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mRNA Vaccine May Cause “Tragic And Even Catastrophic” Side Effects




Bombshell Study Finds mRNA Vaccine May Cause “Tragic And Even Catastrophic” Side Effects

by Jamie White

A peer-reviewed U.S. study found that the experimental COVID vaccine being rolled out across the world poses multiple serious adverse side effect risks.

The May 2021 study, called “Worse than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19” published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research, was conducted by senior scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and Naturopathic oncology specialist Dr. Greg Nigh.

The study thoroughly analyzes the possible pathways in which the experimental mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna could be causing serious adverse effects in vaccinated individuals.

“Both are delivered through muscle injection, and both require deep-freeze storage to keep the RNA from breaking down,” Seneff and Nigh stated.

“This is because, unlike double-stranded DNA which is very stable, single-strand RNA products are apt to be damaged or rendered powerless at warm temperatures and must be kept extremely cold to retain their potential efficacy.”

“This form of mRNA delivered in the vaccine is never seen in nature, and therefore has the potential for unknown consequences…manipulation of the code of life could lead to completely unanticipated negative effects, potentially long term or even permanent.”

The study explained how one notable vaccine side effect called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) is brought on by the spike proteins produced in the human body via the mRNA injection.

“The mRNA vaccines ultimately deliver the highly antigenic spike protein to antigen-presenting cells. As such, monoclonal antibodies against the spike protein are the expected outcome of the currently deployed mRNA vaccines,” Seneff and Nigh wrote.

“Human spike protein monoclonal antibodies were found to produce high levels of cross-reactive antibodies against endogenous human proteins. Given evidence only partially reviewed here, there is sufficient reason to suspect that antibodies to the spike protein will contribute to ADE provoked by prior SARS-CoV-2 infection or vaccination, which may manifest as either acute or chronic autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.”

The study also produced evidence of vaccine shedding, prion and neurodegenerative diseases, and coronavirus variants brought on by vaccinating a minority of the public.

The study concluded by suggesting that public health institutions employ a more cautious approach to rolling out new experimental technologies to the public rather than rush to get everybody jabbed when long-term data has not yet been collected.

“Public policy around mass vaccination has generally proceeded on the assumption that the risk/benefit ratio for the novel mRNA vaccines is a ‘slam dunk.’ With the massive vaccination campaign well underway in response to the declared international emergency of COVID-19, we have rushed into vaccine experiments on a worldwide scale,” Seneff and Nigh wrote.

“At the very least, we should take advantage of the data that are available from these experiments to learn more about this new and previously untested technology. And, in the future, we urge governments to proceed with more caution in the face of new biotechnologies.”

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    • An interesting possible unanticipated future situation if there is widespread deaths from the vaccine that there will many people with symptoms of a terminal illness who may who may wish to discuss the results with those they perceive are responsible so Gates may become very nervous of personal interaction especially with those who he needs to maintain his lifestyle.



  1. The “International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research” was founded in 2021 and has precisely 3 papers to their name. And the one cited above was written and reviewed by:

    Stephanie Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at MIT Computer Science (with a PHD in Computer Science) andGreg Nigh, a Naturopathic Oncologist.

    You know, the type of person who uses mistletoe and botanicals in cancer treatments. It’s right up there with Maori Science and being the first to travel to Antarctica.

    The paper is reasonably well written and quotes quite liberally from attributed sources. It does use some flowery language in places, particularly where the authors want to make a point – for example: “Ominous” is a word used relatively frequently. That’s not exactly the type of language I’d expect in a scientific paper.

    On the plus side, they seem to acknowledge that Covid-19 is actually a thing rather than just a “flu”. I’m cautious though about putting more weight on the analysis of a computer scientist and a naturopathic oncologist of the behavior of a vaccine and a virus. It seems very far out of their field of study when there are quite a number of peer reviewed studies from people in that field that show the opposite. You can find them online should you wish to read them.



    • I tend to agree with you Pascal, that snake-oil salesmen are hanging o shingle out on these problems.

