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    • Certainly well over all the self righteousness on Facebook – which is also a gentle reminder of the cult like status Ardern is getting from the impressionable – see how that transforms into votes come September. “3 more years”



    • Yes, heard on radio yesterday that the government is here to help and is doing so by increasing the Winter Heating allowance……it seemed very close to electioneering to me.

      I preferred the tax reduction package legislated for by the previous government.



  1. Actually I think she’s doing rather well, surprisingly. Her press conferences, from what I have seen, are clear and concise and she communicates in plain language.

    I did notice that when asked about the Maoris blockading roads, she completely evaded the question though – which makes me suspicious about the police’s abilities or indeed intentions in this regard. Hmm…

    But she’s got the main message through well: Isolate yourselves from others. Act like you have the virus and this will break the chain. Supermarkets, pharmacies and petrol stations will remain open, albeit within strict controls. Do not panic. Do not have physical contact with anyone outside your household. Be kind to one another and we will get through this.

    She also said that we should expect infection numbers to continue to rise over the next (I think) 10 to 14 days as those already infected come to light – but the hope is that this will begin to level off once the lockdown starts to have its effect.

    These are the messages that I have got from watching a couple of Ardern’s press conferences and, as I said, I think she’s performing surprisingly well. Praise where praise is due.



  2. I was considering nagging hubby non-stop for the next month as he can’t bugga-off, then I realised as he hasn’t paid any attention to my gentle remonstrances for last 40+ years, it’s probably not worth my effort.



    • I’ve always loathed being nagged but I found the total answer to the problem well over half a century ago.

      Ask me once to do something……all good. Twice……okay I may have not heard or forgotten. Thrice & whatever is requested will never happen so long as my arse points downwards.

      Parents, wife, kids, grandkids have all learnt & it works perfectly. 🙂



    • Hubby just refuses to do anything HE doesn’t consider necessary. It’s been a long, slow road to improvement but he’s mellowed over the years now he’s working less. Good things take time… 🤗



  3. Good books to read.
    Quinton Jardine. Has a series on Policeman Bob Skinner from start of his career as a plod through and past an early retirement in Scotish Police. He’s a hard man and a good read, intertwined through some of his members of the force. They all look after each other.
    Daniel Silva. Follows the life of an Israeli hitman, Gabriel Allon through his encounters. He offed all of the terrorists that kidnapped the team at the Olympics, aswell as a lot of others. Spare time he is an art restorer.
    Had a look at my library history and have had 948 books in the last three years. Got out a dozen just before they shut, ebooks if I run out. Never used them before. I like to hold them, when I got glasses it was not the same.



  4. Cigarette factory says it has MBIE approval to operate through lockdown

    A factory producing cigarettes through the lockdown was apparently given the Government permission to do so.

    At the Imperial Tobacco factory in Petone, Lower Hutt, staff could be seen arriving, other workers were in offices, and activity could be seen inside, where many lights were on on Thursday morning – day one of the stage-four lockdown.

    Stage-four – the most-extreme of New Zealand’s coronavirus alert levels – means only those businesses essential to the provision of life necessities can stay open.

    Imperial spokeswoman Louise Evans McDonald said the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) had approved the factory’s operation through the lockdown.


    MBIE has released a comprehensive list of what is an essential service. It does not appear to include cigarette factories.

    Wonder how much that cost the company into Labours coffers.



  5. Notice Ardern’s media first said 4 weeks. Then changed to at least 4 weeks. And are now saying much much longer – or else 80,000 dead in NZ.

    Anyone who believes that number deserves to die.

    Is it possible she wants the evil capitalist economy destroyed? Once that happens she can hold up communism to the starving masses. People only turn to communism in desperate times.



    • At the last election I read the grandkid Animal Farm.
      I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading to that kid over her lifetime and it has brought us both great joy, but its a thing of the past now. Now she’s 12, I’m going to revive an old habit and read it to her again (if I can get away with it) during this period of homeschooling. I consider it a life-time vaccination against voting to the Left.

      I also note that they watch an indecent number of videos at school.
      I was recently aghast that a marae visit for cultural education was finished off by watching ‘Moana’ ffs
      I’m looking forward to Life of Brian in the next few days.



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