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South Africa Demands Return Of ‘World’s Largest Diamond’ From Queen Elizabeth’s Sceptre

The death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has renewed questions surrounding the rare diamonds that adorn the royal crown and sceptre that as some believe were stolen from Africa.

Since the death of the Queen last week there has been growing calls in South Africa for the world’s largest clear cut diamond, known as the Great Star of Africa, or Cullinan l, to be returned as they believe it is theirs.

The Daily Star reports: The massive diamond is held on the end of a sceptre that belonged to the Queen and is part of a larger diamond which was gifted to the Royal Family after it was mined in South Africa in 1905 – when the country was under British rule.

News of the Queen’s death has hit the headlines around the world with many people rushing to pay their respects and express their sadness.

Yet in some countries, it has also led to discussions about the role of the monarchy and the part it has played in Britain’s colonial past.

In South Africa there has been plenty of debate in the media about who owns the Great Star of Africa as well as other precious stones mined in the country.

More extreme were the views of African Transformation Movement (ATM) MP Vuyo Zungula who believes South Africa should sever its Commonwealth ties and have a new constitution.

“SA should now leave the Commonwealth, demand reparations for all the harm done by Britain, draft a new constitution based on the will of the people of SA not the British Magna Carta, and demand the return of all the gold, diamonds stolen by Britain,” he is reported to have said in timeslive.co.za.

Similarly former ANC KwaZulu-Natal provincial secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo said: “The minerals of our country and other countries continue to benefit Britain at the expense of our people.

“We remain in deep, shameful poverty, we remain with mass unemployment and rising levels of crime due to the oppression and devastation caused by her and her forefathers.”

He added: “The Cullinan Diamond must be returned to SA with immediate effect.”

More than 6,000 people have signed a petition calling for the Great Star of Africa to be returned and put in a South African museum.

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa offered his condolences following the death of the Queen but many have said instead he should have called for the diamond to be returned.

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  1. The corruption , waste, stupidity, greed and simple incompetence that has resulted from ANC rule since 1994 does NOT of course have any relevance to the ‘…Deep, shameful poverty…mass unemployment and rising levels of crime’ which Sabelo mentions, nor to ‘The oppression and devastation’ he so piously refers-to. but hey, it makes for good media and will no-doubt make him look good in Luthuli House, so what is there not to like…

    Self-interest has absolutely NOTHING to do with it…/////////////////////////



    • And a population breeding out of control which will make all their problems much worse before they get even worse. If the idea behind the scamdemic really was depopulation then it has been a massive failure especially in black Africa.



        • Rachael@0822

          No, ‘Whiey’ givers (Back)…

          As an aside it’s worth remembering that had ‘Whitey’ NOT had the intellect, technology and capital to locate, access, and develop the resources (Of which the gold and diamonds are but two; there are many more as it’s actually a very rich country geologically) the Bushmen and Africans would never have known that the diamonds gold even existed, much less have any knowledge (or inclination) to actually go and work towards obtaining them.

          Yet, of course, it’s all Whitey’s fault, and the ANC now want back what they would otherwise never have known about.

          Getting ‘Something for nothing’ is of course par for the course…



  2. Sabelo is trotting out that well worn cliche we hear every day here. At what point might the blacks who’ve been in charge of South Africa for nearly 30 years admit a little bit of responsibility for all that deep, shameful poverty, mass unemployment and rising levels of crime? You’d think by now, decades after being freed from the oppression and devastation caused by the Queen and her forefathers, they might be turning things around and living in the beginnings of a lovely ANC-led paradise. But no.

    Who was it who said “the problem with black Africa is the black Africans”?



    • Leofric@0826

      At what point?

      Never, so long as it is to their advantage not to, and even then only reluctantly.

      Easier to blame the past than make moves to improve the present.

      It’s the socialist / communist way…



  3. Africa Facts Zone
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    Prior to Independence the road infrastructure in Namibia was terrible. Highways had no bridges and relied on ferries for vehicles to cross rivers and some parts of the highways were not paved.
    After independence in 1990 one of the priority of the government was to improve roads infrastructure but the government had a problem, money was not enough.

    Another problem is that of contractors. Local companies lack resources and expertise, the odds of delivering quality work are slim to none. The alternative was international companies who could deliver quality work but at a high price.
    The solution to this problem came in 2004 when Namibia and China signed further trade agreement. Chinese contractors who are cheap and could deliver quality work came on the scene.

    This is precisely what the government had been looking for, the government started giving contracts to the Chinese.
    And by 2013 Namibia surpassed South Africa as a country with the best roads in Africa and has maintained that position ever since.

    The photo below is a recently completed 40 km dual carriageway constructed by the Chinese only at the cost of US$64 million.




  4. Africa Facts Zone
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    A recent study by a UK organisation called Debt Justice found that it’s actually the West that debt trapped Africa and they are accusing China of what they have been doing for the past decades.

    Here are some key findings from the study

    African governments owe three times more debt to Western banks, asset managers and oil traders than they do to China.

    Only 12% of African governments’ external debt is owed to Chinese lenders compared with 35% owed to Western lenders.

    The West charge African countries double the interest that China offers.

    African countries with the highest public debt burdens, owe Western lenders.





  5. So instead of being in a ‘museum’ in UK they want to put it in a ‘museum’ in SA.
    Yeah, that would really change the Africans livelihoods…
    At least where it is, it is well guarded, admired, cleaned, and brought out for ceremonial occasions. Give it back to SA and watch the different factions fight over who has ownership and then see it disappear, to either be broken up or held in secret by some crimelord, and heaven knows, there’s plenty of them around.



  6. As an Saffa, those aresholes “demanding” can go and get fucked. Don’t get me started on the evils of colonisation, such as law and order, advanced medicine, education, energy, lack of disease, decent housing, roads, airports, etc etc. And the same sentiment goes for the fucking drongos here….

    Africa, without external help only does one thing, go backwards into chaos and destruction. Show me one example of an African country that has developped since the evil colonisers left….. ( and the only reason South Africa does not resemble Somalia is there are plenty of colonisers left there prevening it. )



  7. rol@0909

    In respect of your request to ‘ Show me one example of an African country that has developed since the evil colonisers left’, Botswana, small though it is, is the ONLY one that comes anywhere near meeting your criteria.

    Says it all really.



  8. It’s quite literally a jewel in the royal crown – but some claim it’s “stolen” and should be returned.

    The word “Kohinoor” blew up on Twitter soon after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, reigniting a centuries-old campaign to correct the course of British colonialism.

    Kohinoor is one of the largest and most expensive cut diamonds in the world and the centrepiece of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

    Weighing 105.6 carats, the diamond is said to be worth $663 million.

    But how it came to be in the possession of the royal family is a sore point for some, with the Queen’s death sparking calls for it to be returned to those who claim to be its rightful owners – claims King Charles III will now need to deal with.




  9. If you read the whole article, it seems that electricity load shedding in S.A. is increasing exponentially .

    … Load shedding was originally meant to be at stage 4 until Sunday (18 September) at 05h00 and stage 3 onwards until 05h00 on Monday, but this has subsequently changed. ….

    …. Eskom said that it currently has 7,210MW on planned maintenance, while another 16,597MW of capacity is unavailable due to breakdowns …

    There seems to be even many more stages, that S.A. systemically is looking to work through. 🙁



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