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Mallard Gets It Wrong Yet Again




Former National MP trespassed from Parliament grounds after being identified as a protester


Former National MP Matt King has been trespassed from Parliament grounds after speaking at the Wellington protest earlier this year.

King was served a trespass letter yesterday by post.

“In accordance with the above Act and section, you are hereby warned to stay off the place known as the parliamentary precincts,” the letter read.

In a letter seen by the Herald, King has been warned he could face imprisonment or a fine not exceeding $1000.

King was a one-term MP in Northland, elected in 2017 then losing to Willow-Jean Prime by 163 votes in 2020.

He said he was “appalled” to receive the letter.

“It was a trespassed notice for two years and I was pretty appalled by it. I thought it was disgusting and undemocratic and actually pathetic and petty by this Government and Trevor Mallard.”

Mallard has shown yet again how out of step he is with the electorate. Matt King said in an interview that he will be ignoring this stupid edict from Mallard.

With over 3000 members, it’s a good example of how much the public is supporting DemocracyNZ. Once they start campaigning, this figure is bound to rise.

The silence from National and ACT is deafening. They are obviously all in cahoots with Mallard to try and stop DemocracyNZ if they can.

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  1. Out from the door of the farmhouse came a long file of pigs, all walking on their hind legs…out came Napoleon himself, majestically upright, casting haughty glances from side to side, and with his dogs gambolling round him.
    He carried a whip in his trotter.

    – George Orwell



  2. Politics in NZ right there,
    Voters boot one useless whiny bitch only to replace him with another useless whiny bitch and we wonder why the Country is endlessly running to stand still..



  3. Mallard is our equivalent of Pelosi .
    It’s almost like they get directions from some invisible master.
    I am sure mallard would lock up the protesters if he could .
    Big reaction on Matt’s fb and many offers of support by putting up signs and delivering leaflets.
    This action may help swell numbers at his upcoming meetings around the country.



  4. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.
    Trev will think ts great that he is back in the press.
    The press won’t harras or question him just like they don’t Pelosi or Biden or sSchumer or any other arsewipe from the left. (Birds of a feather stuff).
    Trev is best ignored.
    He will get lonely and go seeking another women to screw. That’s what he does.

    Wait until then next lot of maori run a hikoi onto Prliament grounds. will they be banned?
    Well of course not.

    IKing shouldn’t waste any money challenging Trev because that’s what Trev wants.
    To drain his funds.
    Slimy piece of shit that he is and don’t forget the police are not in the employment of the Labour Party. Would they bother to enforce a tresspass notice? Never bother anywhere else. ask all the beaten up ladies around the place.




    • And you can add to that all the protesters etc that accupy land that they claim to have rights too. Are the police now going to actual;ly act in protecting the rights of the owners?

      I don’t think so.
      Ther police can never win against the masses only against the odd individuals.

      Is this what NZ has now become? Mobilizing the police to enforce property rights.
      That would be a great day.
      Perhaps they can stop all the theft and burgs etc etc. do what we pay them fro.
      ain’t going to happen.



  5. Two things about this.
    Nasty people get worse as they age. There’s none so vitriolic as a nasty old woman.
    Masty eats at your soul and a nasty soul doesn’t have a long life.

    The Labour Party has always been dogged by disparate groups. Always and its always been their downfall.
    They are held together as a bunch of activists by the strings that appear to give them control when held together by a single leader. The Nats are the same and they call it a broad church. In their case they abandoned their future leaders in favour of key who tossed them when he couuldn’t be bothered anymore.

    Jacinda will do the same. The undercurrrents that cause this are well into place. Parker has stamped his foot on the Maori, Jacinda has crapped on everyone and you can be sure that although its not voiced there are labour MP’s who have been silenced and who will extract their pound of flesh when the time arrives.

    Tamiki and others were treated to this effort at silencing people with views opposing jacinda’s narrative and I remind you so was Tamahere and others who were treated by clark in the same way Cindy is treating people around her. That didn’t end well for clark and this won’t for Cindy.

