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More Shitty Decisions From Cindy’s Useless Team




Fair and Reasonable
I emailed you Monday, just after we received the Select Committee Report on the Arms Legislation Bill, with our first impressions.

Since then, our lawyers have now been through the detail of the proposed changes. You can read their report here: Arms Legislation Bill – Analysis of the Select Committee Report

There are many areas where the Select Committee’s report suggest they think they have fixed issues, but based on the actual changes to the Bill, we don’t think they have. Our lawyers say that there are changes that do not do what the Select Committee’s report says they do. Some of those are highlighted in the legal analysis.

What about SOP 408 and the definition of ‘parts’?

We’ve had lots of enquiries about where the Select Committee got to with the SOP 408 (which was separately consulted on) and how the Bill now defines “parts”.

The way the Select Committee has gone about changing the wording of the Bill in these areas is particularly hard to follow. There are new provisions which are, frankly, puzzling. Our lawyers think the Committee have mucked up some of them, but need another few days to track through all of the changes. We’ll send you the legal advice once we have it.

Select Committee Approve baning pump action firearms and don’t prevent the Government from banning more

In the report, the Select Committee gives approval for banning pump action firearms (regardless of whether it’s a rifle or shotgun) and the ability of the Police/Minister to introduce more bans. This is, of course, something we will strongly oppose.

This is part of the SOP 408 changes (hence why not in the analysis linked above). The original SOP 408 gave the Minister regulation-making power to ban pump action firearms.

It is just one example of how the Select Committee has stuffed up: the Committee has said that banning pump actions should not be done by regulation so instead have made it part of the Bill (‘because it is more transparent’).

So while we are totally against the banning, it supports our argument that if new firearms are to be prohibited, they must go through Parliament and not be done via Ministerial regulation (as the original Bill proposed).

But the Committee hasn’t taken away the regulation-making power for the future. It is a classic case of the Select Committee arguing they have fixed something but really they haven’t.

Other concerns:

Copied at the end of this email is our media release from earlier in the week summarising our concerns. The team also made a short video where I discuss the key changes and what you need to know:

Nicole on YouTube re Select Committee report
Click here to watch on YouTube

So where to from here?

Despite New Zealand First backing Labour at the Select Committee — we still think NZ First MPs are the most likely way to prevent the dangers a register would pose, and defeat the Bill.

So we are far from giving in, and must now focus our lobbying efforts onto Winston Peters and his eight Parliamentary colleagues – to convince them that this is a vote changing issue for the Party’s support base.

If you know a NZ First MP, or one lives in your local area, we’re going to need you to call, email, or go and see them if we are going to win this. Their contact details are here.

We’re working through the weekend and plan to get more information to you in the next week.

Thank you for your support.

Nicole McKee
Fair and Reasonable Campaign


  1. Kiwis are a broken and gutless people. They simply don’t care about gun rights.

    This is – exactly – what Brenton Tarrant said would happen. It is why he did it. He wanted gun confiscation and attacks on the right. To force people out of their apathy.

    Ardern is following his manifesto to the letter.



    • Someone in the comments on that video has said pretty much the same thing:

      Comment Reader
      5 hours ago

      Read Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto, “The Great Replacement,” – but not in New Zealand where it was immediately banned by the government – to see his thorough explanation of why he did what he did and what he hoped to achieve and as you read it marvel at the way the Ardern Government almost seems to be using his manifesto as an instruction manual for how to screw over law abiding firearms owners. Then look at proposed gun law changes in Canada and even in the USA and see if you can work out a pattern here.



    • NZ First should never have voted for the first tranche of Arms Act amendments. After listening to some nonsense and aggravation all comments from their leader, I am not confident they will come through next time around either.

      They are goners if they do side with their coalition partners in this disgraceful abuse of our democracy. The select Committee report shows the sham. We have been badly let down by political parties claiming to represent us at this point.



      • I cannot understand why the nats bothered to vote for this as well. They lost my and a lot of others votes when they sided with the govt to pass this.It was so unnecessary for them to do this as the COl had the numbers without the nats votes. Just trying to be woke when it wasn’t needed.



  2. Well Comrade Cindy started it all by personal changing the rules over gun ownership and then her policemen did a shoddy job of issuing a firearms license to Brentan Tarrent someone should have been prosecuted for it. The police should not be issuing gun licenses!



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