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Pedophiles Are Proudly Posting Their Faces Online, Declaring ‘Pride’ and Demanding ‘Rights’

In a world where the left is pushing for everything to become politically correct, pedophiles on social media are seizing the opportunity to rebrand themselves as MAPS (“minor-attracted-people”) and are demanding acceptance by society.

The MAP community and movement is growing in size and gaining confidence in declaring “MAP pride” and demanding “MAP rights“, particularly on social media platforms like Twitter, where the problem is becoming increasingly worse.

The online pedophile community has constructed their own flag and often describe their attraction to children as a “sexual orientation,” rather than a scientifically recognised mental illness.

Blair White reports: The goal is the MAP community is to normalise pedophilia and convince those who are “woke” enough to begin to accept them and view them as a marginalised class. Their intent is to follow the blue-print of LGBT acceptance, with some even insisting that pedophiles should be included within the acronym.

With the insidious growth of MAPs online, more and more of these individuals are feeling brave enough to post their faces and attitudes toward those who hate them.

Traditionally, MAPS have always hidden behind cartoon profile pictures, as anonymity was the only shield they had against (rightfully) major backlash. That’s changing though, and we can now see these individuals willing to show their true selves.

A MAP Instagram user named Mish who has since deleted her account has had her face plastered all over the internet as well. Before the deletion of her account you could see her responding to criticism and stating that people below the age of 12 should fear her.

I’m conflicted as to whether this new development of MAPs speaking out on social media with their real names and faces is a good thing or bad thing.

On one hand, sunlight can be the best disinfectant. If their faces are readily visible and spread online, it could potentially protect children who may have otherwise been in their vicinity. If you’re an anonymous pedophile online, no one knows who to protect their children from.

On the other hand, there is something truly disturbing about the fact that there is an environment online being created where these monsters are comfortable enough to show their faces. It shows that their goal of acceptance and normalisation is actually happening, at least to an extent.

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  1. I worked with many abused by pedophiles for a number of years, and this leftist MAP movement is beyond fucked up, it is a real mental illness that seems unable to be cured. The damage these fuckers do to children is beyond anything done to an adult. There are some very mentally sick children who are now adults who can never get passed the attacks on them as children they are so damaged. And to think this is suggested is beyond belief to me. I don’t care about sexual orientation what ever an adult chooses to do is fine with me, when it comes to children never its abhorrent on any level.

    Oh and by the way that child abuse enquiry seems to have gone very quiet, does anyone know what has happened with that? Is everyone too busy chasing covid these days?



    • a 15 yr old is not prepubescant and therefore Roman Polanski is not a paedophile. In some countries until recently age of consent could be as low as 14 ( I think the EU have standardised it to 16 now.) Big difference between a willing 15yr old and a 10 yr old. This does not excuse Polanski though. For the record I’d like to see peadophiles done to, but lets not target the wrong people.



      • Samantha Jane Gailey was 13 at the time of the alleged sexual activity for which Roman Polanski fled the USA, never to return.
        That was below the age of consent in California at the time and still is.
        At the time there were varying ages in the USA for consent and these are more standardised. Not fully standardised but more so.

        One of the Rolling Stones took his English GF to France where he could legally shag at 15- as she was at the time while in England it would be illegal and still is.
        Germany is age 14 today; as long as the other person is not over 21.



  2. Note that the Catholic church in the last 40 years has carefully ensured that reference to their cottage industry of child rape is almost alway ‘abuse’ or ‘sexual abuse’ but carefully avoids the term ‘rape of a minor’ or ‘child rape’ in a concerted effort to minimize the term and the reaction of people esp their own ‘flock’ .

    ‘Abuse’ is much greyer sounding that ‘regularly bum raped a 12 year old boy under his care’ and is designed to diffuse.

    God is on their PR team //



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