Media Bullshit




The Media Tries to Revive the Covid Scam

This is propaganda – not research.

Missed ‘vaccines’ can’t CAUSE death. This is peak ridiculousness even for pharma propagandists.

Why would we believe anything the experts say?

Seriously after the lies told to us about how effective the jabs were going to be in stopping transmission and infection why would we believe that the jump in heart disorders is anything other than the jab. An article in yesterday’s paper is still completely ignoring the role of the vaccine in causing heart injuries. And I quote: “Queenslanders are flooding GPs practices with heart problems sparked by long Covid, the state’s peak medical body has revealed. Doctors are seeing more patients with myocarditis and pericarditis due to inflammation caused by the virus that can cause palpitations chest pain or shortness of breath. “We are now seeing the impact of long Covid which makes it clear that Queenslanders should be more aware of taking precautions. Prolonged symptoms can be very severe in some people,” Australian Medical Association Queensland president Maria Boulton told The Courier-Mail. “Of course healthcare workers would love to stop thinking about Covid and move on but long Covid can’t be swept under the carpet,” she said. GP Bruce Willett and spokesman for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners said that he has seen an increase in people with heart palpitations, extreme fatigue and debilitating brain fog at his practice.”



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  1. “Get your house repainted every year with this new Pfizer paint otherwise your paint will peel off due to the Covid paint disease, or worse still your house might collapse.”

    It’s funny how those get their house repainted every year still have the paint peeling off, and in some case the houses are spontaneously collapsing due to severe timber rotting, even on new homes. The Ministry of Paint say that just proves how lethal the paint disease is.

    But it does not explain why the paint is not peeling of those houses that never got the new Pfizer paint in the first place. Even homes that over 100 years old.

    Yet the Ministry of Paint blames the problems with repainted houses, i.e. paint peeling and spontaneous collapsing houses on the homeowners that refused to get their house painted / repainted every year with Pfizer paint.

    Dr Painter from the Ministry of Paint keeps going on TV promoting the Pfizer paint, and warning that people who refuse the Pfizer paint will be banned from society, and their houses shrink wrapped in building plastic condoms.

    We spoke with Woody, NZ’s most successful and respected 4 generation painter, from a family of house painters, who have been painting since 1892. Woody took early retirement.:

    “It ain’t nothing but a con. In my day you painted a house properly, with proper wood nutrition, proper preparation, primers, and undercoats, and good quality paints, with the required number of coats, and it stayed painted anywhere for 10-20 years. Nowadays they sell this cheap shit, all subsidised by the Ministry of Paint, and it lasts one season.

    We had it analysed in a lab, and it contains lab created microscopic borer. Worse than that it contains compounds that are 100x more lethal to humans than the lead based paints we got rid of. It ain’t nothing but a con.”



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