By Andrew G Benjamin.

Tom Steyer, who just announced he will run for president of the nation from which he intends to profit at the nation’s expense, the same San Francisco billionaire who single-handedly funded the NEED TO IMPEACH movement with ads running in key states, plowed tens of millions into the idea of punishing the president for ruining Steyer’s game.

Tom now doubled down on his earlier losses, soon to go from the massive, to the gargantuan.

Steyer’s funds are mostly, or wholly, invested in the alternative energy sector that has imploded from Donald Trump’s making American energy independent.

Trump devalued Steyer’s massive alternative energy portfolio and crushed the Democrat investors caboosed unto the Global Warming narrative. Steyer is one of the main players.

Steyer’s problem is that Trump bet against Steyer and for America.

Steyer bet on Hillary’s promise to crush coal miners, America’s energy sector, and America’s economy. Hillary bet on Steyer to fund her corruption. Just as George Soros and New York Times part owner Carlos Slim who shorted the market betting against America, the two, Hillary and Steyer, shorted, (bet against) America.

Soros and Slim lost over $17 Billion collectively shorting the American economy. We don’t know how many billions Steyer lost.

Steyer was invested into the wrong energy sector. The one America wasn’t buying at high prices. He’s still bleeding. and bloviating.

Trump bet on the winning sector that put tens, hundreds of thousands, back to work and cheaper oil into America’s cars. Coal miners, pipe fitters, steel smelting enterprise, fabricators and welders connecting thousands of miles of transmission pipelines from Alaska and Canada, oil rig workers, and the employees of businesses allied with these.

Tom’s hateful fans, the socialist democrats resenting and envious of what others had built, feel the same way. Impeach a president for his massive success bringing America back from the brink of Obama’s capitulation to competitors abroad, the EU and the Chinese, and having launched a global economic boom.

Steyer came up with a slogan: Make Impeachment Great Again.

Tom’s co-conspirators did likewise with fake investigations having nothing to do with charges of collusion (for which no evidence exists); based on a fake and illegal charges initiated by the opposition party under fraudulent justification; backed by fabricated evidence from a fabricated Russian PP Dossier from Russian intelligence, obtained with payments from Camp Hillary and the DNC.

They then cynically acted on the fakery of perjured FISA warrents to illegally surveil, wiretap and spy on the opposition candidate. Law enforcement and intelligence officials planted by Obama and working for Camp Hillary acted unlawfully and unconstitutionally to reverse the election of 2016.

What America and the world has endured is a corruption of law enforcement and intel at the highest levels that intended to stage a coup. The same America that is now calling for an investigation of the investigators themselves for colllusion and conspiracy, coordination, witness tampering and destruction of evidence.

Early on Steyer had joined the ongoing self-dealing corruption of the failed FBI-DOJ-DNC-Team Mueller and media collusion to sabotage the Trump candidacy, and then his Presidency. Their plan?

To frame the President.

Steyer’s alternative energy holdings represented his massive wealth.. Need to Impeach was by which Steyer hoped to reverse the failures of Team Hillary’s puppets at Justice to overturn the election of 2016.

In the impeachment-leading-to-conviction, Steyer and pals hoped to short the markets again. They hoped to enjoy massive profits by replaying their pre-election strategy—their betting against America. The same bet they had made that cost them over $41 Billion collectively!

Steyer hope to be joined by the other billionaires who earlier backed Hillary, to recoup their losses, and enrich themselves at America’s expense.

That impeachment for political reasons (meaning the Democrats did not, and could not win at the polls or in the courts) would nullify the votes of 63 million Americans, means nothing to any of these treacherous, un-American, self-dealing folk.

That impeachment on the grounds they propose would rend the nation’s social fabric, create precedence, a constitutional crisis, riots, demonstrations and violence, and a pushback the likes of which has not been seen since the Civil War, never mattered. Steyer and Friends see green – literally. And that potential threat is why these very same people want a disarmed one party America. They want a citizenry that can be controlled.

Is this the reason behind Cindy and co trying to remove our guns here?

George Soros has demonstrated that profits can be made from chaos and political unrest. And Steyer, from overpriced green energy. Steyer, after all, learned from the master, Soros, who encourages, sets the stage for, and then profits in times of financial and political crises.

Hedgies like Soros’ short sectors in potential crisis on advanced knowledge of trends, regulations, and adverse news. Alert and ready when chaos erupts, they pounce. The smartest will fund and initiate chaos and social unrest themselves to make money.

Unsatisfied with the massive losses having gone long on his alternative energy investments at a time carbon-based fuels continued to become cheaper every day, nor disclosing to the public why he’s already invested the massive sums in his mad dream of reversing his losses by attacking the president, Steyer doubled down again and suffered more losses with a $5 million bet on Floridas 2018 governor’s race.

He’s now tripling down on the worst investment in history.

Steyer’s cohorts funding the ongoing collusion delusion agitprop had a solid goal intended to profit from the global warming narrative. They have acted in unison earlier to maximize returns on the expected moves in the markets. All of them have consistently invested in the same sectors promoted by Obama, Al Gore, and later, Hillary Clinton. And for over a decade have made massive profits as America’s technology was sold to the Chinese for pennies on the dollar. Think Solyndra.

And then Donald Trump ended the Swamp Creature’s game: their Business as Usual.

Donald, a patriot, threw a wrench into the works.

All these people understand who butters their bread. So do the politicians they back. One hand washes the other. From their deep pockets we get to the Deep State and  THe Secret Handshake.

New York Times majority owner Carlos Slim, George Soros, who by nature as a hedge, does it naturally, Seth Clarman, another hedgie, JB Pritzker, a venture capitalist, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Sherryl Sandberg of Facebook, Michael Bloomberg, and others not cited here, publicly supported Hillary. Most might own funds that in 2016 shorted the markets on the absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton would win. Assured by the polls of this certainty, there would have been a massive selloff by investors and businesses around the globe had Hillary won, a world no longer certain of America’s supremacy as the elephant in the room.

Wall Street and investment banks, among them are the above-referenced billionaires, boarded the money train to make money by being smart.

And when November 8, 2016 rolled around, the train crashed.

As earlier stated, collectively (Buffet and a few others who passed on the deal), these men and women who also own much of the media, lost at minimum of $41 billion.

These movers and shakers were convinced Hillary’s time has come to again give them another opportunity to profit from an economic meltdown just like the 2007 global collapse.

That one was courtesy of Hillary’s husband and fellow Democrats.

These days, due to massive Democrat policy failures and the clownishness demonstrated within the Democrat party, we are looking at a continuing long term global economic boom Donald Trump willed into being.

Buttressed by cheap carbon-based energy that will propel it.

You, Tom on the other hand, have written yourself into the record and history books. You’ve made the worst—and dumbest – investment in history

Now we see why these lefty billionaires hate Trump. They must be directing the COL in how to remove any form of opposition to their world domination


  1. I only occasionally wonder how quickly these Leftist billionaires are burning through their own money. I suspect Soros has not gotten a good deal for his money. But then, I also don’t care.

    In Soros’ case, I can somewhat sympathise with his attitude. It’s a reaction to the Nazis for whom he had personal experience being a Hungarian Jew during WWII. It’s just another case of the pendulum swinging too far the other way that I have an issue with. In his attitude in making sure the Nazis never rise again, he’s making sure the re-badged Nazis (Antifa & clones) rise again.



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