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Now they want Maori seats on local councils. The reason given is because Maori cannot get off their fat arses and bother to vote, they want the seats to be given to them.

The rest of us Do give a toss about who gets onto councils and accordingly, exercise our rights and vote. Why should one group not bothered to vote, still get a say in local government.

It’s quite simple. If you want a say in who represents you in your local community, get your fat arses off the couch and vote.

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  1. It is some Maori plus non-Maori SJW making these demands. I watched some crap on racism after the Sunday show for a while before I turned off in discuss. The was some dumb blond pushing this shit.



  2. Yes even in area s with large percentages of Maori, Maori candidates often don’t get elected.
    Maybe because the local Maori know that the candidate is useless.
    And yes if they are too lazy to vote, that’s up to them.
    Its not discrimination or rascist, or lack of access!



    • That is often the way, one of my law lecturers ran for Hamilton City Council. He didn’t get elected, yet many local Maori had passed through his hands, mind you, he was from Tauranga, so wasn’t Tainui but you would think that someone from Tainui could pull it together.


      He and I did not get on, he used to roll his eyes when I would question things Treaty, he told me that the whole class were also rolling their eyes. It was because of him that I did the two Maori courses that I did so that he couldn’t claim that I spoke from total ignorance.

      He did, however, have lots of experience that he could have brought to the council, other than just being Maori



  3. Speaking of cunning, have a read of this from our good friends at Hobsons Pledge.

    Te Mata Peak track land to become reserve.

    “The land at Te Mata Peak near Hastings where the Craggy Range winery built a controversial walking track will be turned into a regional park, according to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.

    The winery built the track on 52ha of its land with the consent of the Hastings District Council. One trustee of the Te Mata Park Trust Board, the entity which manages land on the western side of the peak, is the great-grandson of the person who gifted that land to the people of Hastings.

    The first complaint about the track was by the partner of this trustee who set up a “remove the track” Change.org petition that attracted thousands of signatures. This prompted a “save the track” petition that attracted more signatures.

    Soon, local iwi added claims about the area being sacred and complaints about not being consulted.

    At one stage, Ngati Kahungunu chair Ngahiwi Tomoana told Craggy Range to burn the tribe’s name off a plaque marking the winery opening 20 years earlier if it didn’t remove the track.

    The “solution” is that three Hastings businessmen including the Craggy Range CEO have bought the 52ha and gifted it to “the people of Hawke’s Bay”.

    This land will be managed by another trust, the founding trustees of which will be Rex Graham, chairman of Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, and Ngahiwi Tomoana, chairman of Ngati Kahungunu.

    The Hastings District Council has already filled in the top 500 metres of the track at a cost of $62,000, and removing the remaining 1335 metres is expected to cost $150,000.

    The area is to be planted in native trees, shrubs, flaxes and so on. Another track may be built, depending on what the trustees decide.

    Without spending a cent, this is how the local iwi got control of the eastern side of Te Mata Peak.”

    See https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12246874



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