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My IVM Story For World Ivermectin Day




My IVM Story For World Ivermectin Day

Written by Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​

Did you survive Covid-19 using your common sense? Congratulations, so did I

Many already know of my professional trials and tribulations over the past three years, and that I used to work as an external consultant for the World Health Organisation (WHO) until my conscience objected to their Covid strategies and recommendations.

The WHO’s widely adopted strategies were not evidence-based and made no sense at all.

In addition, a meeting with the consultant hired to do the WHO systematic review on ivermectin for Covid treatment subsequently revealed shocking levels of scientific misconduct and systemic corruption.

It is now the opinion of many independent experts that this systemic corruption facilitated the global roll out of inadequately tested, expensive new drugs for Covid prevention, namely the Covid ‘vaccines’, as well as expensive new drugs for Covid treatment, namely Remdesivir, Paxlovid and Molnupiravir.

Long story short, I stopped doing WHO and NHS commissioned work and started working for the people.

So, The Big Question: Have I Ever Taken Ivermectin?

Yes. I have taken Ivermectin for both prevention and treatment. In October 2021 I got Covid. At first I thought it was just the flu and did nothing about it bar taking vitamin C, zinc and NAC sporadically.

But then I lost my taste and smell – a highly weird experience I must say ­– and had to admit that I had what was being called Covid infection.

I am in very good health usually so, instead of listening to my own advice, I just ignored it and continued as I usually do with work, etc. But the symptoms worsened and by Day 4 I found myself as others have described – absolutely fatigued, no appetite, and unable to even lift my head off the pillow.

It was then that I agreed to take a 5 day course of Ivermectin, feeling rather silly for not taking it earlier. I swallowed it conscientiously along with vitamin C, D, zinc, NAC, and nebulised colloidal silver as per Dr Jackie Stone and Dr Martin Gill’s protocol.

Those who love me provided soup on tap and I did my best to be a good patient. It’s a fairly boring story from this point on. Within 24 hours I felt so much better and right as rain by Day 7.

I have continued to use Ivermectin preventatively when attending gatherings and for travel, and also simply to de-worm myself from time to time!

A note on the latter: Don’t you think it is rather odd that we are not encouraged to de-worm ourselves regularly, when we live in the same environment as, and even eat meat from, animals we consider in need of regular de-worming?

With regard to the Ivermectin Story in general, I am finding it most interesting to hear from doctors, as well as individuals taking responsibility for their health, about their experiences using ivermectin for various conditions including as part of their cancer therapy.

Thus I feel this next year is going to be very revealing and may take the Ivermectin Story to another level in this little medicine’s usefulness as well as public awareness.

Ivermectin Special

At this week’s live-streamed World Council for Health’s Monday General Assembly (GA) meeting, in An Ivermectin Special, we heard from members of the public about how they had done their own research, used their common sense, and decided to trust themselves rather than the politicians on Covid health matters.

If you missed this 97th GA meeting, you can catch it up in our newsroom here., and perhaps if you are new to our weekly meetings you might wish to join us regularly in the newsroom starting this Monday.

More About World Ivermectin Day…

Please do take the time to visit the World Ivermectin Day website.

I sincerely hope WID 2023 will inspire more people to step away from fear, use their common sense and stop outsourcing their health to those who profit from disease.

Thank you for your part in spreading the word about safe, older low-cost medicines that prevent and cure disease, instead of causing it (like something else we know).

If you have an Ivermectin Story, please share it now on Twitter with #MyIVMStory and @WCH_org will re-tweet. Or you can share it in the comments below.

Many thanks for your collaboration in exposing what has been hidden from us! It’s time to Set IVY Free.

P.S. This article is a personal account and does not constitute medical advice. There are some contraindications to using ivermectin, such as the use of certain blood thinners. Please do consult a trusted health professional if you need personal health advice.

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  1. Most of us who did research and did not listen to the podium of lies every day and were treated as so stupid by the dear leader and her cabal of liars who were raking money in from pfizzzzzer into their personal accounts. We are far more intelligent than the masses around thew world that took their word. A simple mix of Vit C,D Zinc and ivermectin was the answer for most of the brain powered people. I hope that all the people who believed the shit spouted from the PoT are awakened from their sleep and find out what it is all about.



    • “I hope that all the people who believed the shit spouted from the PoT are awakened from their sleep and find out what it is all about.”

      The ostriches still have their heads in the sand. They refuse to listen to anyone but ‘official’ sources so will continue to do so until Chippy gives the all clear, but the truth is not politically expedient for Lying Labour in the run up to the election.



  2. “The ostriches still have their heads in the sand.” They sure have. I was walking around Newtown (in Wellington) yesterday, while I waited for a WOF to be done. The number of people still wearing masks is amazing.



  3. Glad to see so many positive stories around “Horse Paste”. As I have frequently said my whole health has improved vastly since taking it regularly. Of course the idiots in my extended family refuse to believe, but fuck em, more inheritance for me….



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