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mRNA vaxx now major killer in Australia




mRNA vaxx now major killer in Australia

In all the no-effective-dose population accounted for 15.8% of all Covid-19 deaths between 1st and 31st March; whilst the vaccinated population accounted for 84.2%, meaning over 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths in NSW, Australia are now among the vaccinated population.

There’s no wonder the Government of NSW wanted to make that statistic both hard and tedious to find.

Australians’ have had it hard when it comes to Draconian restrictions in response to this alleged virus. They’ve had to suffer long lockdowns, and have been unable to travel out of their local area. They’ve required permits to go to work, and had to suffer military checkpoints to leave their local area to get to their place of work.

All of this was done under the promise that a Covid-19 vaccine would solve a problem that never was. Deaths were already at zero when it was introduced to the population. But it looks like that unnecessary vaccine may have made matters much worse.

Who can deny that as fact with so many people in Australia succumbing to the pressure and coercion to get vaccinated, and the 7 day average number of Covid-19 deaths currently being 18 times higher than they were two years ago at the beginning of the pandemic?


  1. Everything the Aussies had to endure we here in NZ also had to endure , unfortunately for the mental health of 5 million NZrs we also had to endure daily doses of queen Ardern and the poor mentally ill minister of covid chippie Hipkins.
    If this virus actually turns out to be a disgusting con job on the peoples of the world will there be any repercussions for the filth that bought it down on us, ? NO.



    • If 70% of the population were vaxxed and 85% of the deaths were vaxxed, I would want to look more closely at the data.

      Given the original marketing sales hype prior that the vaccines, that they were 95% effective, anything more than 10% of deaths amongst the vaxxed would be cause for concern, that they lied about the effectiveness.

      Running the numbers:
      For the statement where 85% of the deaths are among the only 70% are vaccinated, it produces a curve.

      At one end of the curve, if we assume that the vaccinated have 95% protection from Covid, the unvaccinated must have a natural 98% protection.

      At 50% protection from Covid for the vaccinated, the unvaccinated must have a natural 80% protection.

      Or at bottom of the curve, if the vaccinated have 0% protection from Covid, the unvaccinated must have a natural 60% protection.

      Or put another way, as a simple number, if you don’t get vaccinated you have a chance of dying, If you get vaccinated you have a 242% greater chance of dying.

      Any analyst / Covid protection framework project manager should have been tracking this from the outset. In fact they should have requested said research stats from Pfizer before they even gave consent.

      Fire Chief: “As the head of the fire service, and facing ongoing fire outbreaks, what is your solution?”
      Pfizer: “It’s a fire retardant made from 98 Octane.”
      Fire Chief: “Has it been tested?.”
      Pfizer: “No, but it’s 95% effective, and we have emergency temporary approval.”
      Fire Chief: “Ok, go for it.”

      Fire Chief: “WTF? the fires where we used 98 Octane as a fire retardant have created 242% more deaths.”
      Pfizer: “Remember you signed a waiver giving us complete liability from prosecution.”
      Fire Chief: ” And complete destruction of the economy. It will take generations to rebuild.”
      Pfizer: “And we shouldn’t for get forget you guaranteeing 100% payment and a mortgage over your assets.”

      Pfizer: “Now we can fulfill our vision of (burn it down and) build back better. Can I interest you in a cheap 10% 100 year loan? Inflation is at 20% you know.”



  2. This cannot be true surely? We were told from the podium of truth from all persons who spoke from it and the papers and local doctors, nurses, the judiciary etc that its 100% safe and the best way of combating covid.// Surely they weren’t lying to us were they? ////// I hope they all enjoyed their Pfizer bonuses because it will be short lived good time for them if the conservatives get into power in most countries.



  3. A long well reasoned article.

    How Mis-Information and Missing Information Can Easily Distort Reality
    Guy Hatchard. April 22, 2022

    ✹ Is There a Myocarditis Time Bomb Affecting Athletes or Is It Dis-information? ….
    ….. The Washington Post, which had probably realised by February that it was quite possible that an unusual number of athletes were unexpectedly falling to the ground, decided to finish its article by asserting that the sporting collapses must be due to Covid, not Covid vaccination.
    Again no hard facts about actual athletes, just a polarised muck throwing event. ….

    ✹ Information Collection Is the Right Way Out of This Counterfactual Maze …
    New Zealand has refused to institute mandatory reporting of adverse events following mRNA vaccination and other countries are in the same boat. We don’t have a lot of data to go on because it is not being collected. Sporting bodies are not counting either, or perhaps they have lost count or looked the other way.

    ✹ Are the Vaccine-Hesitant in Dunedin Victims of Child Abuse? …
    …. article about the Dunedin survey only contained a single quantitative piece of information—13% of the respondents were vaccine-resistant.
    No other quantitative information was provided to support the extreme characterisation of the vaccine-hesitant in the article. …

    ….. vaccine-hesitant and resistant were being falsely characterised as ill-educated social deviants. This sounds like victim-blaming.
    So much for the academic rigour and capacity to explain science that The Conversation proudly aspires to. ….

    ✹ Unpicking the Messaging Is Really Important Here; It Involves Psychological Manipulation ….
    …. Was he simply lowering our opinion of the unvaccinated by playing upon stereotypes?
    Subtly hammering home the current NZ mainstream media messaging that only right-wing extremists and selfish antisocials remain unvaccinated. …

    …. Have you concluded, like me, that as many as 80% of cases of myocarditis among the vaccinated remain unreported and untreated? A ticking time bomb, …

    Again Guy Hatchard brings up many good points & issues and ties it well into New Zealand circumstances.



  4. https://nakedemperor.substack.com/p/why-anger-towards-the-unvaccinated?s=r

    ‘Why Anger towards the Unvaccinated was Intentional Psychological Manipulation
    The wording throughout this study is almost identical to that used over the last few years’.
    Something had to be done about vaccine hesitancy, so along came Yale University with a study which began in July 2020. The study, which was not published online until October 2021 (once everyone was vaccinated) was to test “how persuasive messaging affects COVID-19 vaccine uptake intentions”.

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8531257/“Safe and effective”

    “Getting vaccinated is the single best way to protect yourself”

    “Reduces the risk that members of your family could get sick and die”

    “How guilty would you feel?”

    “How embarrassed and ashamed would you feel?”

    “How angry would you be?”

    “People who don’t get vaccinated aren’t brave but reckless”

    “There is nothing attractive and independent minded about ignoring public health guidance”

    “You risk the health of others”

    “Trust the Science”

    “People who reject vaccination are ignorant or confused about the science”

    “Not getting vaccinated means you are probably the sort of person who doesn’t understand science”

    “It reduces the chance of lockdowns”



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