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NASA Admits That Climate Change Occurs Because of Changes in Earth’s Solar Orbit, and NOT Because of SUVs and Fossil Fuels
It’s going to get hotter.

After many years of ignoring the left’s false claims on global warming, NASA has come out and said that changes in the weather are due to our solar orbit and not because of the use of fossil fuels. Under Barack Obama, NASA actually used their money to perpetuate the myth of global warming, even though there has been no warming since 2005.

The plain truth is that our orbit around the sun is inconsistent at best, sometimes placing us nearer to the sun than at other times. That is why planets like Mars shows the effects of global warming despite no burning of fossil fuels whatsoever.

The below two images (by Robert Simmon, NASA GSFC) help to illustrate this, with the first showing earth at a nearly zero orbit, and the second showing earth at a 0.07 orbit. This orbital change is depicted by the eccentric, oval shape in the second image, which has been intentionally exaggerated for the purpose of showing the massive change in distance that occurs between the earth and the sun, depending on whether it is at perihelion or aphelion.

The biggest factor affecting earth’s climate is the SUN

As for earth’s obliquity, or its change in axial tilt, the below two images (Robert Simmon, NASA GSFC) show the degree to which the earth can shift on both its axis and its rotational orientation. At the higher tilts, earth’s seasons become much more extreme, while at lower tilts they become much more mild. A similar situation exists for earth’s rotational axis, which depending on which hemisphere is pointed at the sun during perihelion, can greatly impact the seasonal extremes between the two hemispheres.

Based on these different variables, Milankovitch was able to come up with a comprehensive mathematical model that is able to compute surface temperatures on earth going way back in time, and the conclusion is simple: Earth’s climate has always been changing, and is in a constant state of flux due to no fault of our own as human beings.

When Milankovitch first put forward his model, it went ignored for nearly half a century. Then, in 1976, a study published in the journal Science confirmed that Milankovitch’s theory is, in fact, accurate, and that it does correspond to various periods of climate change that have occurred throughout history.


  1. That puts the skids under a worldwide scam. Our government, always questing for the truth and acting upon it, will cancel the payment next due for the Paris Agreement and all succeeding payments. What a fantastic saving for tax payers.

    Means the Zero Carbon bill can be wiped. That will save us from economic chaos.

    Thanks for spotting that research Ed. You have saved your country much angst and economic complexity.

    Means Greta wasted her trip across the Atlantic and numerous Climate Emergencies can be stood down.



    • I couldn’t imagine Gavin Schmidt (head of NASA’s Goddard Institute) giving up one of his pet causes.

      He does “real science”, like how dinosaurs had an advanced civilisation before the asteroid. You know, really credible stuff.



  2. Who would have thought if the worlds orbit ran closer to the enormous firey ball that keeps us all alive the temperature would rise. What a surprise. Well done NASA for finally confirming life is a tad bit warmer due to the suns proximity.



  3. NASA like NIWA are lying bastards and have been for quite some time.
    One would have to question NOAA, as I do.
    This lot of Four letter acronym outfits have been deliberately misleading for well over decade – using public funds to do so.

    You only have to lie once to branded a liar forever.
    Trust can never really be established.
    “I cannot tell a lie” sound familiar?



  4. I recall posting a link? or a comment re the Milankovich cycle several weeks ago. The earth’s climate is much more complicated than the wanky climate change/global warming fascists think – computer models cannot handle the complexity, both within and without our atmosphere, because the humans feeding in the data don’t know all the variables of climate, and its complexity.



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