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Lockdown Proponents Were Wrong




Why Won’t Lockdown Proponents Admit They Were Wrong?

COVID mania just won’t go away. The deadly strains of the virus have been gone for two years now, and yet the recent outbreak of a mild flu-like variant is again stoking panic on the political left

Nearly 100 universities are requiring masks this fall.

Lionsgate movie studios in Los Angeles and Atlanta-based Morris Brown College this week stated they are reinstating not just mask mandates but anti-social distancing measures and contact tracing.

CNN, which led the panic in 2020 and 2021—causing manic school, restaurant, and business shutdowns and vaccine mandates—recently put out a headline on its website that encouraged its readers not to go outside without a mask on. Really?

The latest evidence finds this is less dangerous than a normal flu virus and tracking data suggest that the wave has already peaked.

What’s even more disturbing here is that the medical community and the media aren’t renouncing their calls for mitigation strategies that were catastrophically wrong in the panic era of 2020 and 2021—but instead calling for more of these assaults on freedom in the future.

It is one thing for well-meaning medical experts to have disagreed about how to best combat a once-in-a-half-century deadly virus. We didn’t know exactly what we were dealing with.

But now we know with concrete scientific evidence that most mandates and lockdowns had a small impact on the spread of the virus and on fatalities. It turns out there was almost no difference in death rates in states with strict lockdowns and no lockdowns at all.

The same is true of cross-country evidence.

Healthy children were never at risk from COVID (something we knew early on), so shutting down schools for one or two years was a sop to the teachers unions but a disaster for this generation of kids.

Test scores are the worst in 30 years.

Before the pandemic, only 15 percent of public school students were chronically absent—more than 18 or more days a year.

Stanford University education professor Thomas Dee’s data shows an estimated 6.5 million additional students are now chronically absent. In Connecticut and Massachusetts, chronic absenteeism remains double its pre-pandemic rate.

But polls show that Democrats—even those that are highly educated—generally still support the lockdowns that were mandated. These are the same people who lecture about “following the science.”

The most comprehensive study by experts at Johns Hopkins University found death rates from lockdowns were reduced by 0.1 percent. But how many people died from the isolation of lockdowns, delayed health screening from cancer, the increase in drug overdoses?

Biden’s vaccine mandates only made Americans more resistant to get pricked. They backfired.

Worst of all, Anthony Fauci, who remains a hero of those of a certain political leaning, recently not only refused to admit the errors of his advice but said the “lockdown was absolutely justified.”

Why does this bizarre rewrite of recent history matter? Because the fearmongers can’t wait to install new lockdowns every time we have a new flu virus and health scare.

They’ve even started putting out feelers for ‘occasional’ climate economic shutdowns.

Those who love freedom must strenuously resist this coming tyranny.

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  1. You’ve gotta ask yourselves were the YSBrs that saw through the bullshit pandemic very intelligent straight thinking people or conspiracy theorists that turned out to be right ? in my case I prefer the first option as before they were cancelled ,banned,and ridiculed many very highly qualified scientists and medical specialists were warning that there was a dangerous over reaction going on to what was just another flu .
    With the aid of the international MSM there is never going to be any sort of reckoning for the filth that inflicted this greatest of all cons on the planet and destroyed hundreds of millions of lives and businesses, in our stupid little political system we gave the main instigator of the treachery a royal honour and she’s been allowed to slime her way out of the country to a better place where she’s admired by the people as the worlds most effective young female leader ,in fact she is going to be teaching leadership at the left wing echoe chamber that have employed her , the fucking bitch whore.
    She’s also in cahoots with dozens of other left wing elites to set up an international speech banning regime that will include the information gathering apparatus being built at Whenuapai airforce base right now which is going to contain digital storage for information that is apparently 1000X more powerful that what our country will ever need , WHY is that ? oh that’s right that venture was set up by Arderns cabal and the little child molesting maggot Bill gates / Microsoft, remember when Ardern made a big fuss about the agreement and the 100s of millions that was being invested to makes us all safe and secure??



    • I believe that most people did their research OK so most of us had the time/inclination to follow Peter McCulloch and Dr Robert Malone, but there were others who were research doctors and had many years of great ability in these fields I decided NOT to take the jab. Ok I am retired have my house paid off and have the time and no great financial reasons as to why I was accepting of the jab. Apart from the fact that it was experimental. The Podium of truth was for anyone intelligent to see it was watching a crock of absolute shit and dear leader saying they were the single source of truth, when she had told such obvious lies since her elevation to leader. Anyone with half a brain could see it was absolute rubbish. Fauci in America was a crock of cow shit also smarmy bastard that he is. Yep I believe most were against the jab for intelligent reasons, others were against being told what to do which also shows intelligence. Some were against for religious reasons???



  2. My refusal was in part a refusal to accept there was any truth in anything the lying bitch ever said, I have never hated anybody like I do her. I never ever watched any of her announcements and refused to accept or follow any of her mandates and rules etc.
    Like Lizziep I was under no financial or job pressure being retired, I honestly do no not know what I would have done if I was work mandated. I applied for one of the mask exceptions and refused to wear one anywhere or sign into anywhere. I do admit to occasionally taking a photo of a notice asking you to sign in. One vivid memory is being the only unmasked person in Mitre 10 and realizing what an escaped prisoner must feel like as “everybody” was looking at me .
    I hate the bitch and all of the rest of the bastards and will never forget or forgive.



      • But, but, but we are told daily on here to get over it. Being butt hurt is only a symptom of our idiocy he says.
        Well fuck him. I will never forget or forgive. How dare the bitch create such confusion in the dumb cunts in society who even today are just waiting for their next chance to show us how superior they are.
        Wearing a face nappy is no sign of superiority. just stupidity.



