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More Proof Of Pfizers Deceit




Whistleblower Exposes Internal Email Suggesting Pfizer Offered “Separate and Distinct” COVID-19 Vaccines to Employees

A whistleblower from Pfizer has leaked an internal email indicating that the pharmaceutical giant offered a “separate and distinct” COVID-19 vaccine to employees at its Pearl River research site in Rockland County, New York, InfoWars reported.

The email, dated January 2021, reassures  Pfizer employees that the vaccine supply for this internal program would not affect the doses committed to national governments worldwide.

According to the leaked document, site-essential workers were identified to receive these exclusive vaccinations.

According to the whistleblower, there was a widespread belief among employees that they were receiving vaccines that were different from those distributed to the public.

“I know we employees at Pfizer were receiving different vaccines and/or placebos, and this was the word around my site when I worked there,” the whistleblower told Infowars.

The email read:

I am pleased to inform you that we will begin offering COVID-19 vaccinations to eligible on-site essential colleagues and contractors over the next several weeks. As you are aware, Site-essential colleagues are the colleagues and contractors based at PGS [Pfizer Global Supply] and WRDM/GPD [Worldwide Research, Development, and Medical / Global Product Development] sites whose presence is required at a Pfizer location to ensure supply of our medicines and vaccines, critical research and development programs continue, and to maintain and keep secure our labs and buildings as defined by site management.

Once the specific dates for our site have been identified, we will share a more detailed plan and each eligible on-site essential colleague will receive an e-mail from Colleague Wellness (formerly known as Occupational Health & Wellness) with instructions for registering for an on-site appointment to receive your vaccination.

Eligible on-site essential contractors will be notified, either by e-mail or by their Pfizer sponsor, and will receive instructions for registering for an on-site appointment as well.

The vaccine doses to be used for this program are separate and distinct from those committed by Pfizer to governments around the world and will not impact supply to national governments in any way.

The Newbridge plant in County Kildare, Ireland, also participated in this initiative, with several hundred employees receiving the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

“The jabs, which are being given to “site-essential” staff, will not affect the supply being rolled out by the HSE as part of its vaccination programme. Around 15,000 staff and contractors at Pfizer plants across the EU will receive the vaccine,” Kildare Live reported in 2021.

Pfizer issued a statement to the news outlet stating:

“Site-essential employees are those based at our manufacturing and R&D sites whose presence is required at a Pfizer location to ensure supply of our medicines and vaccines, the continuation of critical research and development programs, and to maintain and keep secure our labs and buildings.

“Vaccination of site-essential employees started this week at our manufacturing sites in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Puurs, Belgium. We will expand to other Pfizer sites on a rolling basis.  There are approximately 15,000 employees and contractors across Pfizer sites in the EU who are considered site-essential.

“The vaccine doses to be used for this program are separate and distinct from those committed by Pfizer to governments around the world and will not impact supply to national governments in any way.”

The Gateway Pundit reported last year that during a Senate hearing in Australia, a Pfizer spokesperson revealed that the pharmaceutical giant had imported a special batch of COVID-19 vaccines solely for their employee vaccination program.

The admission came during a rigorous questioning session on Wednesday, in which Pfizer Australia’s Country Medical Director, Dr. Krishan Thiru, and Head of Regulatory Sciences, Dr. Brian Hewitt, spoke before the Australian Senate’s ‘Education and Employment Legislation Committee’ about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts led the interrogation with forceful inquiries regarding Pfizer’s potential involvement in the introduction of vaccine mandates for employment in Australia.

Senator Roberts, in his questioning, alleged a significant transfer of wealth from the Australian people to Big Pharma via the government’s Covid-19 mismanagement.

Roberts also asked about Pfizer’s own employee vaccination program, which Dr. Thiru confirmed was active and acknowledged that a small number of colleagues departed the company in light of this program.

Roberts then questioned Pfizer’s use of a specific batch of vaccine for their employees that was not tested by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), to which Dr. Hewitt CLAIMED that this was done to ensure that no vaccine would be taken from government stocks.

“Pfizer undertook to import a batch of vaccine specifically for the employee vaccination programme, and that was so that no vaccine would be taken from government stocks that was being delivered to clinics as needed,” Hewitt said.


