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More Climate Change Bullshit That We Are Paying For.




The tiny Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, thought to be under threat from sea level rise, has actually expanded in land area over the past 40 years and is likely to continue to be habitable a century from now, scientists say.

New research from the University of Auckland published in Nature Communications mapped shoreline change of each of Tuvalu’s 101 islands across its nine atolls over a 40-year period.

11 of the country’s islands have a permanent human population, two have a population of more than 600.

The research team, including Professor Paul Kench, Dr Murray Ford and Dr Susan Owen from the School of Environment, used aerial photos going as far back as 1943, and photo collections from 1971 and 1984 with updated satellite imagery from 2004-2014, to compare how the shoreline of each atoll changed between 1971 and 2014.

Mapping of island size and position shows that Tuvalu has experienced a net increase in land area of 2.9 percent or 73.5ha. Overall 74 percent of islands in the group – a total of 73 – are larger now than 40 years ago.

Yet sea level rise in the region has been happening at twice the global average over the past 40 years.

“We tend to think of Pacific atolls as static landforms that will simply be inundated as sea levels rise but there is growing evidence these islands are geologically dynamic and are constantly changing,” says Kench.

“The study findings may seem counter-intuitive given that sea level has been rising in the region over the past half century, but the dominant mode of change over that time on Tuvalu has been expansion, not erosion.”

Kench says sea level is just one factor that can influence island change. A range of environmental processes have contributed to that pattern including sediment supply and wave patterns. Those processes, particularly during extreme events such as Cyclone Bebe in 1972, could account for the expansion of larger mixed sand-gravel islands and gravel islands, while smaller islands which are predominantly sand are more likely to have been destabilized, he said.

“On the basis of this research we project a markedly different trajectory for Tuvalu’s islands over the next century, and while we recognize that habitability rests on a number of factors, loss of land is unlikely to be a factor in forcing depopulation of Tuvalu.”

Historic patterns of human settlement based on legacies of economic and social investment may not be well aligned with the physical changes occurring in the islands, says Kench. Rather than simple re-location or migration, new adaptations could be considered that involve the community in decision-making on issues of planning, development goals and land tenure systems that take into account the dynamic nature of islands.

And we have a part time PM who says the opposite. Is it any wonder we call her a liar.

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  1. I’m a bit perplexed by the ‘Climate Emergency’ hysteria- If it was such an ‘Emergency’ wouldn’t our leader be actually doing something OTHER than whooshing around the World in carbon belching aeroplanes and posing for endless virtue signalling publicity shots?
    And another thing- Why do Climate Change protesters always carry signs that screech ‘End Capitalism Now’? and ‘Socialist Youth’ etc etc?
    Do Communist/Socialist countries somehow not pollute? If we become a fully Communist state will we somehow become perfectly clean and green???



  2. What is the source for that, Ed?

    It says
    “Yet sea level rise in the region has been happening at twice the global average over the past 40 years.”

    Yeah right, Tui.
    So the sea selects different places to rise and fall.
    Where is the cutoff?
    Are there ridges in the sea that might damage ships if they hit them?
    Should there be signs in the sea to say where these ridges are?
    You could create employment in the Pacific by having unemployed Islanders out on longboards holding up signs to warn ships of changes in sea level/
    I always through the sea leveled itself out/equalised over time.
    Damn that sixth form physics teacher. I thought he was a drinker.

    Perhaps the sea is racist and chooses to rise higher among Pacific Islanders than other places. I’ll bet some of these money grabbers will claim such to get a dollar or three.
    It is a pity we don’t have Dame Devoid around to give the sea a good telling off. /

    We could pay a couple of old moaners and wailers from the Marae to have a dawn ceremony and get rid of the evil spirit that is causing this/
    Will $20,000 be enough?

    Perhaps we could have version of Working for Families where we take sea water from places that rise fast and move to lower places.
    I always thought gravity took care of that but hey we could have new tax just for this/

    Atolls are living things because they are coral. They grow and recede like glaciers. It called nature.



  3. We could get Cindy to suggest to the Tuvaluans that every night they each fill a two litre plastic bottle of seawater & store it under their beds.

    It won’t lower the ocean but since they’re too ignorant to notice land accretion on the island they live on it will keep them amused for a few years while nature sorts out the problem.



  4. I heard Shaun Plunkett express a view on Magic Radio that given these predictions of doom, it may not be sustainable to remain on some Islands and the people could just move off as a sustainable option. The opinion suggested taxpayers pumping money in was not a sustainable option.

    This taxpayer thought the view expressed was fair enough. People have moved from unsustainable situations in the past, immigration to New Zealand was for reasons of improving life options above those then available in UK and Ireland. Hazardous sea journeys were faced. Substantial upheaval and separation from families and history were accepted.

    I have no wish to pay tax to support an unsustainable population on Tuvalu or any poorly considered dramatic suggestions to solve any supposed issues in the face of “Climate Change”.



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