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National’s Judith Collins calls for Housing Minister Phil Twyford to resign




Stuff reports

The Opposition is calling for Housing Minister Phil Twyford to resign over his “inability” to deliver on the Government’s flagship housing policy.

It comes after a flurry of confusion during Question Time on Thursday, when Twyford would not confirm the targets but acting Prime Minister Winston Peters told the House the Government “most definitely” still had the policy.

On Wednesday Twyford told the House he would still no longer guarantee that KiwiBuild will be made up of 100,000 affordable homes, but would not say whether that target has been scrapped either.

Then on Thursday, National’s housing spokeswoman Judith Collins and National deputy leader Paul Bennett grilled Twyford and Peters on the Government’s pledge to build 100,000 affordable homes over the next 10 years.

Twyford said there had been no change to the pledge since the Speech from the Throne, and repeated what he had said on Wednesday – that Cabinet would consider the KiwiBuild reset in June, and it was inappropriate for him to speculate on what Cabinet may or may not decide.


  1. The master of bluster who makes bluffs off the cuff has said the CoL will be building more than 100,000 homes!

    You won’t hear the Prime Minister say 100,000 anymore either.

    “Our goal has been to increase the number of first home buyer who are able to buy a home,” Jacinda Ardern said.

    But Peters is doubling down, saying the Government will build “a lot more” than 100,000.

    He doesn’t believe the nay-sayers, telling the House that the KiwiBuild target is “easily achievable”.

    Twitford gears up to re-label failure as success with:

    Twyford now seems to be questioning whether New Zealand even needs 100,000 affordable homes.

    “The housing market has changed, it’s not the same as it was a year ago.”

    And of course, he proves he is no man of integrity again with:

    He put his job on the line over KiwiBuild in a Newshub interview, but when asked again today if he’ll resign should the goal not be reached, it was a different story.

    “No, I’m totally focused on the reset.”




    • Twyford is full of so much shite the whites of his eyes are dark brown. The market is saturated now, just as it was a year ago. I’ve been in the building controls industry for many years, and I knew from day one his little dream was impossible. 80 houses vs 1000 promised….i think I may have been correct. Carpenters, architects, tradies, Council staff, etc were and are up to their necks with work. You can’t clone ’em dumb-ass Phil. A dead possum on the road has more brains than that guy.



        • He’s got to be stirring. Peters was born with a large spoon. He probably agrees Phil is a huge fail and he loves putting the boot into those he sees as inferior, which let’s face it, is everyone other than Winston. ?



          • No. Peters is predictable. When he’s in the wrong, he aggressively blusters and bluffs. It’s a pity our “leaders” and “journalists” haven’t picked up on it and call his bluffs.

            Peters is the type of man you’d definitely want to play poker against. Every time he’d have nothing he’d get aggressive and pretend he has a royal flush.



  2. Phil couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag. What an ego that man has! Can he stand up to Judith’s constant attacks of his sad, sorry abilities when he believes his effervescent grand statements on Kiwibuild dazzle the public from seeing what is really going on. Truth matters Phil, and so do results on your flagship policies. Resign.



    • We’ve seen how weak Ardern is as a leader with Curran. Twitford knows his job his safe. He has a long history of showing contempt for the little people, so what the public says is irrelevant. We’ve seen how much Mallard plays defence for the CoL, so I doubt whatever Collins’ says matters much in parliament.

      The media will continue to write Ardern’s hagiography, so Twitford is not going to be held accountable for the foreseeable future. As I already noted, Twitford will soon be re-badging failure as success, for example, does KiwiFlop even need to build 100,000 houses? (See my previous post). The goalposts are going to be widened so much that the CoL will be able to claim success no matter how little they deliver or the huge cost to the ever generous tax payer.



  3. ` that Cabinet would consider the KiwiBuild reset in June, and it was inappropriate for him to speculate on what Cabinet may or may not decide.’

    I say bullshit to that.

    Time he manned up and took responsibility for his failures.



  4. Just listening to Judith on AM, apparently Phil had the shadow housing portfolio for 6 years while in opposition, so he should have been all over this and know the numbers, perhaps they should have got RMA changes over the line while National was Government so that they could hit the ground running if they accidentally became the Government.



  5. Cindy can not sack the Twit, because if he goes she will fall over!
    Imagine putting a twit in charge of the flagship policy!
    Was never going to work!
    He might have been ok on the backbenches!
    But that carpark puddle again!



  6. Heres how this plays out come debate time:

    Bridges – you PROMISED 100,000 homes
    Chompers – National had 9 years of failure! you did nothing
    Moderator – yeah Simon, why didn’t national do anything?

    8 minutes before debate ends. Herald Headline – Jacinda wins again!



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