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It Appears we have a bigger problem with some viewers not able to read posts, than I thought.  I received this email last night.

Dear Holy Editor,

Re: HYS comments missing again this morning

As one of your many avid but unregistered readers, I have been blighted by this egregious glitch for 6 days and through my tears of fusdration I notice a pattern has clearly emerged.

For what it’s worth, I humbly submit my observations in case it helps solve the issue for you – whom I have followed from your flightlessbird blog  days – and all the other sufferers not getting their ysb fix (excuse tactless pun):

Only Have Your Say comments seem to be affected.

None of the HYS comments are visible until a job lot miraculously appears between 2.30 pm and 3.00 pm every day.  Except today. Today’s job lot of comments (248) didn’t come through until about 4.45 pm which is unusually late.

All further comments, made after the time the batch of comments has appeared, are invisible for the rest of the day/night.

The following day, all those remaining comments are now visible.

This may or may not coincide with uploading the new day’s Have Your Say.

Uploading a new article during the day does not seem to fix the problem though.

I don’t have a problem viewing comments on other sites or blogs anywhere, here or abroad.

FYI I am using Safari with DuckDuckGo on the iPad and iPhone with latest iOS 14.4 update. The Mac has Safari and Google and the comments don’t show up on that either. Broadband is wifi as we are rural. Good speeds though.

At first I, too, thought it was just me so went through my settings, turning my iPad on and off etc, etc just like some of the YSBers did. Very fusdrading. I was so relieved to read I was not the only one having problems and now I’m hoping you can find a Holy fix – not the lawnmower kind.

Finally, thank you for all that is YSB. I could wax lyrical but I’ll keep you no longer. Suffice to say YSB is simply the best. It reaches the parts other blogs cannot reach.

Kind  – sorry, I see no kinds allowed today but can ‘t find the crossing out tool – regards,

And this one
I am noticing as well as login and visibility failures of posts the spell check in the last 2 weeks has been really bad.
It ignores words that I have used with no problem before;
and it is changing words completely
eg I might prepare a longer post in MS Word then copy and paste it in and post
This system changes the word
Very annoying.
There have been other reports of problems. I myself have had a problem at my work. The computer there when turning on and loading YSB, didn’t show the latest posts for that day, only the previous ones. By logging in as a user, it fixed the viewing/reading issue.
Before I go back to the developers, I need as much information about what has been your experiences with you being unable to read posts issue.
Please leave your comments below. Thanks


  1. That analysis is very good from the correspondent

    I noticed the problem on my laptop on Saturday
    HP Probook Win 10
    But on my HP Probook Win 7 that Saturday it was not a problem
    Then on Sunday 28th last – this reversed

    It has been intermittent
    With working on one or the other PC I can access.

    However I seldom use the phone but now with wait times outside shops in Akl I have used it.
    5-10 min wait so quick update on YSB
    Or I could read RNZ or Stuff for ‘news’.
    Just kidding

    This occurred 2 days ago the phone Android O/S 8.1
    Google Chr browser
    And this morning while waiting
    I could read all yesterday’s posts at 9.30 am Friday
    I could see the header for HYS Friday
    It said to log in but that is auto saved login on my PCs so cant remember it
    The other posts – three of them – like ‘Not everyone loves the Swedish meatball’ – just do not appear at all
    There is Book club fixed at top then HYS.
    Same as 2 days ago.

    Those are the symptoms
    On my HP Probook Win10 right now I can see all up to NOW
    I have just restarted the phone – flush out memory – but it is the same
    Prior days posts visible
    Only HYS header for today

    Also the spell check was pretty crappy anyway but has got noticeably worse
    It is auto changing words
    Even if prepared in another document and copy/posted to YSB some words change upon posting.
    Older words that passed previously are now underlined as spelling error
    Simple things like ‘si’ is not even suggested as ‘is’

    It is like it is spelling things how Ardoom speaks – nuttier than a snickers bar
    Perhaps an order to GCSB but I do not know if they are that competent
    Ooops, a challenge there!!



  2. Just happened again

    There was too much activity in Google chrome
    I closed then re-opened it to clear RAM.
    12.40 pm

    Back to header only for HYS
    no posts visible
    No other articles/threads today

    Cleared chrome history (cache)
    Closed again.
    logged in again

    The posts are there but problem not really gone away.
    HP Probook Win 10



  3. At a library wifi on laptop.
    Can bing in,, see HYS, so click on it today’s post, but it does not show comments.
    Logged in, then all comments showed, & to confirm can post, as by this post.



  4. Looks like it might be a Chrome browser problem. I am using Vivaldi on a macbook pro with no issues.
    I don’t think the YSB website is to blame, but need you to keep me informed.
    I know the issue is worse for those who are not registered as users. Maybe those of you who are lurkers need to become users, join in and Have Your Say.



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