    May she rot in hell.



  6. Has Mallard ever done anything right?He has always been a bully boy. FFFJA and all the 119 others who stand silent as this debacle carries on. I thought this is what we elected MPs for, to speak up when things are wrong morally on our behalf. Oh silly me we are in a dictatorship now, well and truely. dear leader will not resign and wait till she gets in again, maybe she/he will have a nude nut but it will be all the same old same old. FUCKERS each and every one of them. David Seymour should have stood up and said this is wrong on every level. But nope not a frigging word from any of them. I believe Steven Franks also got a trespass order I wonder who will speak up about that? All the deities wept to see the world turn into this pathetic mess.



    • Stephen will and he is way smarter than Mallard.

      Who is Bridget Lord?

      Where is Luxflakes and his cowards on all this? why aren’t the Nats making a stinking row about this the fucking cowards that they are.
      Seymour the same.

      too many soy boy and troughers round.
      Didn’t think that the ACT people would run and hide but they have.
      Sad, sad, sad.

      and they all poarade out there on ANZAC day and tell the rest of us how brave we all used to be defending others democracy.



    • Trespass order for Stephen Franks?
      Not yet.
      Maybe still in the mail.

      Stephen Franks put out a twitter remark last night about Mallard’ serving those trespass orders.
      Posted down below. @ 7:18 am



  7. LIVE with Sean Plunket on Twitter & FB 8.45am tomorrow: Why Speaker Trevor Mallard has acted outside the law in trespassing ex-MP Matt King Northland.
    A special guest will explain why Trevor Mallard can’t legally enforce his trespass order on Matt King and should have known that from the get go!


    Oh and others it seems.
    Emma Gould

    wouldn’t sure[prise me if he has tresspassed hundreds.
    what a brain dead cunt.



    • Viking ,I have a simpler outlook on woke liberals,,it’s got something to do with the way they appear physically as I’m yet to see one that’s not fat,skinny,short, pimple faced,bent spined, green hair, pink hair bandy ,scraggly, dirty ,foul mouthed and most of all 90% are fucking ugly.
      Holy shit I’ve just realized I’m a woke liberal ,FUUUCCCKKK.



  8. A series of tweets from Stephen Franks.
    Stephen Franks @franks_lawyer
    Spkr Mallard told me weeks ago I was going to be trespassed from Parliament for attending the mandate demo.
    He’d seen me on camera.
    I asked if he was also going to trespass others I knew had been there multiple times, and started to name them. 1/n.
    Mallard cried ‘stop – ‘I don’t want to have to go after them all’.
    I thought he was joking when he first told me (he was at a neighbouring table in a restaurant).
    I laughed. When I saw he was angry I said I looked forward to service (of the trespass notice). 2/n

    I’ve never shared scorn for him.
    He was an effective MP and much smarter and more a leader than most of the increasingly sinister identity-quota numpties in his party.
    I thought his warning was an intro to a ‘let’s compare notes’.
    Ex-MPs can share free and Frank camaraderie 3/n
    Mallard didn’t know the calibre of the people he was trying to evict.
    But how could he? MSM had stifled-ignored the growing outrage of the mandate outcasts.
    Ardern got all parties to refuse to talk to them.
    I admit that I’d been largely oblivious till they moved me in person 5/n

    I’d have told Mallard I sympathised with him – for the predicament he and Police were left by earlier stupid court decisions discharging cases against protestors who were at least equally or more menacing to the rule of law. 6/n

    I’d have told him however that until he and Police made it clear that illegal land occupiers all over NZ would from now be treated by Police as lawbreakers, he had no show of restoring respect for his efforts or for the cowardly politicians driving him and hiding behind him. 7/7

    “increasingly sinister identity-quota numpties in his [Mallard’s] party. ” and so many of them prove to be authoritarian, but hide behind others.
    Edit Viking’s7:10 am quote just above is so apt to the “numpties”



    • February 17th, 2022 : Stephen Franks gave some warning before the finale by the police on the Wellington Protest.

