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Laughable ‘Climate Clock’ Tells Us How Long We Have Left to Save the Earth

Seven years and 102 days. That’s exactly how long we have. Not approximately. Not a rough guess. Not even wishful thinking. The clock purports to tell us the number of years, days, hours, and seconds we have left before the Sword of Damocles descends on Mother Earth and snuffs out the human race in a puff of smoke.

What passes for thinking among climate hysterics goes something like this: We only have seven years and change to take action to avoid catastrophic climate change. The clock is based on an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report telling us we have to keep our CO2 footprint under a certain level or we’re all doomed.

I’m sure the scientists making that prediction can trot out their calculations and graphs, and present learned papers on how they arrived at their conclusions.

I’m also sure they’re full of it.

If the earth’s atmosphere was a chart or a graph, they’d have it down cold. Unfortunately for their “predictions,” the atmosphere is slightly more dynamic than a piece of paper. It’s a living, breathing, churning, roiling thing affected by thousands of factors that no supercomputer or scientific genius could possibly account for.

To have the unmitigated arrogance to pretend to know how long we have left — or that such a thing can even be measured — is breathtaking.

Other interim predictions on warming have been nowhere near accurate, although they are accurate enough for models. Unfortunately, the world economy is not a model. And to propose siphoning $30 trillion in the next 20 years out of the economies of the West to deal with the problem of climate change doesn’t track. There must be some other reason to impoverish Western industrialized democracies. Could it be — dare I say — political?

Politicizing science is not new, and despite what they want you to think, scientists are not above serving a political agenda. But the absurdity of “predicting” anything so complex, so fraught with uncertainty and based almost exclusively on predictive modeling, makes their playing at politics dangerous to life and liberty.

What’s more, this isn’t the only Climate Clock that could be built.

Different time frame, different solution. There are probably a half-dozen other predictions with different time frames. Why this clock? Why not install clocks up and down that building so everyone can pick the day they want to die?

It’s fun to be able to look up at a clock and count down to your own doom.

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  1. What, scaring and terrifying the entire planet with covid 19 hasn’t worked then ? and whatever happened to the atomic war clock that was used to terrify us for 30 years ?
    If my memory is correct at one stage it was down to one second before armegedon,one second FFS,maybe we could buy that timepiece and set it up in parliaments forecourt ,the single second would remind us of the recorded time between Arderns LIES AND FAILURES.



  2. Harold Camping approves of this clock; as it coincides with the return of Jesus according to his meticulous calculations from the Bible.

    It also coincides with the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan calendar and the return of Nabiru.

    I’m sure there is a Muslim leader around that also predicts this exact time (unverified but likely).

    After careful calculations from the works of Snorri Sturluson, it also appears Ragnarök will finally happen.

    So it looks like Doomsday has finally been calculated correctly.



    • Oh I am looking forward to that Jesus returning, I want a word or two with Jesus, there are quite a few things actually a hell of a lot that he should have sorted out, both personally and globally. Hope I am still alive for it.



      • I suspect Jesus will be too busy fighting Mohammad and the Jörmungandr simultaneously whilst trying not to be cooked alive by the runaway green house gases that will be attempting to fry the planet (and kill all polar bears) and having to knock Nabiru out of Earth’s orbit. As well as devising a new calendar for the Mayans.



  3. Just realised my regular new Tony Heller videos have stopped in the last few days from being notified to me. Searching u tube for him I see all the first pages of entries are decrying him and none of his actual videos are actually showing. I guess I have to only listen to what the establishment deem satisfactory for me to watch.



  4. The mountain tops of the country will be crowded as the Godaddled & the climate loons jostle for position to witness the end of the world.

    I’m planning on a lie in then I might take the boat out to see if the fish are biting in the afternoon. 🙂



  5. The clock is to fit in with the propaganda taught to your kids, grandchildren, in kindygarten, primary, secondary schools, universities, that aligns with all local government and government.
    The march is relentless, not just in the media that we may notice.
    They are corralling they younger generation in Aussie,
    NZ will most likely have its own version, or some of the Aussie tools are adjusted into NZ schools.

    Kids in class are being drenched with Damon Gameau’s saccharine documentary 2040 about purported solutions to a purported climate crisis.
    The film doesn’t actually tell kids, “Vote Green”, but it calls for strong new political leadership.
    “Wouldn’t it be terrific if new leaders emerge who could navigate us to a better 2040,” Gameau hints.

    Pushing the film into classrooms is Cool Australia, which has provided teachers with at least 32 ready-to-use lessons based on the documentary. The film is backed and part-funded by bedfellows, the Australian and Victorian governments.

    Gameau reveals his inner Zeitgeist in interviews, which include an urge to re-shape our democratic ways.
    He imagines a “shift from a society built upon industry to a life-sustaining civilisation” which he called “The Great Turning”. ……

    ……. As a documentary, his 2040 would normally be laughed away, but played in class to susceptible kids from about age 6 upwards, it’s pernicious. ….

    …. Our kids are lining up as Greens cadets, demanding “zero carbon” and the up-ending of two centuries of capitalist progress. ….. [Supported by the teachers, bureaucracy etc.] …..
    …. 70 to 80 per cent of kids adopt its positions, change their behaviour towards social and environmental issues, and are ready “to take action”. ……


    Well worth the read, as it shows how the greens and the 20/20 agenda are doing every trick in the book, to take a religious possession of the younger generation.



  6. https://www.theunshackled.net/rundown/hillary-clinton-scores-5-5-million-of-new-zealand-taxpayers-money/
    So what was it she paid for? The Ch-Ch manicure or the CCP virus infection?
    This government is All In on the Great Reset, to retain our sovereignty we must get rid of all of them and their un-elected enablers in Wellywood



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