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Netanyahu: “Charging me for crimes in Gaza is like charging George Bush for 9/11”

The outrageous decision by the ICC prosecutor, Karim Khan, to seek arrest warrants against the democratically elected leaders of Israel is a moral outrage of historic proportions.

Who in his right mind would appoint a Mohammedan to be TOP DOG of the International Criminal Court?

But wait, it gets more stupid by the day:


Amal Clooney is, of course, also a Mohammedan agitprop who uses her celebrity status to further the cause. And she teaches at Columbia law school. Congress should investigate how a professor at an American university wants the leaders of our allies to be arrested while they chase after those who kidnapped and killed Americans @EliseStefanik

Amal Clooney Behind ICC Netanyahu Warrant…

ICC chief prosecutor Karim Khan specifically thanked Amal Clooney for helping to prepare the warrant request (emphasis added):

As an additional safeguard, I have also been grateful for the advice of a panel of experts in international law, an impartial group I convened to support the evidence review and legal analysis in relation to these arrest warrant applications. The Panel is composed of experts of immense standing in international humanitarian law and international criminal law, including Sir Adrian Fulford PC, former Lord Justice of Appeal and former International Criminal Court Judge; Baroness Helena Kennedy KC, President of the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute; Elizabeth Wilmshurst CMG KC, former Deputy Legal Adviser at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Danny Friedman KC; and two of my Special Advisers – Amal Clooney and His Excellency Judge Theodor Meron CMG. This independent expert analysis has supported and strengthened the applications filed today by my Office.

Jihadists have infiltrated the UN, elite colleges, the media, and the left. Open societies only work with citizens loyal to their values.

Somebody needs to explain to Amal Clooney, that the fact that her Uncle has been the largest arms dealer to both Hamas and Hezbollah is what is known as a “conflict of interest”

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    • Hamas started the war on Israel, the Palastine citizens voted for Hamas so are complicit in the atrocities. Netanyahu is doing what he believes is right for Israel namely the elimination of Hamas and in war civilian casualties are inevitable, Hamas and Hezbollah continue to rain rockets on Israel and have not released hostages, probably because most are dead. I have symapthy for any inncocent Palastinians and perhaps when peace returns they will consider how Hamas improved thier lives and shun them forever. I note that Israel allows ARabs in Israel to work and pray as they wish but Muslim cuntries do not, so Muslimes should understand if you make rules don’t be surprised when the other side plays by them.



      • unthinker says

        Palastine citizens voted for Hamas so are complicit in the atrocities.
        Well the last election in Gaza was 2006

        About 40% of Gaza’s population is 14 years old or younger and the territory’s median age was just 18 in 2020,

        over half the people not only Not voted for Hamas they have not voted at all

        dont spread ADL horseshit
        I dont care for their or your propaganda



        • “About 40% of Gaza’s population is 14 years old or younger and the territory’s median age was just 18 in 2020,”

          That’s the worst example of “genocide” that I have ever seen!



  1. So UNRWA do not want the civilians to move, after Israel gives the civilians advance warnings about where the conflict is moving to.
    Yet at the same time accuses Israel of genocide.

    …… Rather than helping Gaza’s civilians find safety elsewhere, UNRWA is deliberately keeping them in an active warzone.

    As scandalous and dangerous as UNRWA’s actions are, it comes as no surprise to observers who are familiar with the agency and its dalliance with Palestinian terrorism. ….

    So it seems a spin doctoring unchallenged interview, where this article exposes the lies & spin.



  2. …For similar reasons, the United States will provide no support in recognition to the International Criminal Court. As far as America is concerned, the ICC has no jurisdiction, no legitimacy, and no authority….

    So this all gets interesting.
    The biggest criminal State in the world is the US
    -It invades other countries at will and stays there
    -It has armed soldiers occupying over 40% of the countries in the world; some now for near on a century of time
    -It places nuclear weapons in outer countries, under duress; putting the citizens there at greater risk than otherwise
    -It has interfered in, either militarily or via vote rigging, virtually every country in South America, Central America and the Caribbean
    -It will impose sanctions on counties it does not like and bully others into the Sanctions as well
    -When another country does something the USA does not like they will freeze the assets for an indeterminate period; for the US held assets and any other country (always voluntarily England second in) the US can bully into the Freeze as well

    US should be held for war crimes in more than 50 countries in the last 50 years.
    But it does not Recognise the ICC

    Victoria Nuland (Nudelman, the Ukrainian origin jew, not a semite) should be the first up
    Have a closed trial , convict automatically, and hang her at 2 in the morning
    Just like they did Saddam Hussein,
    AFTER USA illegally and brutally invaded his country; wrecked the life supporting infrastructure of the people dwelling in the cradle of civilisation.
    The USA could never, ever be mistaken for the cradle of civilisation.
    I guess Saddam was not perfect, Brandon is a far better example of a perfect leader 💩💩

    USA re ICC :- They do not recernise the premise of da question !!!
    So they have No Right to participate in the discussion



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