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  • Christopher Walken stars in “Percy” – a film about farmer who took Monsanto to Supreme Court

Christopher Walken and Christina Ricci will be starring in a new film that tells the true story of Percy Schmeiser, an independent canola farmer from Canada who fought Monsanto in court for many years, and became a symbol of defiance against the notorious bio-agriculture company.

The film is called Percy, and it details the story of how Schmeiser relentlessly fought back against the company’s seed patents, which they used to file massive lawsuits against countless farmers all over the world.

Schmeiser’s fight with Monsanto began just after the company’s patented seeds were approved for use in Canada in 1996. Monsanto’s seeds were unique because they were genetically engineered to withstand the company’s powerful chemical herbicide called “Roundup.”

In recent years, it has been revealed that Glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Roundup, causes cancer, but this was not known to the public until long after Schmeiser’s battle with the company.

The seeds designed to withstand this chemical were known as “Roundup Ready” seeds, and because they were patented, Monsanto was able to dictate how these seeds were used by farmers.

For example, farmers were required to buy new batches of seeds each year, and were forbidden from saving seeds from previous years and reusing them.

Like most farmers, Percy collected seeds for future use, and while he never entered a contract with Monsanto to purchase their seeds, some of them ended up on his property somehow anyway. He collected the seeds when he found them, and later planted them on his farm, just as he had many times before.

As soon as Monsanto’s seeds reached the market, the company sent out workers to take samples from farms all over the country to determine if there was any unauthorized use of their seeds.

After taking samples from Schmeiser’s farm, they found that he was using patented seeds from the year before and had never purchased any from the company.

In 1998, Monsanto sued Schmeiser for patent infringement. The company won the initial trial and multiple following appeals, so Schmeiser ended up taking his case to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme court also ruled in favor of Monsanto, to uphold the precedent that the company could sue farmers over the unauthorized use of their patented seeds.

However, due to the fact that Schmeiser never technically entered a contract with Monsanto, he never actually agreed to the company’s terms of service, which meant that he was not liable for breaking the terms.

The technicality allowed Schmeiser to avoid paying Monsanto any money, while still allowing the company to conduct business as usual with enforcing their seed patents.

In 2010 Percy told Democracy Now! that Monsanto attempted to ruin his life for fighting the case.

“They tried to seize all our farmland, our farm equipment, so they could stop us, because we were using mortgages on our farmland to pay for our legal bills,” he said.

In a statement announcing the trailer for the film, Mongrel Media, said that this film is intended to raise awareness about GMO seed patents and their impact on the farming industry.

Ultimately, through his David and Goliath battle, Percy helped stall the spread of GMOs, and the takeover of our food system by greed-driven corporate interests,” the statement read.


  1. This is fairly normal behaviour by a USA company.
    However it is no longer a USA company.
    In 2018 it was purchased by Bayer of Germany..
    For the life of me I dont know why Bayer purchased it as the legal liability is huge.

    The US is good at this.
    They push and push until nothing is left.
    They dumped Monsanto at the 11th hour.

    It is not in recent years that Glyphosate is known to cause cancer.
    It is in recent years it has been proven; to a legal standard.
    It has been known about for decades, just not proven in a court of law- the standard by which to measure.

    This is similar to people knowing in the 1960s that smoking tobacco cigarettes can cause cancer.
    It took decades of battles to get near proof.
    On films worth seeing, try ‘Thank you for Smoking’ 2005, Aaron Eckhart
    A satirical look at the tobacco industry and their methods.

    The Yanks love to stick it to the Germans and bring them down a peg.
    They sued Volkswagen of the diesel deceit – in the process.
    The diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel. He died in mysterious circumstances.

    The yankees went after Deutsche Bank for 14 Billion over the 2007/08 mortgage fraud – despite bailing out the crooked US Finance ops who did the same.
    They made sure they could grab as many rocket scientists as they could in the mid 1940s.

    Every time the Europeans rule against the corrupt Microsoft, the US Govt weaponises the SEC or one of their deep swamp wanker outfits to pursue a German company.
    This is the way they roll.
    Oh yes, the wankel engine was invented by a German, Felix Wankel.

    Funny how the Hollyweird swamp never made this movie in the 20 years that Monsanto was a US owned company.
    The USA is 100 protectionist – as much a China is.
    You just wont hear about it on TV1 at 6pm.
    Mind you you probably wont hear any facts there, anyway !!



        • Well it probably does although you forgot to add that Coke itself was an additive in the early coca cola.
          Way back when I was a young fella the guys used to drink gallons of the stuff when they worked in places like bakeries and foundries. Absolute gut rot.
          Now like all those types of drinks its mixed with the alco pops and your KFC or other food and we wonder why we have all these obese people.



  2. HRT given to menopualsal women is another subject that should be sued. Mare’s piss. Was refined by teh old man Bertarellie and sold to the medical profession as the cureall for ladies issues. Never underwnet any clinical trials and remanied that way until just 3-4 or 4 years ago when the AUSTRALIANS BEGAN A TRAIL AND INVESTIGATION OF IT.
    Within about 3 months it was removed from the market place. Vile drug that caused millions of women to die fron cervical cancer and other nasties.
    The two subjects are very closely linked. The wildlife in the evrglades sufferred many deformities to their reproductive systems from the use of glyphosphate. Good book about all this called, “what the DR. doesn’t tell you about Menopause” by a Dr Lee. every lady should read this book.
    again was attacked by the big American companies.



    • Its not the roundup that causes problems its the things added to it in certain jobs . The (been there) dye that grounds keepers use in knapsacks can be a particularly nasty chemical and the wetting/sticking agents that are used to hold roundup onto plants when spraying around drains and in wet conditions have also had health issues attached to them.



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