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Biological Man Wins This Years “Miss Netherlands”

A biological male has been crowned as ‘Miss Netherlands’ and will go on to compete for the title of Miss Universe later this year in El Salvador.

22-year-old transgender model Rikkie Kolle was selected as Miss Netherlands 2023 and is the first biological male to win the historically female competition.

Announcing their decision, the jury said during the final according to Dutch public broadcaster NOS: “She has a rock-solid story with a clear mission… The jury is convinced that the organization (of Miss Netherlands, ed.) will be happy to work with this young woman.”

Kolle said: “I am only too happy to commit to all the little Rikkies who have to deal with rejection from their family, their transition to the person they desire to be. Help make their self-image and acceptance stronger, untouchable.

“Through my commitment and strength, I hope to bring change to society. Ultimately, it’s about being able to become who you are without issues and that that can happen when YOU want.”

The Moluccan-Dutch model previously competed in Holland’s Next Top Model reality television program in 2018, reaching the final round of contestants. Kolle was the second transgender model to participate in the show following Loiza Lamers, who won the contest in 2015.

Kolle will be allowed to hold the title of Miss Netherlands for one year and will be entitled to compete at the Miss Universe competition in El Salvador later this year.

The model will become the second transgender contestant to take part in the international competition, following Spain’s Angela Ponce in 2018.

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  1. Presents a time-line of the slippery slope, & how the US views have moved through that liberalism of “tolerance”,

    LGBTQ Movement Exposed: Shocking History Behind It
    22 mins 33 secs : Jul 6, 2023 : Patrick

    In this episode, Patrick exposes the shocking history behind the LGBTQ Movement.
    Gallup Poll: Fewer in U.S. Say Same-Sex Relations Morally Acceptable

    From tolerance, to acceptance, to affirmation;- to compulsion?
    Like being taught at school, a form of training? grooming? by unwitting accomplices?
    A sort of change the thinking, so it becomes the thinking of many more people, as you see the demographics over the years help make the changes.

    ‘If you tolerate everything, then you stand for nothing’ but to where does one make that stand?
    To be painted as racists, particularly if not keen about so much immigration where the new people are not blending & want more of their culture, religion, & laws to be a full active part.

    Now if one has concerns for children at school, but charged with being homophobic so the next step can be achieved even against families.



  2. Posted this yesterday, but fits in here, as this vid at shows at 5). study over a millennia of civilization, though it may need more points bought forth to how that more directly connects to the decline of certain civilizations.

    Pride month is over, and just what it is all about & pushing.
    Things I did not know, and now, still do not want to know.

    TOP 5 INSANE things from PRIDE month!
    13 mins 41 secs : Jul 10, 2023 : WTF Entertainment.

    1). The #MeToo DOESN’T apply to HOMOSEXUALS
    2). LGBTQIA+ allies DON’T know what they are SUPPORTING
    3).Gay hate crimes AIN’T HAPPENING
    4). The LGBTQ love and accept ALL people…
    5). Nations that EMBRACE homosexuality, WILL BE DESTROYED

    Certainly shows up the slippery slope turning into the slide & how the range of children are being a target.

    So the Dutch are ahead of us, the EU is ahead of, but New Zealand has to lead the world, punch above its weight to show the world.
    A bit of catching up to do to regain or more to be done to hold that lead ???



  3. People are people and being born was not their choice. their DNA was not their doing but people live with the choices of nature all their lives.
    Damaged and misaligned DNA is not new and it will always be, caused by all the thousands of forces of nature and accumulated DNA matches from Mans beginning.
    Well ALL live with this in our bodies affecting our everybeing.
    Some obvious, some not obvious, some life threatening and some causing people to be other than the supposed norm.
    What is the supposed norm.
    By the luck of the match you might be the norm or you may not.
    Same for your offspring. Can you guarantee when you mate that the DNA mix will turn out as you think it should?

    No you can’t.
    But the resultant of offspring may or may not but for most people a mother’s love of their child will always be no matter how strange or damaged.
    ( if you don’t think so just look around you at families that have kids with autism and other DNA-damaged issues.)
    What that person develops to and how they project themselves in their later life is their personality.
    God forbid we were all the same.
    When you look at your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, look at them with love no matter what.
    There but for the Grace of God go you.
    Every day you are the sum of all the things that have happen to you from the day of conception till the day your life slips away.

    That doesn’t give anyone the excuse to behave badly and no excuse to drive this agenda.
    IOts a cult like so many.
    You wonder why the Catholic church is full of these people. Its a cult masquerading as a religion to try to gain dominace over the world. It captures the young before 5 and indoctrinates them as so many cults do. It creates fear among those that are captured. all with one purpose. and you think this LBTQ etc is new. Rome fell after this behaviour became dominant.



  4. So it’s hard to know what’s real these days. Twitter had this gem for me to read: https://twitter.com/drsyedhaider/status/1678101927832481794?s=46&t=fxsbCy2FdUH-bcEHBUxnYg

    For those who can’t be arsed clicking on the link, essentially someone took a 23 and me test. Someone born male and now lives as a female. Complaining that they had a Y chromosome and only 1 X chromosome.

    Someone complaining about reality. I don’t really care if someone wants to live as a woman or as a man, when they were born different. I do have a problem with people denying what is true, and expecting others to play along with them.



  5. Talk about reconstituting the foods we eat seems to be the name of the game. 🤮
    Fucking unbelievable disgusting, & for that one would be branded homophobic.

    ……. “highly contagious” infection caused by an antibiotic resistant bacteria spreading in the state.

    Professor Brett Sutton said the cases of shigellosis, which is a highly contagious type of gastro, ….

    So it may not be long & be flaring up in New Zealand? 🤮
    Brings about a total “revulsion”!



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