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Natural Immunity From Infection Much Better Than Covid ‘Vaccination’

Written by Phillip Altman

Why would you keep getting vaccinated with risky gene-based COVID-19 injections if you have already had the virus? This data shows it makes no sense at all

We have known about the value of natural immunity for some time using hospitalisation statistics.

The vast majority of COVID-19 patients in hospital were fully vaccinated and boosted. I’ve written about this numerous times in my Substacks.

Now, an Israeli retrospective observational study of 124,500 individuals over 4 months during 2021, when the Delta variant was dominant, shows the high level of effectiveness of natural immunity.

This is the largest real-world observational study ever conducted in natural immunity.

In addition, for those people who happen to get COVID-19 a second time, it was also shown in the study that natural immunity prevents symptomatic COVID-19 seven times better than vaccination!

That is absolutely amazing.

The implications for continuing to vaccinate a population which already has had a high proportion of past COVID-19 infection (like Australia and elsewhere) is obvious and cannot be overestimated.

We should stop routinely vaccinating people who have had proven COVID-19 previously and the government must change its vaccination policy now.

Our government and other governments have made many disastrous mistakes including the blocking of early treatment of COVID-19 and recommending the vaccine for children who were not at significant risk, but the total disregard of an individual’s natural immunity must rank as one of the biggest mistakes.

This study, in combination with the knowledge that the COVID so-called “vaccines” do not prevent transmission of the virus, demonstrates the futility and brainlessness of vaccine mandates yet our government has done nothing to stop it.

They are complicit in this fraud and must be held to account.

CLICK HERE to view Dr. John Campbell’s latest podcast on this study.

More than half of the worldwide population has been previously infected with COVID-19.

While we do not yet know how long natural immunity across the various individual variants will last, we do know that the immunity provided by the COVID-19 injections is relatively short lived with people requiring repeated frequent boosters and these injections are reported to be associated with the highest rate and absolute incidence of death and serious adverse reactions than any other vaccine in history.

When balancing risk vs benefit, it seems obvious that continued unqualified recommendations for endless COVID injections is the wrong way to go.

If our government really cared about our safety, they should be taking a very close look at this astounding Israeli data and allow individuals to make their own choices about future vaccination without coercion or threat of losing their jobs due to vaccine mandates.

The important role of natural immunity must now be a major focus of research rather than blindly building factories to produce endless mRNA injections into the future making hundreds of billions of dollars for Big Pharma.


      • Because they are vaccinated. Look up ADE. Sometimes a vaccination results in more chance of suffering from a mutant strain as the vaccination only targets a specific part of the virus, in this case the Spike Protein. Natural exposure allows your body to recognize every part of the virus and mount a robust immune response. Vaccination has actually made the whole issue worse, as geert vanden bossche had predicted.


        “My analysis unambiguously proves that the C-19 mass vaccination experiment has been responsible for selecting and promoting dominant propagation of Omicron in highly C-19 vaccinated populations. Whereas ‘original antigenic sin’ has been driving immune escape during the pre-Omicron phase of the pandemic in all countries conducting mass C-19 vaccination campaigns, ‘SIR’ has been responsible for the spectacular evolutionary dynamics of this immune escape pandemic once Omicron dominantly circulated. As Omicron caused SIR-enabling VBTIs and as SIR caused highly C-19 vaccinated populations to exert high immune pressure on more conserved, subdominant S-associated domains, natural selection and dominant propagation of Omicron has been required and sufficient to drive large scale viral immune escape. Continuation of the mass C-19 vaccination program during the Omicron phase of the pandemic has only expedited the selectional adaptive evolution of the virus as booster doses and growing vaccine coverage rates allowed for more frequent and widespread SIR-enabling VBTIs. mRNA-based C-19 vaccines in particular have dramatically accelerated the immune escape dynamics of SC-2 as-in contrast to the other, non-mRNA-based C-19 vaccines-they elicit low-affinity anti-S Abs directed at S protein that is expressed on the surface of the mRNA-transfected host cells.”




      • Why do some people catch cold and flu all the time, Why do people take blood pressure pills instead of losing weight, why do people end up on a dozen big pharma big cost medications for life? Life is full of choices,
        Why do people destroy their natural immune systems?
        I am 73 years old, the last time I had cold or flu any other virus was the last time I had a flu injection, that was 2015. Missed my Aunties 90 birthday after flying Gold Coast Perth, the doctor copped a real earful.



  1. New Zealand is no different to the other countries tripping over themselves to jab the population with immunity
    Just take a quick look at their website have chosen subject natural immunity preventative health.

    preventative health: 20 articles under immunusation, 1 article under sleep.
    where is exercise, weight loss, sunshine, correct diet, supplements where required modest life style and I could go on
    They have walked away from true natural immunity, big pharma don’t want it and what they want, they get.



