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Lessons on Greta Thunberg and dealing with ‘scepticism’






A new climate change teaching resource includes lessons on Greta Thunberg, dealing with “scepticism”, understanding feelings about climate change, and advice to eat less meat.

The new Ministry of Education resource available for New Zealand students in years 7-10 tells them climate scientists agree that “humanity is responsible for the vast majority of the enhanced greenhouse effect”.

It includes eight lessons on topics such as understanding the difference between climate and weather, how climate change could affect New Zealand, and New Zealand’s current commitments to tackling the issue.

Teachers are also provided a “wellbeing guide” to “help them navigate the delivery of climate change scientific content, whilst maintaining the wellbeing/hauora of students”.

Students who choose to take the course will learn about understanding their feelings about climate change and how it will have “direct and indirect impacts on psychological wellbeing”.

“Learning and understanding about climate change affects people even without exposure to a direct event, and may create anxiety, depression, despair, aggression and a host of other emotional upheavals.”

The resource says climate-related extreme weather events could cause stress, anxiety, grief, social tension, feelings of displacement, relationship conflicts, cognitive decline, problems with alcohol and drugs, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In one lesson, students are asked to get in groups and “choose one climate change feeling response (their own or imaginary)” and consider feelings associated with climate change.

“During this discussion, reinforce key messages about feelings and highlight how our feelings are linked to thinking, physical responses, action and the environment,” the curriculum says.

“We can listen to our body for signals of how we are feeling. Everyone has thoughts about the things that happen. How people think influences how they feel and behave. Feelings are connected to our motivations and actions.”

Students are taught how to psychologically adapt to climate change in three steps:

  1. “Understanding and knowledge leads to acknowledgement and acceptance of the issue.”
  2. “Coping strategies to manage the feelings and thoughts.”
  3. “Active engagement and action where we change and adjust behaviours in order to reduce climate change impacts.”

Students are also instructed on how to communicate with people who aren’t convinced that the climate is changing or that humans are impacting the changing climate significantly.

“As the students learn more about climate change, they may also hear, read about, or speak with, those who disagree with the science behind climate change,” the resource says.

“This could cause confusion and anxiety, especially if it appears that because of that denial or lack of understanding, the urgent action required to mitigate and adapt to climate change is stalled.”

The syllabus provides a list of “myths” that have been “busted” by scientists – although it does not provide a source on the page.

An example of a “myth” provided in the resource: “Humans are too insignificant to affect global climate”. The answer: “Humans are small but powerful, and human CO2 emissions are causing global warming.”

Students are instructed on how to “respectfully disagree” with someone who is “yet to be convinced” about climate change.

The resource tells students to “stay calm” and to “avoid putting down other person’s ideas and beliefs”. It also instructs them to not make it personal, to “listen to the other point of view”, and to use “I” statements to communicate how they feel.

The students are then instructed to participate in an activity called “myth buster role-play” where one student will be the ‘activist’ for climate change and the other the ‘sceptic’.

The syllabus includes a YouTube video of Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, who last year rallied students across the world – including New Zealand – to protest against inaction from leaders.

“At a young age, Greta Thunberg recognised that there was a huge disconnect between the evidence from climate experts and the actions being taken in society,” the resource says. “Frustrated by this lack of action, she decided to take matters into her own hands.”

The curriculum cites various sources including the Ministry for the Environment, Stats NZ, the Department of Conservation, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the United Nations Environment Program’s climate body.

Students are taught New Zealand’s commitments, including the 2015 Paris Agreement, the purpose of which is to keep the global average temperature well below 2degC above pre-industrial levels, while pursuing efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5degC.

Students are also told New Zealand is already experiencing higher land and sea temperatures as a result of the warming climate.

“The sea rose 14 to 22 centimetres in the last century, the oceans are acidifying, there is more sunshine, and the country’s glaciers have lost a quarter of their ice in the past 40 years.”

It also tells students how they can help to reduce emissions, including driving and flying less, reducing electricity use, eating less meat and dairy, planting trees and conserving water.

“Social scientists have found that when one person makes a sustainability-oriented decision, other people do too.”

I have selected more appropriate pictures to portray more accurately, the bullshit Jimmy-two-mums and the COL are trying to force on the county’s children.

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  1. James Shaw actually said “there are no scientists who do not believe in climate change”. Yeah, in Shaw’s own echo chamber!
    James Shaw is as dumb as a rhino.

    Shaw is a dangerous fascist who believes in distorting school childrens’ minds with climate change propaganda and manipulating them into not eating meat and dairy. The syllabus is completed with contact numbers for young children who require counselling services due to the anxiety the cc syllabus contains.




  2. Disagree?

    Then you are – alt right – and intend to shoot muslims. Expect a visit from armed police.

    The media will report it as a raid on an alt right suspect and mention “firearms”

    It really is that simple and it really is happening.



