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Mask Mandates Back Again?




“New Wave of Omicron” on the way to mask you up

They’re trying to do the Covid thing again!

It’s Really Happening: Mask Mandates, Contact-Tracing Re-Implemented At Colleges, Offices

There are reports circulating that colleges and offices are beginning to reinstate COVID mask mandates and contact tracing despite no new cases of the virus being reported.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Monday that Morris Brown College, a black private liberal arts college has reinstated the measures as part of a “precautionary step.”

The report notes that students and staff will all be asked to mask up while on campus, only one week after classes began.

A communication issued by the college claims there have been “reports of positive cases among students in the Atlanta University Center,” a consortium of black colleges and universities located on the western side of Atlanta.

The measures, which include social distancing, temperature checks and no large gatherings are to be in place for two weeks, it is claimed.

BREAKING: Alex Jones says a TSA whistleblower has told him TSA employees were instructed on Tue that masks are coming back by October for travelers & full Covid restrictions/lockdowns by December due to a new “dangerous variant” out of Canada. pic.twitter.com/sw4b2XYuoh


The federal government has already begun buying COVID-19 equipment and hiring consultants to enforce pandemic-era “safety protocols.” Some of these contracts are scheduled to begin in September and October.

The mainstream media is on board with this imaginary “COVID resurgence”:






    • Yes it is

      Atlanta’s Morris Brown College is re-embracing mask mandates, years after initial panic over the coronavirus.

      While many universities and colleges have dropped coronavirus mandates — such as vaccine requirements and mask requirements — some clearly remaining open to reinstating them. Atlanta’s Morris Brown College is among those, sharing the announcement on social media this week.

      The August 20 update states, “Effective immediately, Morris Brown College has reinstated its COVID-19 mask mandate due to reports of positive cases among students in the Atlanta University Center.”



  1. FFS My local countdown have only just scraped the 2 meter foot prints off their forecourt, the Karen’s and Ken’s will think Xmas has come 4 months early and the unemployed PI security staff will be rubbing their hands together in glee ” YEEE Haaa Mama I’m gonna be pushing the people around again”….



  2. Here in Pricktoria there are signs all over the trains that you still need to wear a mask, there a few scardycats that oblige but very small percentage. Just a handful.
    The largest chinese manufacturer of masks clearly states that they are not fit for purpose for a virus, but the state governments gave out millions without reading the instructions attached. when sent the instructions they didn’t answer.
    The uber driver last week to Gold Coast airport was a classic, he said it was clearly a standing up virus, I could sit with half a dozen people at a table, but needed a mask to go to the bar.
    I could shag myself stupid with as many prostitutes as I wanted, no mask, but had to wear a mask to go fencing. I did write to the CHO and ask if I needed to practise the cowboy position to stay safe, missionary has to be living dangerously, he Never answered.
    Best mask put down is, ask how how many microns is a sars covid 2 virus, they never know, when you mention under 1 micron, and a surgical mask is 14 micron, they cannot answer you.
    They are going have to have a massive fear Campaign to scare the sheep back into wearing these useless articles back into vogue.
    Fear Fear and Fear that is all it is.



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