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Team Trump Vs. CNN: Did The President Call Meghan Markle “Nasty”?

This is a perfect controversy for the Trump era in that there’s actual audio of what he said and yet the two sides still can’t agree.

Fake News CNN is at it again, falsely claiming President Trump called Meghan Markle “nasty.” Here is what he actually said. Listen for yourself!


By “I didn’t know that she was nasty,” I take him to mean “I didn’t know that she had said nasty things about me.” He’s not impugning her character. On the contrary, he compliments her — a rare but not unprecedented example of Trump being gracious about a critic. Every now and then he gets smacked by someone whom he knows he can’t hit back without creating a political mess for himself. He’s never jabbed at Michelle Obama as far as I recall even though she’s jabbed at him plenty, including at the 2016 convention. I remember his criticism of Khizr Khan being notably subdued too. Sparring with a former First Lady or a Gold Star father would be a bad, bad look and he knows it, so he pulls his punches or avoids throwing them entirely. It’s what makes his recurring criticism of John McCain surprising, actually. Taking an occasional shot at a dead war hero isn’t a great look either. For some reason (probably McCain’s vote on ObamaCare repeal), Trump can’t resist in that case.

But resisting in Markle’s is an easy call. He’s having lunch with her husband next week and knows that a war of words with a member of the royal family before his visit would be a five-alarm diplomatic fiasco, which of course is why media outlets are reading his “nasty” comment uncharitably. They’re spoiling to see that fiasco play out. In reality, Markle could call him a cuck tomorrow and he’d still have to be like, “Congratulations on the new baby.” Which is kind of a bummer: If we’re going to elect a boorish populist, he should at least do a little public goofing on the bluebloods from the mother country.

Never let the truth get in the way of your channel getting clickbait. They wonder why we don’t have any faith in them, or the way they try and slant the truth.

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  1. I caught part of a discussion on media watch this morning where they were talking about a $1 m grant being given to some private media company to trial coverage of local government and community board issues that they claim they don’t have enough ‘resources ‘ to cover.
    Wonder where that will go?



    • Riveting stuff from local government and community board’s would never generate any return for any media company. It was always about the company meeting a reporting and coverage duty along with other more newsworthy components. This taxpayer does not wish to pay for reporting and printing of stuff that would otherwise get covered.

      This is on a par with subsidising public transport that is scarcely used.



  2. I see the msm are trying to ‘kick the stool out from under’ President Trump’s visit to the UK again today. Trump replied to an interview question that he’d met and liked Boris Johnston. The msm reckon that is Trump supporting Boris’ leadership bid and that breaches diplomacy rules before his official UK visit…



    • Disgusting isn’t it, the Royal family are very used to that gotcha sort of thing and are more than capable of seeing the comment in context and in response to the framed media comment, I hope it blows up in the media’s face.



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