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Official Study Concludes Long COVID Is Actually Caused by mRNA Vaccines

So-called “long COVID” is officially recognized as one of the side effects of getting the mRNA COVID vaccine, according to a new study.

New research published in PLoS One found that people who develop long COVID have all been previously injected with at least two doses of a COVID jab.
Naturalnews.com reports: Scientists looked at data on 487 and 371 individuals at four weeks and six months, respectively, after said individuals became infected with SARS-CoV-2. The team was looking specifically for data to help them estimate the incidence, characteristics and predictors of long COVID since the nature of the condition and what causes it are still considered to be something of a mystery.

One thing that became readily apparent right off the bat is the fact that the more severe a person’s prior COVID infection, the greater the likelihood that long COVID will form. At the four-week follow-up, this manifested as a 23.4 percent incidence rate of long COVID rate in people who previously suffered a mild or moderate COVID infection. Comparatively, they identified a 62.5 percent long COVID rate in people who had previously suffered a severe COVID infection.

At six months, incidence of long COVID was considerably lower in both groups, but still noticeably higher among those who had previously suffered a severe COVID infection compared to those who suffered a mild or moderate case of COVID. The severe COVID group saw a 23.1 percent long COVID rate at six months while the mild and moderate group saw only a 7.2 percent long COVID rate.

Skip the shots, avoid long COVID

Across the board, people with pre-existing medical conditions of any kind were found to be more prone to developing long COVID compared to healthy people. There were also nuances detected as far as duration of prior infection, how long or if a person had to be hospitalized and which type of COVID injection a person previously took that all appear to play a role in long COVID likelihood.

Those who take mRNA shots in the double-dose series were also specifically found to be more likely to develop long COVID compared to people who took one the single-dose COVID shots from either Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) or AstraZeneca.

At the conclusion of the study, the researchers declared that they were unable to find “any interaction effect of COVID-19 vaccination and acute COVID-19 severity on long COVID.” According to cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, this declaration implies that prior vaccination “was independently associated with the occurrence of long COVID.”

A 2022 survey found that nearly seven percent of all U.S. adults at some point suffered from long COVID. Definitions of long COVID tend to vary, but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines it as “signs, symptoms and conditions that continue to develop after acute COVID-19 infection” that can last for “weeks, months, or years.”

At the current time, America’s regulatory bodies, the CDC included, have decided that getting jabbed for COVID helps to reduce one’s risk of developing long COVID. The new study would seem to counteract that, showing that getting injected for COVID makes a person more prone to developing long COVID.

“In my practice, the most severe cases of long-COVID are in vaccinated patients who also had severe and or multiple episodes of SARS-CoV-2 infection,” said Dr. McCullough on X (formerly Twitter). In a recent Substack post, Dr. McCullough delineated this further, explaining his belief that long COVID symptoms are caused by retention of SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins in cells and tissue following infection.

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  1. “ It’s safe it’s effective it’s convenient and it’s free so anyone that doesn’t get it is a moron” a quote said many times by the vaccine expert professor Mike Hoskings ,never forget all the cnuts in positions of influence who ridiculed the people that wouldn’t bend to the massive pressures exerted on them and the 45 kg superhero Hoskings was amongst the worst of them.
    I don’t listen to the prick anymore so wouldn’t know if he’s moderated his propaganda lately.



  2. Well then how do you explain the thousands of people who have long covid without getting vaxxed?
    Indeed in my case that was even before the vax arrived in NZ.
    Another not so good bit of research.
    There was plenty said about it at the time.
    There were FB pages devoted to the subject.
    And of course their was all the denials etc.

    Long covid was from that strain of flu and possibly a mix of that plus the flu vaxes from the past years.
    Just like polymyalgia was caused by those same flu jabs.

    They don’t train scientists very well these days.



  3. Viking , “They don’t train Scientists very well these days” yes but luckily for the professors and learned Scientists they’ve got you and Dr Google to put them right on every subject under the sun 👍👍👍👍



    • Be fair to Viking.

      [1] Most scientists today were still painting their nappies Karitane Yellow, when us older learned gentlemen were in the thick of science.

      [2] We learnt in primary/secondary school science, from established principles and science, what today’s scientists with multiple degrees still can’t get their head around.



  4. Here are some top rated medically qualified doctors to explain. (rol posted yesterday). Well worth the time to listen.

    COVID-19 Vaccines May Cause Harm Five Years after Injection
    US Congressional Testimony from Drs. McCullough, Cole, and Milhoan on Long-Term Health Impact of Genetic Vaccination–Full Hearing



    • So true.

      But you don’t have to be a scientist to figure that all out.

      You just have to know that anything you inject into yourself that is not natural; AND has not gone through at least a couple of decades of testing; AND that was forced upon people, is highly likely to have side effects. And we know from history with things like thalidomide that side effects may not show up for years.

      Fools (and charlatans out for a quick billion) rush in where angels fear to tread.

      And for what it is worth, Avermectin, the essence of Ivermectin, is a compound that occurs naturally, but it still took 15+ years to get it approved for use in humans.

      On any day, injecting yourself with an unknown substance is foolhardy.



        • Few of those know alls have managed to show that today.
          They have no idea how bloody awful it is/ was. Bloody pain like nothing all of a sudden and many other symptoms.

          They can check by asking FB for long covid groups.
          Theree’s plenty to learn. Haven’t looked for longtime but glsd I did when it got me.



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