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Country-rock superstar: The deep state does whatever it wants

Charlie Daniels issues warning about what happens when ‘they surround themselves with power’

Double taxes, like what would have to happen, at least, for the Green New Deal?

How about outlawing homeschooling, so every child faces growing up years of government approved indoctrination?

What about the out-and-out confiscation of firearms, ALL firearms?

Never could happen in America?

Wrong, says country-rock superstar Charlie Daniels

In his new Soap Box commentary, he says “they” can do anything if they are given enough power.

“Let’s say that your taxes double, homeschooling is made against the law and one morning you wake up with federal agents knocking on your door with a federal search warrant to locate and confiscate all your firearms. Well, the first thing you’re going to say is ‘They can’t do that.’

“WRONG, these people, once they surround themselves with power can do anything they want, up to and including the stringent measures I listed above.”

He said the U.S. entered a “Danger Zone” a few years back and it’s still there.

In it, the “American Dream, our individual rights, our Sovereignty, and any real chance of pursuing life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, without interference from an all-consuming central government would become a thing of the past,” he said.

He pointed out that several reports soon will be released that could reveal exactly how close American came to not being.

“It would appear that in the coming months several separate reports will be issued that could expose a coordinated attempt to defraud the federal justice system, threaten the rights of citizens, drive others into bankruptcy by unrelenting pressure, cover up serious federal crimes by high government officials and circumvent the will of the American people by removing a sitting American president by bogus processes,” he said.

He was talking about the Democrats’ years-long claims of “collusion” against President Trump, their allegations of corruption, of bribery, of quid pro quo, and their current impeachment campaign in Congress.

“These things alone threaten the freedom, due process and quality of life of every American, but should they succeed, the ramifications would change America forever. Let’s take a look,” he said.

“A FISA warrant is one of the most serious and most secretive documents in our nation’s arsenal in our fight against espionage, terrorism and subversion and involves using federal agencies in spying on an American citizen.

“It requires credible information that an American citizen is involved in something that constitutes a serious danger to the nation. It requires heavyweight signatures and has to be signed off on by the FISA Court, the [acronym] FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and there has to be strong, evidence-backed by a declaration of imminent crimes against the state, such as collusion with foreign powers, planning a terrorist attack or other plots to harm America.”

But those used by the Obama administration to spy on President Trump’s campaign were “obtained under shaky and questionable, possibly totally false circumstances,” he said.

And then, “Hillary put Secret State Department documents on an unsecured server and destroyed documents that were under federal subpoena.”

“When you hold all the cards in government, the collusion of the head of the FBI and cooperation of the heads of other powerful government agencies, and the media is in your pocket you can do just about anything you want to,” he said.

“What I’m saying people is, I truly believe that America came dangerously close to losing control of our government. These people have already shown us the treachery they’re capable of and the distances they are willing to go and the evil they’re willing to use to achieve their goals,” he said.


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  1. Same thing is happening in NZ. I no longer have any faith in the truth being upheld by our government the police or the media. We are sitting ducks for all the corrupt practices of self-serving, manipulative socialist troughers who are determined to change our way of life. It is only David Seymour who is prepared to stand against the rotten stench, and bloggers like Ed giving a voice to the good kiwis and others around this amazing planet who see far more than the global goblins want us to. Fight the good fight people!



  2. Well said Charlie Daniels, and just what is happening here by the left too. So many similarities, just not the impeachment. Thank goodness Donald got in, and is bringing the largest democratic country in the world back to being just that. Interesting what Wikileaks founder said about him, and I believe if there was dirt on Trump it would be out there. He may not be the most PC person around and have his ‘interesting ways’ and I can’t say I would particularly like him, but he is the best one to lead the country by far.



    • Although I entirely agree with what Daniels has said, I got fed up with superstars telling us what to think a long time ago.
      I’m not sure how being able to sing up a storm, or host a show delving into the minutiae of peoples lives makes anyone a political expert. Tinseltown should stick to whatever they’re good at.
      FFS some of them can’t check they’re wearing underwear before they leave the house.



  3. I think we are well inside the danger zone. PM Ardern has demonstrated capacity to short cut and deny democratic process.. They have facilitated the Police to make law by regulation. The Arms Act amendments are sad and current examples. They fast track (one day) electoral amendments. The cash for school repairs is an election bribe we have to pay for from taxation. We pay tax to fund a New Zealand First bid for an electorate seat.

    They have abused trust and lost integrity by these actions.

    I heard the Minister of Justice suggest that in other jurisdictions, funding shortfalls for political parties as a consequence of donation limitations are made up by public funds.

    And they see public funding of political parties as a solution to those parties with insufficient fund raising ability to continue to leach from taxpayers.

    They need to be gone.



  4. Just a day or two ago, the government passed a law stating that Mt Egmont will now be solely known as Mt Taranaki (it used to have a dual English/Maori name). No doubt the dual-named Mt Cook will go the same way.

    I wonder when they will try to rename cities like Napier and Hastings with Maori names?
    They could be on a rough road with Hastings though – I think its Maori name would probably be Heretaunga and so everyone will just call it “Hairy Donger”.



    • Hastings could have been Hicksville, after Francis Hicks…. “Hastings was named after Warren Hastings, the first Governor-General of India. At the time the station site was transferred to the Government, the area was shown in the deed as being within the town of Hicksville, but this name never became current.”



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