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Meltdown Puts Ukraine’s Future in Jeopardy




U.S. House of Reps Meltdown Puts Ukraine’s Future in Jeopardy


The things being set in motion right now could spell the abrupt end of the Ukrainian conflict. Of course, we’re not going to lean into that optimistic potential too heavily, because we all know how arduously the warmongering deepstate will work towards some continuation of their goals. But it’s still important to outline the details of how close to the precipice the situation has potentially gotten.

House Speaker Mccarthy was booted out. The two frontrunners to his position are now House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (Republican, Louisiana) and Jim Jordan (Republican, Ohio). Trump himself has now endorsed Jordan which we can only assume means he’s a likely shoe-in.

Where does Jordan stand on Ukraine? It may seem an obvious answer to some, but in fact Steve Scalise is a big supporter of continuing to fund Ukraine.

Today’s Newsweek article delves into exactly this, as it’s the pressing question on everyone’s mind. It reports that Jordan is heavily against Ukrainian funding.

Jordan, a founding member of the hardline conservative Freedom Caucus, has voted against nearly all bills offering assistance to Ukraine since the Russian invasion began in February 2022

Earlier this week Jordan said the following:

Speaking to reporters in Washington D.C. earlier this week, Jordan said he won’t move forward with an additional aid package for Ukraine if elected Speaker, commenting: “The most pressing issue on Americans’ minds is not Ukraine. It is the border situation and crime on the streets.”


“Why should we be sending American tax dollars to Ukraine when we don’t even know what the goal is?

As well as:

“No one can tell me what the objective is. Is it some kind of negotiated peace? Is it driving them out of eastern Ukraine? Is it driving them out of Crimea?… So until you can tell me the goal, I don’t think we should continue to send money there particularly when we have the problems we have on our border so that’s fundamental.

“And then, second, how is the money that’s already been sent, how has it been spent? What kind of waste is going on? Those are two fundamental questions that I think the American taxpayers want to know the answers to before they send any more of their hard-earned money there.”

However, it’s hard to say if Jordan will win as some odds-makers see Scalise as still ahead for the role, with Jordan in second place.

Now the major problem is that there are only a handful of calendar days left for House of Reps sessions this year, and experts believe this is not enough time to create any further aid packages for Ukraine, which would mean there cannot be any aid at all until well into next year. This will be a moot point anyway if an anti-Ukraine Speaker takes charge, particularly because of the Hastert rule, which allows a Republican House Speaker to not bring up any bills for voting unless a majority of their party agree with it. The rule works as follows, as per Wiki:

In the House, 218 votes are needed to pass a bill; if 200 Democrats are the minority and 235 Republicans are the majority, the Hastert Rule would not allow 200 Democrats and 100 Republicans together to pass a bill, because 100 Republican votes is short of a majority of the majority party, so the Speaker would not allow a vote to take place.

In short, since Republicans are a current majority in the House, a majority of Republicans would have to agree on a Ukraine funding bill in order for that to even be proposed for voting in the House. And depending on whose poll you use, the majority of Republicans seem to not support Ukraine any longer.

Yesterday Biden hinted at having another trick up his sleeve to potentially get funding, but this seems like a canard or face-saving tactic. His bag of tricks in reality is running low. For instance, the Lend Lease actually expired last month, and the presidential draw-down authority reportedly has a few billion left, but no where near as much as the full funding bill intended to give Ukraine. The Senate had reached a ‘continuing resolution’ deal for another $6B for Ukraine last week, but this was in humanitarian and government aid, not military assistance—i.e. money to simply keep Ukraine’s society running, paying their civil servants, etc.

MoA again did a thorough job covering the intricacies of the funding conundrum today. So if you want more details check out B’s article. Also, this Sputnik article gives a very thorough rundown of all the types of small funding loopholes that may be possible.

“If the funding isn’t there, then unless less the president takes real drastic action and wants to basically declare martial law here in the United States, it’s just not going to happen,” Maloof said. “If Congress doesn’t approve additional funding, it’s not going to happen. Now, as I said, there may be a little bit, maybe for humanitarian purposes, but I think far less on the other side of military and more kinetic actions.”

But we’ll move on to the next issue.

Ukraine and its allies are continuing to scramble for any form of hope to cling to. At a new conference at the EU Granada summit, Zelensky looked absolutely haggard and lost, mentally broken—you can really read the situation in his face:


    • Which one?

      1. The 10 million killed in the Japanese holocaust?
      2. The 20 million plus Russians who Hitler vowed to exterminate ?
      3. The 5 million Jehovas Witness, Roma ect?
      4. The jews?

      You deny most holocausts you virtue signaling ignorant meat puppet. Report to the train station, you are going camping.



  1. Yeah sales of mansions in Switzerland to Ukrainian ministers and generals shows exactly where our money was, is, spent.
    Once more Unkle Sam spends billions propping up a corrupt government without a hope of success and the kiwi taxpayer goes along for a ride, without any trade deals or hope of accountability from the third world shithole and its corrupt leadership. that’s the rules based order, influence peddling operation for ya, but they will continue to prop it up till hell freezes over rather than admit that bombing and killing Russian speaking parts of their population was a stupid thing to do, cant wait to see the war crimes tribunal that prosecutes, executes that cock puppet Z, sow the wind reap the whirlwind



  2. I don’t support Israel or Palestine. None of our business. The sooner we as kiwis realize this the better. I wouldn’t trust the ‘chosen’ volk as far as I could throw them but alas we have the ‘chosen’ volk telling us via Kate Hannah the ‘chosen’ one about miss-information blah blah blah.

    The ‘chosen’ are destroyers of Nations and the mere cheek that these people can qualify, question least of all pretend to be oppressed is pathetic.

    Read Te Tiriti……start with the preamble, the 2×2’s have the gall to get refuge whilst claiming to be oppressed.

    As a 7th generational Kiwi, the Dews are the most disruptive, dirty, shape shifters we’ve ever witnessed.

    I don’t support Hammas but having said that, I also don’t support the rootless rats esp the fake Askenazi juden



  3. The Ukraine war is a result of the Israel lobby pushing the USA to sanction and fight Russia due to Russia enjoying good relations with Iran. Obama sponsored extremist groups to overthrow the elected representatives of Ukraine promising cash and prizes if they aligned with the West. That is when the war really began.



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