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If MEN can have periods like loony left believe, then they must also believe men can have ABORTIONS

the leftist children’s magazine Teen Vogue is now aggressively pushing the absurd notion that biological men are able to menstruate, and thus need to have tampons specifically marketed and sold to them with male symbolism. If this is the case, then is it also fair to say that biological men can also get pregnant and have abortions?

This is the logical next-chapter in the ever-evolving LGBTQP narrative, which involves indoctrinating the next generation of youth into believing that concepts like male and female are mere “social constructs,” and that all human beings can self-identify as all genders or no gender at all, as well as anything and everything in between.

It’s only a matter of time, we predict, before Planned Parenthood jumps into the mix and begins offering fake abortions for biological men – paid for by American taxpayers, of course. Just think: Men will soon be able to hop on down to their local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and have their fake unborn children ripped limb from limb from their bodies in the name of “men’s reproductive rights.”

Liberals will cheer these deranged men on as they scream my body, my choice! in the waiting room, along with abortion is a men’s right!, before they’re ushered into the back room to receive their “procedures,” which will be dubbed an expression of “men’s rights.”

In the world of LGBTQP, there’s no such thing as male or female, and everyone is a genderless cyborg

This is the future of “masculinity” in today’s America, in case you haven’t noticed. Having a penis apparently no longer bars men from being able to pass eggs on regular period cycles just like biological women. If a man wants to stuff a tampon in his undies and pretend he’s having that “time of the month,” then this is a legitimate expression of his “self-identity” that’s to be taken seriously not just by American corporations, but also by all of American society.

It will soon be a “hate crime” for anyone to suggest that a biological man can’t physically have a period, even though this is a scientific fact. Public school teachers will also soon be forced to teach three-year-olds that men can get pregnant, which means that these men need free “health care” in the form of on-demand abortions provided by Planned Parenthood.

Heck, the sky really is the limit when it comes to just how far this all will go based on the direction things are currently headed. The Cult of LGBTQP seems to think up some new form of biological derangement almost hourly, which means we expect to see this type of thing in the headlines very soon.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for our readers to protect their children from this insanity as best they can. This requires fully withdrawing them from all public schools, restricting the media they’re allowed to consume, and teaching them biological and scientific facts at as early an age as is feasibly appropriate in order to imprint upon them reality, as opposed to LGBTQP fiction.

This isn’t a game, folks. The LGBTQP Mafia is dead-set on destroying your children using any means possible, which is why society is unraveling faster than a feminist is able to get triggered by the presence of real manhood – in the rare instance that manhood ever even presents itself in the first place.

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  1. Could the writer of this article please supply more details or a link to Teen Vogel’s claim that men are able to menstruate?



  2. You’re welcome to using tampons or pads if you wish to fantasise about such things but why you’d bother mystifies me. Mature lady secret, best freedom days of my life now I no longer have to worry about tampons, etc. 🎉 😊



    • The “time of the month” is not missed at our house either. At one stage between the cook & two teenage daughters there was always someone going on the rag, on it or coming off it, complete with the associated drama.

      At times it got so bad the son & I retreated to the back of the property to find something to do & left them to it. After a few years I had some of the best back boundary fencing in the lower North Island! 🙂



  3. I am so glad I am 70, this absolute bollocks is too much for me and it will only get worse. At least I don’t have lots of years to watch the degeneration of life as we knew it.



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