go back since DPF got woke and capitulated to the totalitarian state after the mosque shootings.

        This blog is the voice of the resistance and thank you and all the commenters here.



  3. So here are the latest figures from the Alexa Toolbar Ratings
    YSB up to 1138
    Kiwi Blog up as well to 592
    The Herald DOWN to 12 from 10 in June, I hope this continues and accelerates
    Stuff is steady on 8
    The Labour Party website 3658
    The National Party website 4366

    Don’t forget you can all install the toolbar, its a bit of fun sometimes.



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