BOMBSHELL: Pfizer employees were given a *special batch*… different from what was forced into the general population pic.twitter.com/CDww6wxFif

What are the odds on this being the same jab our useless politicians, and thousands of public servants also got??

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    • No feckinn trial

      They did not do an authentic trial on the product (??? voodoo juice) so no authentic trial for them.

      At best, have a jury selected from vaXXXine injured ☹
      (but NOT Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo )



  1. ……”What are the odds on this being the same jab our useless politicians, and thousands of public servants also got??”…….

    About the same being offered as if the sun will rise tomorrow morning. When the great unwashed realise what was done to them the recipients of the sterile water vaccines will be on the endangered species list.



    • Absolutely right nasska. Remember when the jab first came out in NZ, the politicians and Parliament workers were going to be exempt from having to take the jab. That fact came out in the media and it just disappeared after about a day. They had obviously very quickly come up with a plan B. Plan C was to exempt 11,000 of the lanyard crowd.
      Despicable b….ds !!!!



    • …When the great unwashed realise what was done to them …

      The great unwashed get exploited all the time
      and do nothing about it

      They are supine and wait for the MSM media to tell them what to do and what to think
      Just because you are in the 15% that question– means you do not think like the majority .

      The people were led into the political cockup that was WW1
      Then not much later led into a terrible depression while the US industrialists and business leaders (not political leaders ) looked to Germany and asked ‘how after all Germany have been through have they got running so well by 1935 and US with a strong industrial base and zero war damage is in the schitt ?
      So to distract from that, more war and wrecking peoples lives
      and so on Vietnam, Gulf, Oil Shocks !! plandemic, migrant overrun, globby warming
      scam after scam
      all maliciously planned

      The sheeple don’t question
      otherwise there would be rebellion



  2. This African Doctor makes a good number of points on what has been going on in Africa, via the WHO & supposed medicines to bring about further global controls.
    …. For one, only the manufacturers knew what exactly was in the vaccines, and only the laboratories involved in creating them were permitted to test and examine these vaccines. …….
    ……….. The shot was also pushed along with the assertion that natural immunity is not protective — and yet, the very vaccine was based on the body’s ability to “mount an immune response to the pathogen!” ……..
    ………. “This was known during the time of registration of the vaccines, but was not known by doctors,” Dr. Ngare said. …….
    ….. According to Dr. Ngare, during the campaign to eradicate tetanus in Africa, females from age 14 to 49 were vaccinated every six months for tetanus, with shots that were in fact contraceptives, unbeknown to the women.
    This shot was intentionally designed and developed by the U.N, W.H.O., and World Bank to reduce fertility, he added. ………
    ……… The WHO is seeking to increase its powers so that the Director General can unilaterally declare that there is a pandemic, whether real or imagined,” Dr. Ngare said.
    “The minute he pronounces that, the new regulations would allow him to take charge of pandemic management in every country that is a signatory to WHO.” ………
    …… “African countries should take a step and say, it is criminal for anybody to train viruses and bacteria to attack human beings as a way of creating a vaccine just in case that virus escapes,” he said.
    “That is witchcraft. It is not medicine.” ….

    Some might say it takes one to know one, like knowing how damaging Tedros of WHO is and also by his observations of the elite’s seeking more controlling unaccountable ‘voodoo’ powers.



    • I’m getting tired of your logic S1
      You are getting a bit judgy with all these facts
      Facts don’t madder
      feelings DO !!

      I’ll bet you are one of these judgy people that think there are only 2 genders.
      How can you be so cruel ?

      Saint Sparkles Markles is in Africa right now with her ginger prince and will fix these concerns with meditation, $4000 dresses, nice chocolate and back rubs.
      She is a Strong African Wominz; More African than most Maori are actually Maori !



      • 🙂
        No logic will be dispensed. 🙂
        Only Sparkles hair product will be dispensed at the end of :—

        For further feelings:—
        Bible Gateway Matthew 7 :: NIV.
        “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
        “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?

        So witchcraft, voodoo, tohungas, WHO, Bill Gates, etc., will rule again, with no judgements or findings to be against them ! 🙂
        – – – – – – – – – – – – — —- – – – – – – – –
        Is Markle listening to the ancient one of ancestry stories, to hear the sparklies words, “Kunte Kinteh”,
        The answer to her “roots” issue was already in some hair dye.



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