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For some years now, highly regarded scientists have been making alarming predictions about the future of the Earth’s climate. Many of them centred on the year 2020.

The following list of ten alarming climate predictions that did NOT come true in 2020 is taken from an article in Junk Science HERE:

1. Average global temperatures were supposed to be up 3 degrees Celsius in 2020. Didn’t happen.

2. Carbon dioxide emissions were supposed to have doubled by 2020. Didn’t happen.

3. We were told to follow Communist China as they were going to reduce gases by 40 to 45 per cent below 2005 figures in 2020. Didn’t happen. (Instead, they increased emissions by 168 per cent above 2005 figures.)

4. Al Gore said there would be no snow on Kilimanjaro by 2020. Didn’t happen. There’s still lots of snow up there.

5. The sea level around Florida was supposed to rise by two feet by 2020. Didn’t happen.

6. There were claims that children wouldn’t know what snow was in 2020. Didn’t happen. It’s snowing in many winter countries in the northern hemisphere and it snowed in Australia earlier this year.

7. They said Pacific Island economies would be devastated by climate change in 2020, particularly Tuvalu and Kirabati. Didn’t happen. Both countries grew their economies.

8. Climate change was supposed to cause nuclear war due to fighting over scarce resources. Didn’t happen.

9. They reckoned the Arctic would be ice free in 2020. Didn’t happen. There is 3.9 million square kilometres of ice in the Arctic.

10. They said glaciers would be gone at Glacier National Park in the USA. Didn’t happen.

Scientists and experts make predictions all the time. Prudent politicians should, of course, take these expert opinions into account. To assume, however, that these predictions are infallible and that ‘the science is settled,’ demonstrates a lack of maturity and understanding.

The Earth’s climate is highly complex, and no one fully understands all the variables, as these failed predictions demonstrate. Shutting down discussion of this subject and labelling dissenters with epithets such as ‘deniers’ is both juvenile and harmful.

Our civilisation is built on a foundation of robust scientific discussion which not only allows, but encourages dissent and scepticism. Allowing Government to mandate a specific scientific position as unchallengeable dogma sets a dangerous precedent.

To use the term ‘progressive’ for such a position is an oxymoron.


  1. “the whole worlds gone crazy” I’ve heard my grandparents and my parents say that over the years and I’ve said it to my kids but I never actually thought I’d be unlucky enough to witness it happening in my lifetime.
    Pelosi’s congress is saying the words ,,,man,woman,men women,mother,father,him, her brother,sister, girl, boy etc etc are no longer to be used in that place, so the western world is burning financially and Piglosi is putting this crap forward as one of her first actions ..Fuuuuccckkk.
    Please don’t let our hopeless bludging Pollies see this going on or we are done as well.



  2. CC is a fallacy but communism is not. The US is currently fighting tooth and nail to ward off the CCP’s tentacles. We live in interesting times but please may it not get any more ‘interesting’! The power hungry communists need putting back in their tank and the lid screwed back on tightly to stop their march to dominate our western democracies.



  3. Talking climate change lets just go back a while.
    Back in 1934, Co2 levels were 0.0309 % (309ppm). In the USA, 700 were dead from the extreme heat with temperatures of 117° recorded in Oklahoma.
    According to Climate Alarmists and protesting children, we need suspend democracy and hand control of every aspect of our lives to U.N. bureaucrats who will stop average citizens from flying and cull hundreds of millions of farting cattle – in an attempt to reduce levels of Co2 back down to like they were in 1934, to stop the type of extreme heat our forefathers endured back in 1934.
    Meanwhile China will stand back and laugh at us.




  4. Australia has had a cooler December than November for the first time in 70 years and only the second time in more than a century.

    The Bureau of Meteorology’s climate team told Yahoo New Australia it was 1959 when Australia last had a warmer November than December.

    It’s also the second time this has happened since temperatures began being recorded in 1910.

    Weatherzone meteorologist Ben Domensino said December 2020 was cooler than the month preceding it by half a degree.




    • We were 3c max cooler for December rainfall way up, there is so much grass the sheep can’t eat it down now have 1500 sheep on 180 acres to try to get things back under control.
      Normally we have finished with mowing lawn is dead by early December mowing once a week.
      Very unusual season another 2 inches this week. In Western Victoria.



      • And atmospheric dust.
        Look at all the nasa data, the decline of dust closely matches the temp trends. We are living through a long period of relatively mild volcanic activity, erruptions the eject large ash plumes help regulate the earths temps.

        Also a few days of erruptions can spew out almost a years worth of human emmissions but somehow paying more tax fixes that…



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