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24,000 litres of product off to the South Island yesterday. Makes the factory look empty with all these IBC’s gone.


  1. It looks like beneficiaries want to be equal with those that work hard for their weekly wage. I have no argument with those that need it to feed their children but I object when they spend it things like large TV’S, Sky subscription, alcohol and cigarettes.



    • Contract out to an organisation to prepare decent food pack on a predefined nutrition guideline basis.
      The bene’s must pick up the food themselves(or authorised proxy) during work hours – or go hungry.
      Stoned, hungover, comatose. Tough. Your choice.
      They have to go shopping anyway- right!.

      With modern electronics all possible. No paper crap or tradable vouchers.
      ID cards.
      PIN numbers or fingerprints/iris scan.

      Twice a week they pick up a predefined carton (of food) – real food.
      Then pay power/phone/gas etc direct to supplier so they don’t get scammed.
      Pay rent direct to landlord.
      Hell, with the accommodation supplement this is practically there.
      Pay doctors bills direct- 90% of the way there anyhow.
      Get all core bills paid direct. Kids school fees/donations and base uniform.
      Supply basic clothing per capita. Kinda like the Chinese dress from the 1970s.

      Food, clothing, shelter, and utilities – covered.
      The base of Maslow’s Hierarchy is covered.
      Up to them to reach the next levels.

      It was never their money in the first place as they did not ‘earn it’ so should never see it.
      It should go direct to the providers of services as intended.

      This way bona fide suppliers get paid making the economy stronger with businesses not having to waste resources chasing impecunious scumbags who don’t pay up. More profit, more tax take.
      A lot of benes line up at ATMs early on the morning of bene day to clean out the cash that goes in.
      They dont care about paying honest suppliers.
      They want to grab the dough early for their vices.

      Then pay out a discretionary amount per person like $30 per week per person for smokes, booze, tatts etc.
      If they don’t like it- get a fecking job!

      The current Marxist mob would never do it.
      Neither would Labour Lite.
      The irony is that this model is closer to China/Russia in the 1960s than the capitalism they tell us has failed!!



  2. What a strange configured vehicle making a very costly inefficient means to cart only 24,000 litres of plonk. It is equal to the contents of just one 20 foot container the same as much of the exported wine is shipped to China. They are first lined with a massive bladder after all protruding surfaces are covered with thick foam rubber then filled like a 20 foot “cask”. Exported to China where is bottled off for their eager local market. Since 90% of NZ wine exports are from Marlborough much of which leaves Port Nelson in bulk containers every year.



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