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Police Minister Stuart Nash has hit out at police leading the operation following the White Island eruption.He calls for more “transparency and openness” in operation.

In the past when any thing came up about things not going right in our useless top brass at police HG, the standard response from the minister was “It’s an operational matter” and I cannot comment.

Now we have the minister taking the lead and saying he want”s Timms removed and replaced with Clement. Do we take Cindies advice and “read between the lines” here?

Clement has been told by the minister to stop ignoring the advice of local pilot Mark Law who has extensive knowledge of flying in the area. Law believes he could have recovered the bodies by now, and will join the team of police planning the recovery operation.

When asked by Newshub if the minister had lost confidence in police he said he hadn’t.

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      • Yes. The overseas lawyers will find out that in nz you can’t sue for injury or death. Instead a few might receive earnings related compensation at the rate of 80% of their wage. That is only if they were earning in nz. If they weren’t earning in nz they are not entitled to any earning related compensation as they are deemed not to be an earner. They might also qualify for a so called independence allowance which might give them $20 per week paid quarterly. They will also be entitled to mainly free medical care and if they die about $6000 towards the cost of their funeral. Get the picture?. So I suppose you can joke that lawyers will be scrambling to assist them but that won’t be the case. New Zealanders valuable common law rights to sue for real damages were removed. We are barred from taking legal action. The negligent can shelter behind the umbrella of ACC Comfortably knowing that no action for damages can be taken against them. It is a travesty that our valuable common law rights to real compensation were exchanged for this socialistic excursion into the realms of social engineering. It’s time to ditch ACC and restore the common law remedies.



  1. They are all ducking for cover and throwing each other under the bus.

    The bottom line is the police shut down the rescue and even demanded the civilian responders be left there to die. As reported yesterday by a pilot who was forbidden to return for his aircrew. Luckily those brave men got a lift back on another machine, that also broke the rules to save people.

    I really think many people have not got their heads around the enormity of the police’s actions here. No one would have been rescued and even the responders would have been left to die – if the police had their way.



    • So the Poo Lice will understand when a copper is having his head kicked in the crown by standing will have to conduct a risk assessment form a committee and still consider it too risky to intervene until the perpetrator has safely left the scene.



  2. Timms and Clement swapping hats is not going to change the timeline. They are both singing from the same hymn sheet. 40-60% chance of more volcanic activity. Chances of recovering the bodies in the near future, 0%. Still, it makes Stu’y feel in charge swapping his policemen around like chess pieces in his attempt to gain some good PR from a crappy situation.



  3. White Island eruption live updates: Police plan to recover bodies on Friday

    It was only earlier this afternoon Clement was saying it was too dangerous to attempt a recovery and they needed to take their time to preserve evidence. What changed in the past 3 hours or so?
    😕 I’m confused.



  4. I might have been a bit hasty with my comment above about lawyers. My wife just said she had read that the visitors sign waivers (or they used to a few years ago when the person commenting about it went on the trip). If that is still the case then Mr Plod must have a list of names of the people that went the trip, so by process of elimination they know the names of the bodies still on the Island.
    That assumes signing the waiver is still current practice.



  5. No sympathy for NZ Police here.
    PNHQ jumped into bed with the Devil when they got involved in that sordid Clarke Gayford affair and shattered their reputation as being a ‘Politically Neutral’ organisation.
    Now their beloved Labour Party has knifed them.
    Ha fucking Ha..



  6. Cindys own private policeman Mike Bush is coming back to take charge tomorrow!
    The charge of the light brigade at dawn tomorrow!
    Have Labour and the police lost the PR program and there is major arse covering going to happen?



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