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Nine days ago I sent this email to ALL national MP’s and David Seymour. To date have only had 2 genuine replies and 2 automatic out of office replies.

Disappointed with National

To all National MP’s
As a National supporter for the past 47 years, I wish to voice my disgust at your actions in supporting the Government in the passing of the recent bill to make  criminals of law abiding gun owners. I attended a recent meeting in Te Awamutu where MP’s Bishop and Kuriger were speaking about this very topic. I have never been in a group of people so hostile to anybody, let alone MPs. I would venture to say that about 300-350 people were there. Most would have been National party supporters. For how long, I can only guess. If they are like me, not for much longer, unless you change the way you are heading.

Your actions were despicable in casting aside the rights of law abiding citizens. All in the name of socialist ideology. I thought that was the purvue of the left. How wrong I am.
This will be posted on my  blog site www.ysb.co.nz. It is a blog dedicated to upholding free speech and WAS a National Party support blog. Your actions mentioned above have seriously bought this support into question.

Your replies will be appreciated

The out of office replies were from:
Nickey Wagner, Thank you for your email. Please be assured that all correspondence is read and noted by this office. 
 Where I have a Spokesperson responsibility for the issues raised, a response will be sent to you in due course.  
 While  I consider all correspondence to be important, if your email falls  outside my spokesmanship responsibilities, or expresses a personal view,  then your opinion will be noted  and your correspondence may be transferred to another office.
 Best regards

And from Anne Tolley
On behalf of Hon Anne Tolley, Deputy Speaker of the  House and MP for East Coast, thank you for your email. Your  correspondence has been received and noted. 
 If your email is bringing something to Hon Tolley’s  attention, please accept this as her final response. For all other  queries, Hon Tolley will reply in due course.
 Kind regards,
 Office of Hon Anne Tolley

Barbara Kuriger and Andrew Falloon were the only two who took the time to reply.
From Barbara Kuriger:

Hello Chris, Thank you for your email.  You are correct that there were very strong messages given at the meeting. I have also had follow up conversations, calls and emails from a good number of  firearms owners who felt they didn't have a chance to get their views across and are taking the opportunity to meet with me outside of the meeting.    They are keen to get input into the next legislation due to the limited opportunity this time. I also offer you the opportunity to do so. Please be in touch if you have some key things which you think would make a difference to the legislation. 
Regards, Barbara Kuriger MP

And from Andrew Fallon
Hi Chris thanks for your email and your thoughts. I’m based in the South  Island so I wasn’t at the meeting in Te Awamutu that you mention, but  I’m more than happy to catch up with you if you like in either my Timaru  or Ashburton offices. 
 Andrew Falloon
 MP for Rangitata 

Not a reply from any one else and that includes David Seymour.

If that’s how they value my opinions and cannot get off their collective arses and reply then I am not going to give them my party vote.

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  1. I’ve just been reading yesterdays little poll on ysb. Act 15, National 4. If I’m right in saying that that majority who took part are, or were National voters, then National have a huge problem looming with Act picking up spilled votes as David Seymour gains respect and admiration for standing his ground for the rights of NZ’ers. National have been supported for being competent at building infrastructure and keeping the economy on track. Voters do not expect National to be all feelz and wellbeing, we expect roads of significance, for the lights to work, the economy to grow and the good people of NZ to be treated fairly. The recent knee-jerk support to the change to the gun laws, the cringe-worthy support for the naive green communist by Collins, and the lackadaisical whiff of she’ll be right attitude to their voters has sent many longtime National voters to seriously re-evaluate their support. I have been trying to believe in Simon as the leader of National, I have sometimes been impressed with him during question time. He fights a good corner for the core basic issues and gets some direct hits but there doesn’t appear to be any follow through. Nothing happens. This of course is not supported by the MSM who refuse to see anything to report against the COL even when the nasty gob of an accusation is hanging off the end of their noses! Simon has an inbuilt niceness and decency. It is deep in his DNA. Simon can’t get past his life expectation that people who treat others well will receive reciprocal treatment. Instead the COL are takers, not givers. Everything they do is for their benefit, not for the benefit of the people of this country. Cindy and co obviously have no trouble lying, have no issue, as anything that benefits their ideology is warranted. The COL are committed to their movement and will not be swayed by the buzz of an annoying but ineffectual opposition. Just look at the Czech drug dealer, the camp sexual assault and all the other serious accusations that have been swept under the rug by Cindy and her minders.
    National needs someone with Grit and clarity. Clearly Judith is no longer that person. Is there a Winston Churchill or a Maggy Thatcher in the wings? I doubt it. It is now David Seymour’s best chance to increase Acts vote.



      • The media are responsible for the invisible cloak of protection that surrounds Ardern.

        We can talk about who will be the next National party leader until we are blue in the face but this means nothing until the media wake up. There are numerous opportunities for an investigative journalist to embarrass the Govt but none taken.

        Tova O’Briens loyalty was rewarded by her accompanying Ardern to Paris. That’s hard to beat…



    • WELL said WG! 100 % spot on. David will gain votes you can bet on that. I too want Simon to succeed, but National needs to bare teeth and they have not shown me they are capable of doing so. A perfect scenario after the next election would be National/ACT governing alone. Am i dreaming? Maybe not 🙂



    • You say: “Simon can’t get past his life expectation that people who treat others well will receive reciprocal treatment.”

      Well it is time he woke up to the fact that politics is -at best- a zero sum game.
      There is no rising tide lifting all ships.
      You only get the top spot by crushing opposition, within your party and certainly in the opposition parties.
      There is no Co-Prime Minister role.

      Did all those years in an adversarial court system teach him nothing?
      If he can’t comprehend that he needs to leave politics.
      Bridges will never be PM of NZ.



  2. You had to be at that meeting to get the real sense of it, it was a good one to have attended. A friend is going to come along with me to see David Seymour at the Te Rapa Tavern on 5 May. Simeon Browne is talking cannabis at Tim McIndoe’s regular shindig in a couple of weeks. in person is best and then they remember you out from the crowd.



  3. I voted for whinney last time to keep them honest and national for local, to keep labour out. Even though I think that the locals weak and since has not changed my mind. I think if there was an election tomorrow I would two tick act.



    • Sooty, you should have believed those of us who were warning pre-election against voting NZF for exactly the reason that as we expected Winston would opt to go with Labour. At least you have come into the light now. ?



  4. And I think National needs to know how many votes they can guarantee and then everything else is a bonus or need to work around that rule that stripped National of a percentage of their votes also.

    Deck is definitely stacked against a single party governing on its own.



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