  3. Not that “The Prisoner” 1960’s television series, had a direct effect on me, as I was just a kid at the time.

    …. “I am not a number! I am a free man!” …..

    ….A major theme of the series is individualism, as represented by Number Six, versus collectivism, as represented by Number Two and the others in the Village ….

    So after some time, noting Ardern’s lies, though papered over the cracks in the propaganda started to b

    Initially my Mum did not want me to watch it due to it being on pretty late.
    But she did relent, & in her own way valued that show of “individualism”
    From hind-sight, In a way she could see the insidiousness of, the absolute control,

    But in part some of that “not to always follow the crowd”
    If a group of your friends were jumping off a bridge, “does not mean you should follow”.
    Nothing is perfect, so look at people who you trust, to see if they are based on feet of clay.

    Sure I have trusted things fully in the medical arena, but the “thalidomide” which my Mum, over the years sometimes mentioned, & occasionally keeps popping up in the news, was the warning about the Pharma Doctors.
    She said she was pleased she had not to taken the Thalidmide” pill when it was on offer..
    The kicker as it later proved, was how the establishment, in New Zealand were among the last to recognize that there was a problem.



  4. I dispute your last sentence. Show me any proof that you are correct.
    The so called establishment are just waiting for their WEF masters next pandemic announcement and all the dumb fuckers will be going around in their masks very pious and giving us who disobey the evil eye.



    • I see your point, Ed,
      Sure the media recognized the problem with thalidomide, as far loving to write up any ‘disaster news’ as it took only until 2014 that compensation was paid.

      New Zealand medical system, remaining quiet, & how many “trusted” doctors prescribed, with no real look back at the result of the pregnant mothers progeny.
      Also it has been kept extremely quiet about, miscarriages, still born, etc. which I have become more aware of prior to the Covid.
      As my Mum went into rest home care for the last few months, & I guess at that age, the 90+ years old woman talk among themselves, often irreverently, & also confession-ally? which includes the loss in pregnancies’ where they often admitted to taking the thalidomide pill.
      So you are right Ed, the establishment did not want to admit to that, and did all it could to minimize that aspect of that tragedy.
      One would have thought even in those days, that it would have been easy to note a pattern of deformity in a foetus, but the system remained ‘stum’, like the 3 monkeys.

      Right again Ed., as they continue. It seems, they do not want to admit to any one connecting problems in body count, or damage from the current vaxxes, that should trigger a full investigation.

      The medical/health establishment here in New Zealand has gained a control over all Parliamentary parties.
      Nor will any of those Parties allow any of their candidates to speak out.
      Hidden to who is to blame by the easily bought media, who work as “whips” to keep the system aligned in bullshit.



  5. I was absolutely gobsmacked early on when they introduced masks and lockdowns. I have worked in hospitals (volunteer with St John) and I knew that masks were incapable of stopping an airborne virus and the point of them was to prevent the transfer of infection from sputum, coughing and sneezing mist, blood spatter and other large particles between clinical staff and patients.

    When they locked down society I was literally incredulous because all throughout history infected people had been isolated and the healthy had NEVER been treated in this way. And I sensed that they were pretending that the big ‘saviour’ of a ‘vaccine’ would be the answer to the ‘problem’ that they had created – but I was staggered at the lengths they actually went to in order to inject the population en masse.

    It was obvious to me that this injection was potentially unsafe. The new mRNA technology sounded absolutely freaky and I knew that real vaccines took almost a decade to develop as opposed to this radical new technology which magically appeared in around a year.

    I refused to be injected or to wear a muzzle, so it was no great surprise (but nevertheless a huge disappointment) when St John told me that I was no longer required to do the two jobs I had been doing for them for years, working in ED and driving a health shuttle. As mine was unpaid work I didn’t suffer financially, but I felt hugely for people with mortgages who were forced to comply or lose their jobs and business people who had to close up shop.

    I have never had a QR code on my phone and I have never worn a mask. But this isn’t over by any means. In my view the Covid plandemic was a trial run to see how far a population could be pushed and it won’t surprise me at all when the next invented ‘pandemic’ hits and the people are again herded like sheep and treated (literally) like prisoners under the pretext of some new terrifying infection.

    In my view the cabal which imposed this atrocity on the world should be arrested and tried in a court of law and imprisoned for a very long time for their crimes against humanity. In some cases their actions warrant execution – but this will never happen of course; they are given honours and they have been fêted as saviours even though they are evil scum that shouldn’t be free to walk the earth. And they are still at it. They haven’t finished yet.



    • …They haven’t finished yet.

      They have only just begun.
      It is a psyop in preparation for the take down of the middle class.
      No longer needed.
      eg Farmers are middle class, by and large.
      These are to be replaced with corporate farms and worker bees on them.
      Already well advanced in the USA. By decades.

      There is a quiver full of deadly arrows. Convid is but one arrow.



  6. howitis 14 arrows here alone just in the quiver of the declared UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the 17 SDG’s.
    Note in so many ways the health system intend to subject-ate us by the Health system.
    The tyranny of developing full controls over us.

    Learn about immunisation’s key role in achieving 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals https://www.gavi.org/our-alliance/global-health-development/sustainable-development-goals

    Looks like that 14/17 barely miss a beat to guide New Zealand down this path.
    So who will not sign New Zealand up, so that our New Zealand officials will beat the drum to herd down this track, just by the binding WHO Pandemic Treaty?

    See the intermeshing of vaccinations/immunization in the Net Carbon Zero by Agenda-50
    Note New Zealand is also signed up in the binding Paris Agreement of Agenda-30 which now stands as being a part of New Zealand law, no matter what it will cost us.



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