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Greenies try to terrify us by never putting their claims of impending disaster into context.

For example, when Greenies howl about human activity releasing around 750 giga-tones of CO2 into the atmosphere each year it sounds pretty impressively frightening. “750 giga-tons!!!” Crikey, that’s a lot, isn’t it? And it certainly sends the tens of thousands of snowflakes, pouring out of our polys pretending to be universities with their degrees in Gender Studies and Golf Course Management, into a bit of a tizzy. And so we have the Eco-loons with their idiotic Extinction Rebellion protests and the School Strike all the other crapulous protests.

What the Greenies are doing is using and abusing an ‘absolute number’ to scare snowflakes and other scientifically-challenged members of our society. But when you put the 750 giga-tons into context, using a ‘relative number’ – that CO2 as a percentage of the atmosphere is increasing by 0.0002% a year, that really doesn’t sound quite so frightening. And so the Greenies never mention this rather inconvenient truth.

That brings me to a picture a reader sent me. Right down in your lower right-hand corner you’ll see the total amount of CO2 that human activity has contributed to the atmosphere in the last 200 years:

Ooops! Not that impressive, huh? And the Greenies would have us believe that this miniscule amount of a trace gas will lead to the extinction of mankind. And, of course, the Greenies have managed to market CO2 as some kind of deadly poison when, in fact, it is so beneficial to plant growth that many farmers cultivating using greenhouses install CO2 generators in their greenhouses to improve growth and crop yields:

Oh, did the Greenies forget to mention that too? How remiss of them.


  1. And I believe the new Royal poster boy for saving the planet just went with wife and son on holiday on private jet after his barefoot speech about saving the planet. God it makes you sick doesn’t it? Who the hell do they think they are? Just making themselves newsworthy as there is nothing else about them that is, and its a totally false claim. If they believed all this nonsense they certainly would never fly private jet to holiday destinations for a week. Fuc.ers



    • The greatest man alive – Nigel Farage – is on to Charles the Mad King.

      Farage points out that 10 years ago Mad Charlie told us plebs that there was only 7 years to save the planet.

      I really feel for the Queen, I mean if Charles wasn’t such an utter fruitloop old Queenie would’ve been able to gracefully step down after a lifetime of living in a glass bottle. But no! Her and old Phil the Greek have always known that Charlie “I wish I was your tampon” Windsor was a bit special and the realm had to be protected from him.

      Imagine how awful it must be to have to cling on to life well past your time – just so that your son doesn’t go an fuck up your life’s work.

      One has to wonder what the Queen had to agree to in order to get Epstein killed and her other son Andrew off the hook for his penchant for the younger fillies? Who’d be a mum eh?

      At least William hasn’t left the reservation like Harry the ginga prince has – I tell you there must be serious voodoo magic in Meghan Markle’s pussy to have made him take such a crazy sharp turn to the left. Gotta feel for the poor ginga idiot, all the rest of us know that Meghan’s as mad as a cut snake and she’s already planning out the divorce so she can go back to her degenerate Hollywood parties and ceremonies.



      • At the present rate of nitrogen buildup, it’s only a matter of time before light will be filtered out of the atmosphere and none of our land will be usable… If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder by the year 2000. … This is about twice what it would take to put us in an ice age.

        – Kenneth E.F. Watt on air pollution and global cooling, speaking on Earth Day 1970.

        We’re still around. CO2 has replaced nitrogen and warming has replaced cooling. The moonbats are still preaching climate destruction. Nothing has changed over the last 50 years.



      • DP, sorry but after living in the UK for 25 years, I have a different perspective to you and Farage on the Royal family.

        1. The Queen performs her role well as does Charles.
        2. Unless Charles, William and family all die between now and whenever, the chance of Harry being King are remote;
        3. Charles gets up the nose of the political class because he has a tendancy to show them up. The Prince’s Trust (now nearing its 50th anniversary) has helped more socially disadvantaged an unemployed people regain their dignity than any interfering politician ever has. Charles’ views on the built environment and town planning have regularly been criticized, but eventually he has been proved right and this has been despite the politicians and bureaucrats who have been working with the interests of commercial developers rather than local communities affected.
        4. Yes, he is in the Climate Change camp, but with the exception of Trump, Farage and ScoMo – who isn’t?
        5. Charles’biggest crime was cheating on Diana. To Diana’s worshippers he will never be forgiven. However, Diana was a manipulative, PR seeking, egotistical individual who couldn’t forgive Charles. She went out of her way to manipulate the truth regarding Charles.

        My opinion of Charles was informed by an assignment I was engaged on with the Prince’s Trust. He took a personal interest in the work we were doing, which was more than his arrogant wife (Diana) at the time.



  2. Yeah the “success” was another bullshit photo shoot and more of our $$ given away for nothing. As far as the so-called “carbon footprint” the Islanders are the worst of the lot. Everything has to be imported a million miles. Would they go back to hunting and gathering to save the climate? Yeah right.



    • You’d think that in the interest of their very own existence in the face of the climate emergency threat, the Pacific island nations would immediately close their airports to gas guzzling planes and ports to cruise ships and stop pumping the effluent from the thousands of tourists on to their coral reefs.



  3. Carrots, cabbages, rice, spuds, wheat, corn, grapes, apples, trees, don’t grow without CO2.

    The human body is approx 14% Carbon.

    Goddamn facts getting in the way.
    Al Gore -VP to Epstein’s mate William Jefferson Clinton for 8 years – must be one of the biggest conmen in the last 50 years and it is Bernie Maddof in prison.



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