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2-year-old girl eaten alive by crocodiles after falling into pit

A 2-year-old girl was eaten alive after falling into a pit of crocodiles on her family farm, say police in Cambodia.

Rom Roath Neary’s mother is said to have lost sight of her while she was busy caring for her newborn baby.

The youngster reportedly wandered away from the house near Siem Reap yesterday morning and was not seen alive again.

The girl’s father Min Min, 35, returned home at 10 a.m. and began looking for the missing toddler.

Horrifically, he found his daughter’s skull stripped of flesh on the ground of a concrete enclosure where the crocs swim in a pool.

Local media showed harrowing pictures of mom of three Nay Is, 32, breaking down in tears as she clutched the toddler’s remains to her chest.

Police Chief Capt. Chem Chamnan said: “Her father found only her skull in the crocodile enclosure, where she was killed by crocodiles.”

Officers said that the youngster had been at home with her mother, who had recently given birth and was caring for the newborn.

She left the house and went to play on the land around the crocodile farm, which is behind the property.

Police said the family had recently built a fence around the 10-foot-high concrete pool, but children were still small enough to fit through the gaps.

Lt. Och Sophen, chief of Siem Reap commune police, said the mother “lost sight of” 2-year-old Rom.

He added: “When the father came back home, he couldn’t find his daughter in the house. He found a skull in the crocodile enclosure.

“He confirmed that the daughter fell into the crocodile enclosure and that the crocodiles killed her, leaving only her skull.”

Officers urged other families to take extra care to prevent children from getting into crocodile farms.

The animals are kept to produce leather and meat.

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  1. I really feel for the parents. Being a father to some young ones myself, I’d be beside myself if I lost one of them (with or without being crocodile food).

    However, it reminds me of that brief Nivea advertisement of “Being close to nature is healthy” (it disappeared quickly probably because it was so inane). Which, when I saw it, I thought “What, like swimming next to a saltwater crocodile?” And hence my rant that follows.

    I get tired of baizuos (Mandarin for white-left & insult) who pretend nature is good for us, for example this webpage (found after a simple search) https://honestmum.com/how-i-like-to-take-care-of-my-body-mind/

    Being close to nature is truly important to me, it grounds me and an outdoor life is wonderful for the kids and I.

    As a species we despise nature. We wear clothes. Why? To protect us from nature. We live in houses. Why? To protect us from nature. We work in air-conditioned offices to get away from nature. We perform husbandry to survive even for vegans.

    Even when we pretend to get “in touch with nature” we use paths, tracks, bridges, lodges and other sanitised “nature”. If such twits really wanted to be close to nature, they’d do in the nude without supplies (including knives, prepared food and drink) and ignoring where other humans have forged ways through “nature”.

    Hunter and gatherer tribes rely on tools (not nature) to bring down prey or even collect (gather) food (e.g. baskets). Once they get food, they’ll store it high huts (etc) to inhibit nature from getting at it. Plus, they’ll live in huts to keep nature at bay.

    We’re a species that thrives on controlling nature; making it obey our whims. Which, of course, makes it wholly un-natural by definition.



    • As a species we seem to try our damndest to survive without her. Interfering with natural selection to make better crops for ourselves, finding cures to diseases rather than relying on gene changes over generations, erecting massive buildings to say FU to mother nature, building submarines and airplanes to go where we aren’t adapted and so on and so forth. We’re even slowly (too slowly IMHO) getting off this rock which is quite possibly the biggest FU to mother earth.

      However, I agree that mother nature is a cruel heartless bitch. Crocodiles will munch through a 2 year old without thought.



      • Au contraire, we do beat nature quite regularly. Sure, there’s plenty to go and we’re not helping ourselves with the welfare state encouraging the ‘weak’ to flourish at the expense of the ‘fit’. (Our IQs have collectively dropped since Victorian times).



        • I suppose there’s the heat death of the universe to consider. Still, there’s speculation of the ‘cold spot’ representing another universe pushing its way in.

          It’s not inconceivable that we might live forever in the not so distant future.

          If superstring theory is ever proven true and we can master it, it might be possible to travel around the universe (i.e. treating the 5th dimension as a Möbius strip).



  2. Well, the crocodiles were being farmed, there was certainly no malice on their part food is food. Should crocodiles be farmed and did they know they were going to be killed, are they at all sentient?



    • There is the term ‘lizard brain’ describes the most primitive part of our human brain. The crocodiles brain still functions at an automatic evolutionary reaction. See food, eat it.

      “The human Lizard-Brain has been evolving for around 285 million years, and is similar in power and concept to the total brain capacity of a modern lizard, which is why I will refer to it as the Lizard-Brain. Our Lizard-Brain sits at the top of our spine and is command control for the human body, it is ‘pre-verbal’ and ‘tells’ our body what to do and when to do it, automatically, using chemical and electrical signals. All the routine functioning of our body is done by the Lizard-Brain, behind the scenes, without our knowledge or intervention.”



  3. Watch any youtube clip on crocodiles. You generally need to keep your distance….. Can’t think of a worse situation to face as a parent. A couple lost their toddler in South Africa many years ago when it fell into the enclosure in front of them. Tragic.



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