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“Mount Takahe is a 3,460-metre-high (11,350 ft) snow-covered shield volcano in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica, 200 kilometres (120 mi) from the Amundsen Sea. It is a c. 30-kilometre-wide (19 mi) mountain with parasitic vents and a caldera up to 8 kilometres (5 mi) wide. Most of the volcano is formed by trachytic lava flows, but hyaloclastite is also found. Snow, ice, and glaciers cover most of Mount Takahe. With a volume of 780 km3  (200 cu mi), it is a massive volcano; the parts of the edifice that are buried underneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet are probably even larger. It is part of the West Antarctic Rift System along with eighteen other known volcanoes.”

I know we like to take the piss out of Maori and their claimed explorations. Some have even suggested they got to Antarctica first, and are ready to make a Te Tweety claim. Imagine my surprise when I read about the Mountain with the Maori name.

It appears we were wrong in disparaging these intrepid explorers, and for that, I humbly apologise to them on your behalf.


  1. Mr Ed, Sir.

    It’s NOT April 1st, so I would suggest that you are slightly-premature in your post (Either that, or very late; check your calendar).

    And IF (And only ‘If’), the name is correct, (and because Porphyrio Hochstetteri is ‘their’ bird), do you know when Ngai tahu will be lodging a ‘claim for compensation’ with both the treaty panel and the UN?

    One needs to know such things.

    Thank you.



  2. No doubt the Canoe Paddlers from Hawaiki had Det Norske Veritas Ice Class canoes with Classification Ratings of ICE-15 at least to get through the pack ice to the Antartic and to traverse the Amundsen Sea.

    And with a leisurely drive in their Massey Fergusons (which that bastard Eddy Hillary culturally appropriated many years later for his drive to the Pole) and all before they put on their C3 Type Crampons to tackle the Takahe to the base of the mountain.



  3. Apparently the intended colloniallists of that land in their whakas were so fucking cold when they arrived that they hastily misnamed Mt Taranaki and got the fuck outta there , a treaty claim is imminent and Willie Blackson will be submitting it to her majesty Jacinda, NZs newly crowned Queen.



  4. Many a true word is spoken in jest.
    Ok so I will explain.
    Back 800 AD or thereabouts Greenland was a land covered in greenery,
    When the Vikings ventured forth they established a colony there and grew such things as grapes and made mead wine etc.
    It is conceivable that the Antarctica could have been the same although I have never heard that said nor any evidence for it as there has been in Greenland.
    Its could have been.
    Never say never and I can think of no better exercise for Willie and Mahuta potomus than to purse the UN so long as they use their own money..
    It would be hilarious especially as the Muslims essentially control the UN these days.



    • It is conceivable that the Antarctica could have been the same…

      Historical fossil research shows that it was indeed warm in Antarctica 80 million years ago, not 800 years ago. As snap frozen mammoths retrieved show, that at one time it was warm in the Arctic circle as well.

      It takes more than a few hundred years for ground/air temperatures to drop from +20°C to -80°C. It is all to do with the angle of inclination of the earth to the sun, which is why magnetic north moves, albeit very slowly. This is called Polar shift which happens over the span of 200,000 to 300,000 years.

      But Maori had no written language and could not write, so no records or maps exist of them sailing in -80°C conditions. Perhaps they are confusing a cold place, Antarctica, with another cold place, the Alaskan coast that their forebears, sailed to and from. On the Alaskan Cost you will find familiar artifacts, and indeed a Tiki carved into the rock.

      Their forebears, you know the ones that traveled from China, Peru, Taiwan, Celts, and that traveled between Hawaii, Alaska and Easter Island, and that lived here in what we now call New Zealand for several thousand years.

      We could trying talking to the descendants of those tribes, but alas the blood thirsty cannibalistic Tahitians came here in the late 1200’s and slaughtered most of them, and became the dominant race, and what we are told are the “indigenous” Maori.

      Remnants of their forebears exist in the Waitaha, arrival 2000 years ago; the Nga Puhi, which according to Maori oral history groups are a branch of the Waitaha; and Moriori DNA diluted in the blood of South Island Mainland Maori; “Maori” cave paintings that are 3000 years old, and the list goes on. Including the original red head Maoris (alive), the blonde Maoris (alive), the 7 foot Maoris (massacred), and the 3-4 foot Maoris (massacred) whose lineage is not from Maori and which predate Maori that arrived in the late 1200’s.

      And that does not include unknown races that were here 5,000+ years ago hunting, cooking and eating Moas. Or the ancient race that lived in what we now called Auckland, with an adze, a cut tree stump, and cuttings 25 feet below the surface in Coberg St, not far from Wellesley street, in the 1800s. It was found by council workman, below the level of the last volcanic eruption, which was at least 30,000 years ago.

      “Where there is a will, there is a relative.”
      “Obscure the past, steal the present, and control the future.”



      • Around twenty years ago there was considerable interest in an embargo on information resulting from archaeological research done in the Waipoua Forest. No greater know-all & fount of truth than Scott Hamilton who received a PHD in Sociology out of his Weetbix box informed me on numerous occasions that nothing was hidden & no suggestion of NZ’s occupation prior to 1200AD exists.

        I didn’t believe him.

        Do you have any inside knowledge of what was covered up?



  5. Guys, guys, guys, they are responsible for the pyramids, in Egypt and Central America, they probably arrived from some other planet orbiting a distant star, set up the Moon Bases on the far side of the Moon, and lived in Atlantis until they fucked that up and it sank. I believe some of the recent discoveries of James Webb have been embargoed as they show that the Maori predate the Big Bang…..



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