      …. radicalised into hoping the protesters win (conspicuously by the end of mandates outside high transmission risk roles). That is by simple disgust at the bizarre RNZ and other MSM state propaganda vilifying the protesters. ….

      …. our leaders lie or are careless about making stuff up, that the political class (including political journalists) have decided to stifle debate and gag people who could supply facts. ….

      …. The common response of ACT, National, Labour, Greens and the Maori Party has been infantile –
      “I can’t see you, you’re on your own and if I talked to you other people would think I was a loser like you, you’re horrible, you stink so I won’t talk to you, everyone I know hates you, and you’ve been mean about me, …. ” …

      …. the childish moralisers took over political journalism and political parties …..

      This may make some more New Zealanders focus and consider just what Ardern’ numpties are doing to democracy and free speech.
      If only they will more openly then take a stand and push back on ken&karens.



    • I had to read Stephen Franks tweet a couple of times to really figure that he had indeed conceded some credibility to Mallard, wondering if he was damming him with “faint praise” of a back hander.

      Corruption, misuse of Mallard’s Parliamentary position needs to be much more loudly called out and force resignation !



  9. A short clip of Matt King responding to the trespass order.

    WildandFree17 @Wildnfree1984 ·
    New Zealand govt running scared of @MattKingNorth
    trespassing him from parliament for 2 years!
    How utterly ridiculous, so this is how the establishment treats kiwis who stand up against their tyranny.
    NZ is no longer a free democratic society #nzpol #NZHellhole

    2 mins 06 secs

    Mallard confirms he that he competes to be an utter “numpty” with that “divisive meritless inclusive autocracy” as he continues on the same track with sprinklers and loud music, & now trespass orders.



    • Reading the comments on that feed gives me the willies.
      These people live in their own little world.
      Like the one about the new Tauranga candidate for National though.
      As for Lydia Ko. !!!



  10. Petty and vindictive arseholes. Trevor and the rest of the clown car must have more important things to be doing than harassing NZers for attending a democratic protest at the peoples parliament? I reckon this stupidity by Labour is about to turn and bite them on the arse. The mad queen will throw the Duck under the bus and claim she had no knowledge of the trespass orders.
    Fuck Trevor and Fuck Ardern.



  11. This just screams fear that an actual freedom loving opposition is going to get in because of their massive failings.
    Of course big bully trev didnt come up with this on his own, cindy and her pollsters/campaign strategists put him up to it and his pettiness glady accepted the idea.



  12. An official information Act of inquiry should ask;—-
    How many trespass notices have been sent out by Parliamentary Services this year.
    To include dates and reasons.
    Under who’s authority were they issued?



  13. If you are going to protest, make it a flash mob! A couple of cops in a patrol are going to achieve bugger all. But if you give them advance warning, they will turn up like at parliament, all nasty and deplete the entire country of cops. But then again that might be your plan all the time.
    If all the cops are in one area and need to hot foot it to another, how are they going to, stick the thumb out. Even to redeploy from wellies, they would need planes and buses and that don’t happen at the drop of a hat. They are a limited resource!



  14. Leighton Baker, seems to be placed under a sort of censorious “house arrest”.
    Seems like another form of trespass notice.

    ….. Judge Andrew Nicholls released the 55-year-old on bail to his home address in Loburn, Waimakariri under a number of conditions,
    including that he resides at his home address,
    does not use the internet for the purpose on encouraging non-compliance with Covid-19 health orders,
    and does not organise, attend, support or speak at any protest gatherings in breach of Covid-19 level requirements. ….

    ….. Baker is set to reappear in Wellington District Court on March 21. ….

    It is reported that Baker at March 21 made the plea of “NOT Guilty”
    This seems to be a devious judiciary way of delay.

    …. Bail will continue for the Waimakariri man, who will reappear for a case review hearing on May 20. ….

    ….. Baker is one of 250 people who were arrested on Parliament grounds ….

    When are court cases for the other 250 arrested going to occur?
    To note;—- Matt King was not among those who were arrested.

