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Multiple challenges in mandating Covid-19 tracer app – tech expert

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A tech expert is warning the government could face multiple stumbling blocks if it makes QR code scanning mandatory – in particular when dealing with tech giants like Apple and Google.

Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins has commissioned a report which will look into the possibility of mandating the use of the NZ Covid Tracer app.

University of Auckland research fellow at Koi Tū centre for informed futures Andrew Chen said there were three main points to consider in making the app mandatory – the first being it was not enforceable.

“That may not be a barrier in itself, in that we’ve made wearing face masks on public transport mandatory without enforcement and most people are doing it and more people are doing it than they were before,” Dr Chen said.

“There could be an argument there for an unenforced mandate,” he said.

Dr Chen said the next problem could be digital exclusion.

“There are still about 20 percent of New Zealand adults who cannot use the app even if they wanted to, so there would have to be digital inclusion policies alongside any decisions to make it mandatory.”

However, the most important barrier would be working with Apple and Google, he said.

“Apple and Google have rules that say if you want to use our exposure notification framework or our Bluetooth system, you have to make it voluntary and opt in, you can’t force people to participate.

“So even if we tried to make the QR code system mandatory, but not Bluetooth system mandatory, that could mean Apple and Google pull their support and we could be left without the Bluetooth side of the app.”

He explained that was because the two companies dealt with much more oppressive countries than New Zealand and they wouldn’t want to set a precedent.

Come back in six months and say that. You will be very surprised at how much we have deteriorated to 3rd world country status

He said at that point the government would need to calculate whether more would be gained from compulsory scanning, than what would be lost by having the Bluetooth system turned off.

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  1. Are these Labour lunatics telling the team of five million ” we don’t have any faith in the vaccines so get used to telling us where you are and what you are doing at all times from now on”? YES THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT…
    The horsefaced creature has wet dreams about knowing at all times where her disarmed slaves are and what they are doing.
    The lockdown where we were required to sign in and leave phone numbers was a joke ,at one place of business I visited I was the 5th person that morning to sign in as “M Mouse ” This threat should be taken as seriously as a NZ government tsunami alert.



  2. I see that QR sticker all over the place but I don’t know how to use my phone to register with it. And that is if my phone is actually turned on (only when I am listening to a book) or if I haven’t left it in the car.



  3. Why does it take the Karens so bloody long to sign in?
    Go to the shop, stand in the doorway, rumble round in the bag for phone, fire up phone, piss around find the app, take its picture, turn off the phone, put the phone away, enter the shop!
    Maybe they should have the bloody thing 2m away from the each side of the door?



    • They’re just carrying on with the habits of their lifetimes. How often are you waiting in a queue at a checkout where some lardarse stares blankly into space until asked for loyalty cards & payment only to watch the useless bitch rummage through an oversized purse/handbag carrying the detritus of a lifetime collecting junk.

      Do the morons think that it is groceries for free day? Hoping that they could use a phone without dithering puts you right up with the top Polyannas!



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