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Israel Folau’s banning for expressing an opinion would be ‘totalitarian’

The outrage mob is out in force following rugby star Israel Folau’s latest social media comments. The mob wants to more than disagree with Folau’s opinion, as is our right in a free society. It wants to ban him from expressing it, which is totalitarian.

On Wednesday, a Rugby Australia spokesman branded Folau’s comments about sexuality and religion “unacceptable”, and said its integrity unit had been “engaged in the matter”. Now it has signalled its intention to sack him.

Folau shared on his Instagram account an image which said to “drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists, idolators” that “Hell awaits you! Repent! Only Jesus saves.”

As a promoter of free speech, I agree he has the right to say what he believes, but I disagree with what he says that those of us who do not share his beliefs are going to hell.


  1. He’s no worse than the Godnutters preaching to no one at a city street corner. A few will mock the idiots but most will rightfully ignore them.

    In any case you go to Heaven for the climate but to Hell for the company. 🙂



  2. The outrage brigade, including of course the harridan, are exactly the same people who have been cuddling up to a very large group in NZ who preach exactly the same thing, for the last three weeks.

    Or maybe not exactly the same; Mr Folau just claims the people he doesn’t agree with will miss out on a mythical place post death, the group the harridan and co. have been cuddling up to follow texts that call for the premature death of those same people.



  3. Beats having to report real news, a churnalist can just sit at their safe space and gleefully copy and paste from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, check out this from Das Herald,

    Watch: Kiwi celebrities, sports stars savage Israel Folau’s homophobia

    Along with freedom of speech is the freedom to ignore the multitude of fucking morons who want to tell the rest of us what to think and how to think it.



  4. This whole affair plus other recent cases after Christchurch just show that “diversity of opinion” is not welcome in Western society anymore.
    I mean just the principle of wanting someone banned because they had the audacity to air their controversial views on social media is ridiculous in a free society but even more pathetic is that it seems like it might happen.
    The inclusiveness canard is being used to stifle and supress peoples views on many levels and it is very sad to see.
    As far as Folau is concerned I could not give one toss about his stupid bible bashing nonsense but he does have the right to say it even if others don’t like it.



  5. I am a Catholic. I don’t agree with Isreal’s theology or sentiments, but I also not offended by what he has said. He has the right to say it, and some would argue the contract he signed breeches his human rights. However, I teach at a Catholic school. If I tweeted racist, hateful, homophobic comments, I would be bringing my school into disrepute, and although I don’t think the contract I signed specifically denies my right to freedom of speech, because I belong to the “Club” I should follow the rules. If I bring the school into disrepute, I could expect them to terminate my contract. Freedom of speech is not license to do as one pleases, it expects responsibility in return. I think he is a twat, and I think the media give him far too much airtime. Nothing would frustrate him more if no one published anything he ever said, and as I don’t follow anyone on Twitter, I would not be the wiser.



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