    • very scary stats, I couldn’t break down the NZ stats as didn’t see weeks involved, Australia the health authorities must sitting on a powder keg, have only put out figures to end of April, pre winter, excess 476 a week or 68 a day, imagine if you had 68 people die on the road everyday, all we get from the authorities is a stunned silence.



  2. At this time in history we are at the Lies and Alibies stage, the real questions we should be asking Politian’s is did you receive any money for promoting the Death Jab?
    Follow the money to find the real culprits,



  3. It seems to be an adjuvant to the actual flue vaccine.

    Fluad Quad is a vaccine approved to immunise people aged 65 years and older against influenza.
    It is not approved for use in people aged under 65 years, and safety in this group has not been evaluated by Medsafe. …..

    💣 Quad is only approved for use in people aged 65 years and older.
    💣The use of Fluad Quad in people aged under 65 years is unapproved and can only be administered or prescribed by a medical practitioner.
    Unapproved use of medicines requires informed consent from the patient.
    Please refer to the Medsafe guidance on unapproved use of medicines.


    So the Doctor, nurse, Medical centre does not have to inform you that your flue vaccine in put on “steroids” to activate your immune system if you are a day older than 65.
    So would that be woe betide you if you do catch a virus during that active time of the FluadQuad.

    The other catch is that just when does an individual’s immunity system may actually require this stimulus?
    65? 70? 80? 90? and I know of some very spry active & well thinking 95 year olds.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Also to bear in mind that MedSafeNZ were not the ones who ok’d the Covid vaxxes, but another committee of unaccountable public health officials did.

    💣 4.: Following this assessment, Medsafe asked the Medicines Assessment Advisory Committee (MAAC) for a final recommendation regarding approval. ….

    Then see how MedSafeNZ is used to cover this aspect on supposed monitoring, supposed safety, supposed efficacy.

    💣 5,: MAAC reviewed Medsafe’s assessment. It agreed that the Pfizer vaccine should be given provisional approval (with conditions).
    Conditions include Pfizer giving Medsafe ongoing data and information, such as additional clinical trial and manufacturing data.

    So it is all provisional, seemingly based on a FDA whose approval is based on an Emergency Use Approval EUA, that then allowed mandates to shoot the gap.

    And so the chain of command, responsibility, accountability can be lost, but the bottom line, is that those officials also had a duty of care, and to openly inform people.
    It was simply their job to know. Not knowing is not only negligence, but becomes gross malfeasance.

    Maybe they benefited in gaining a career promotion, another step up the paygrade.
    An advance book payment. Is it easily trackable?
    But the bottom line that they did not follow what their actual job was, and blindly passed the buck ! ! !
    While picking up that massive pay-cheque, + any perks.



  4. In reply to Ed:—
    In part it seems that they figure that a 65 year old woman can not get pregnant & nor her breast in a lactating state.
    In that they are safely ensconced in as being post- menopausal or have they considered that perhaps milk is still dripping from their tits, after the covid injection? or still getting bleeds from the uterus.

    So to be in equity to men, then they considering that a 65 year old man can not start a pregnancy?
    Will they be getting cervical smears?

    This goobly-gook is totally a shit-fest in scientism.
    How can this be a scientific summary, well of course from the FDA. page 7/11.

    8.1. Pregnancy : Risk Summary
    FLUAD QUADRIVALENT is not approved for use in persons < 65 years of age.
    There are insufficient human data to establish whether there is a vaccine-associated risk with use of FLUAD QUADRIVALENT in pregnancy.
    There were no developmental toxicity studies of FLUAD QUADRIVALENT performed in animals …. ….

    8.2. Lactation [page 8/11]
    FLUAD QUADRIVALENT is not approved for use in persons < 65 years of age.
    No human or animal data are available to assess the effects of FLUAD QUADRIVALENT on the breastfed infant or on milk production/excretion


    How much can they bend this, & then be able to demands/mandate to inject the public citizen.

    Then the shortening the draw-down of the pension will be hidden in some techno-bureaucratic dream.

    Just consider how 14 of the 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals revolve around immunization/vaccination.
    ….. Immunisation is one of the best buys in global health and has a crucial role in achieving 14 of the 17 SDGs.
    As one of the most far-reaching health interventions, it closely reflects the ethos of the SDGs: “leaving no one behind”. ……….


    Then to consider how those supporters of the vaxxes seem to be very concerned at population numbers & who they consider to be in the “useless eaters”, consuming earth’s resources.

    Thanks in advance Ed for clearing moderation.



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