    A case review for Leighton Baker! ?
    What is that?
    Is that justice?



    • How’s Brian Tamaki getting on, also a political figure in essence, despite it being his wife that started a party.

      It would seem that the definition of democracy has been rewritten along with so many other words.



    • Thanks RM.
      We need to keep track on just what this government deviously deals to its citizens, ‘lest we forget’.
      14 Apr, 2022
      Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki, who has found himself in hot water with numerous judges in recent months due to his attendance at Auckland Domain rallies, has announced he will be speaking at another one this weekend.
      This time, however, the outcome should be different, his lawyer said.
      It will be the first rally by anti-lockdown group The Freedoms & Rights Coalition that Tamaki will have attended since his bail restrictions – including a 24-hour curfew at his home – were significantly reduced earlier this month.
      It will also mark the first weekend that New Zealand is back in the orange traffic light setting, which allows for outdoor gatherings of any size.
      Facemasks are no longer required but encouraged, although workers and volunteers at such gatherings are still required to do so, according to the Ministry of Health. ….

      And how the court cases against the 250 arrested at Parliament Grounds.
      Are they muzzled and now silenced?
      Ardern and health ministry are still keeping mandates for health workers, appeals on the police & army court decision and the teachers court case is awaiting the Judge’s decision.
      We certainly can not rely on the opposition members of Parliament, as they also look to bury these people and issues, as also the media being just as censoriously complicit or put in a devious slant.



  15. Nude nut ball-less wonder

    The Prime Minister won’t say if it’s appropriate for a former National MP to be trespassed from Parliament’s grounds, while Christopher Luxon expects other high-profile protest attendees to be treated the same way.

    “Those are issues fundamentally for the Speaker and the trespass laws that are sitting in this place around Parliament,” Luxon replied. “My question is, as long as he is treating everyone equally, that is a challenge you’ve got to ask him.”

    “I am sure [the Speaker] will apply equality and fairness to everybody,” Luxon replied when asked if he was saying he would also like to see Winston Peters trespassed. Peters, the former deputy Prime Minister, toured the protest site one day in February.



    • Luxon is a cunt for not standing up for Matt. Trevor is a cunt full stop. I see that Winston Peters was also trespassed. He shouldn’t have been, but he’s the cunt that’s responsible for all this fucking mess.



  16. Just to update the play.
    Mallard takes on Winston Peters. 🙂
    Former Deputy Prime Minister and New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters says he has been trespassed from Parliament for two years.
    One may have to figure that Winston was unmasked at the Wellington Protest. 🙂
    Press Release: New Zealand First Party
    “Mallard’s Precinct Decision Loses The Plot”

    …… The question that next needs to be asked is how many of those in the media have been trespassed for walking through the protest and speaking with people?
    Or those in the media who followed me that day, and like me, spoke with the protestors as well? …..

    …. Or does it come down to who he decides should and shouldn’t be the target of his dictatorial rule? ……

    ….. New Zealanders should not put up with this type of totalitarian behaviour from the Speaker —
    nor should the Prime Minister or Parliament. ….


    Are the New Zealand public going to take much note?
    Do they care about ‘free speech’?

    Winston Peters will make use of this gift to achieve his 5%.
    And achieve whatever baubles of power he can,

    Where are New Zealand’s principled men & woman?

    When good guys do nothing: more like: we all a part of it: —-
    … the silence of good men isn’t the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil.
    The persons advancing the evil, whether in command or the rank-and-file, must be strong and determined;
    and the lukewarm must be either cowed into submission or willing to go along because the evil seems to prosper,” Bromwich told Reuters.




  17. Where are New Zealand’s principled men & woman? [sic]

    Exactly what are New Zealand’s principled men & women able to do about this, short of erecting the gallows in parliament square with Mallard’s name on it?
    We can wait for the 2023 ballot and hope there are enough of us to abandon the Labour Party, but there will always be a cushy job for the former speaker of the house. His mates will see to that – and by mates I also refer to the Labour B team lead by Mallards new bestie Luxon.



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