      Like you I have had my doubts on some, but many are picking up on those other sources, that have doubts, and using them, that then give them an air of some credibility.
      But still they are “grifters”

      Maybe in other ways they are at the forefront in getting things past the censors, channeling in other ways. 🙂

      Then one does wonder just what the so called experts, that the media run with, are channeling in their agendas.
      No glory in what some of the governments so called science of evidence either.



    • Irrespective of any research on Covid-19, one thing is very certain. Anything treatment or solution that even has a tiny tiny, chance of impacting DNA, should be given a wide berth.

      As I understand it, standard (dead material) vaccines require a minimum of 5 years and in many cases 10-15 years of rigorous testing. And if deaths from the vaccine exceed 50, the vaccine is taken off the market. If you get a dead material vaccine wrong, the worst case scenario is the vaccinated person dies.

      There in recent years there have been new trends in vaccine technology.
      [1] “Live material” vaccines. I don’t have links immediately available because it is over a year ago I read it, but some of the vaccine fails in recent times, were caused by live vaccines.

      [2] The study and research into bacteriophages has been going on for nearly 100 years. Bacteriophages are very similar to viruses in a number of ways. Bacteriophages are designed to protect mammals from bacteria that would otherwise invade, multiply and kill the host.


      Bacteriophage research started decades ago, and was borne out the need to find a replacement for anti-biotics as the more we take anti-biotics, the less the effect they have on the human body. At times, virus and bacteriophage research cross over and at times there is very little difference as scientists try to mimic how bacteriophages work.

      [3] As with bodies becoming anti-biotic resistant, so to have human bodies become “vaccine resistant”. Part of this resistance is caused by existing anti-bodies identifying the new vaccine or a part a vaccine, as an existing threat in its threat “database”. It therefore blocks the vaccine. This is a very similar process to “false positives” in a computer anti-virus program.

      Vaccine scientists, rightly or wrongly, have started to add to vaccines, functions that kill or disable existing anti-bodies that would otherwise block the new vaccine. To do this, they had to take vaccines to a whole new level – with some kind of “active” component in the vaccines. These vaccines are no longer “dead material”vaccines, but something that launches an attack on specific anti-bodies to kill them so that the body can develop anti-bodies to new vaccine.

      [4] They went one step further with Covid-19. Now we have a vaccine that attempts to alter DNA with coded messages that instruct the body to create or replicate a facsimile of the Covid-19 virus in your body.

      [5] If a “dead material” vaccine takes 5 – 15 years to test, then 20-30 years would be a minimum for a “live material” vaccine. While a bad “dead material” vaccine will only kill its host, a “live material” vaccine has the potential to infect others.

      [6] A vaccine that kills off existing anti-bodies has a potential to impact on a whole genetic “family and offspring” line. Remember that anti-bodies or entries in the body’s anti-bodes/threats “database” may have been in a family genetic line for hundreds if not thousands of years. It is pretty well know that genetic history is transferred firstly by birth and secondly by mother’s colostrum.

      [7] Vaccines that alter DNA have the potential to impact an entire race of people. And what makes it worse, is if the vaccine exhibits virus like qualities in that the coded instructions can be transmitted to others in the “flu” like symptoms caused as a side effect to the vaccine.

      50 years would probably be still too short a time to evaluate a DNA altering vaccine. And even then, decades long trials on mammals (animals) with relatively short life spans compared to human would be necessary to establish the effect on the gene pool and subsequent generations.

      But here we are, idiots in quest for that next billion dollars and recurring income, have opened Pandora’s box and unleashed in the world, a DNA altering vaccine, with no generation of tests, not 50 years, 20, 10 or not even 5 years of testing. All provoked by fear porn and massaged extreme Covid-19 deaths. Funny how there are so many Covid-19 “excess” deaths in the USA but the CDC’s own database no more excess deaths than in 2018.

      Pandora’s box.
      “A present which seems valuable but which in reality is a curse”




    • I don’t judge people on their qualifications. What they say and what logic they present, and the principles it is founded on is far more important. I have not read the link, and may not do, but the synopsis as presented by Jamie White above, is logical based on what I already understand, and it raises some interesting and valid points.



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