  3. The poor parents and grandparents of these kids that are being indoctrinated by this fucking propaganda.
    Having kids going to bed at night with worry that the world is going to end from pricks like Shaw and his elk should be charged with eco terrorism.



    • The kids will be used as pawns to protest and spread cc propaganda. The parents and grandparents will be the main target. They won’t stand a chance when little Jane and Johnny are so distraught about their future and refuse to eat meat and dairy any longer because their teachers have drunk the koolaid.

      You can see how previously those who resisted the cc propaganda now have fallen into line such as the National Party who previously resisted the cult of climate change.



    • Communism, Here we come! Thank you James Shaw. Amongst our young and vunerable, increased anxiety, increased mental Health, increased Suicide, for what? just to make Shaw feel good? what a fucking tosser. Will cost the country billions of dollars.



  4. When are people going to make the connection between climate change propaganda and the UN Agenda.
    At least Peter Williams and Plunket are exposing the marxists and even Bruce Russell is on to it.

    This attempt to indoctrinate the next generation needs to be stopped.



  5. Will there be a corresponding module to teach kids of the fallacy and dangers of socialism? After all, an ideology that killed 120 million in little under 80 years must surely be as big a threat to humanity as climate change. The future generations must be warned.



  6. This crap is even worse than the ‘Duck and Cover’ training in the 1950s and 1960s for a Nuclear bomb going off

    At least in that case the threat was genuine.
    The solution to an imaginary enemy …not so much

    “Duck and cover” is a method of personal protection against the effects of a nuclear explosion. Ducking and covering is useful at conferring a degree of protection to personnel situated outside the radius of the nuclear fireball but still within sufficient range of the nuclear explosion that standing upright and uncovered is likely to cause serious injury or death.
    Just put on a good oil skin jacket. About as effective!

    The training video here 14 minutes may be the basis for Shaw’s propaganda stunt
    How to Protect Yourself from Nuclear Fallout and Survive an Atomic Attack – 1950s Educational Film

    The sad thing here is that there are rumbles within the Red caucus to roll Shaw as he is too ‘mild’
    Shows how extreme Golriz Goulash and Marama Devious are.

    Final thought
    The modern media show just how much a rank amateur Joseph Goebbels was in the 1930s and 1940s.
    The modern media is weapons grade with propaganda.
    Joseph Goebbels stuff was ECE (Early Childhood Education) level by comparison



    • The effects of nuclear explosions at the beginning of this link (30 seconds – after the start with they man in his fallout shelter) is more like I remember being shown. Real effects, nothing left to the imagination. The mushroom explosion and buildings evaporating with the force is the film we were shown. The “cold war” was REAL and scaring school children was not a concern to our teachers. We kids apparently needed to know what was likely coming! Like me I’m sure many kids were shocked and our mental “wellbeing” was not considered as part of the necessary information equation. There was no point protesting as it was the Russians behind the Iron Curtain who were in control of our destiny and they certainly didn’t listen to children of the West. There was nothing to do but wait…




  7. I have had a very brief look at the document. It makes me very angry that these idiots are pushing something that seems very scientific but is based on half truths and lies. In their discussion on Greenhouse gasses they mention CO2, Methane, etc and then have this pearler “H2O is alo a greenhouse gas”…. ALSO a greenhouse gas, its the most important one, but that gets omitted as does the comparitive contributions of CO2 and ( a little) and methane ( virtually fuck all). CUNTS. both Hipkins and Shaw.



  8. So are the kids going to brainstorm how to rid the world of 2/3 or more of the population? It is the only solution to this emergency is to reduce resource and energy usage. I cant see China, India or any African countries willingly giving up cars etc.



    • GJM
      I have been saying this for years.
      The only way to save the planet from pollution and running our of resources is to start reducing the population.
      Its growing by 200 million a year, every year.
      So start with India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Uganda and several other basket case countries whose people produce nothing of value to the rest of the world (China may be exempt as it makes all the stuff we buy)
      One child per woman then permanent sterilization.
      That’s not too harsh.



  9. Well, if they seriously want to reduce population and stop “global warming”, all they need to do is start a thermonuclear war. Lets say its a doozy, and 1 Bn people get toasted in the first week. The nuclear winter then sets in over the next year or so and cools the planet dramatically. About another 2 Bn people die or freeze from lack of food and power. Socialist Nirvan also occurs as nobody has any money in the bank, except those with actual cash or gold….So we are all equally poor, equally starving equally without work… And then the new order emerges as only the fittest, strongest and most intelligent survive the next few years. Those that bothered to get educated rather than rely on google, those that developed farming and hunting skills, those that ate healthy food, knew how to find decent water. As a thermonucler war destroys everything that we have taken for granted. Bugger No more Facebook, how will snow flakes survive….



    • ……”those that developed farming and hunting skills, those that ate healthy food, knew how to find decent water”……

      Greta & her mates won’t be worried. They know that meat comes from supermarkets, pre-packaged on styrene trays while lentils & veges are created in plastic bags!



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