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About Us

We are the Party of common sense, something that has been thrown out the window by the current Government and the ineffectual Opposition.

We are moving ahead to form NNP ( NEW NATION PARTY) as a fully registered Political Party to contest the 2023 General Election as a Major Party or a coalition option to other parties.

Regardless of the effects of the current MMP system there has always been mainly a 2-horse race, National vs Labour. The minor parties play a part in presenting an alternative to both main parties and splitting the undecided vote come election time. With the obvious blending of many of the Labour and National policies there is a serious need for NNP to stand up as a centre-right voice of common sense and reason.

We have become disillusioned with the collapse of voter support, loss of valuable political knowledge, and general destruction of the historic National ethos.

We intend contesting every electorate seat, including the Maori seats, in 2023.

Want to be a candidate or regional support member? Email us now newnationpartynz@gmail.com

We believe that working with Maori and all ethnic groups is a basic requirement of our Kiwi nation as we are all one , together, and occupy our land as Kiwi’s, not as fractured and separated communities within. Separatism has no place in our belief.

Change comes from within and starts at the grass roots of the Party. We intend to fertilise those grass roots.

We have some specific “Set in Stone” policy statements that we believe can bring about a more cohesive and fundamentally enhanced New Zealand. We look forward to the challenge of the next elections.

We invite your support and suggestions and will listen to all ideas that are relevant to our pathway.

Follow our Facebook page for discussion and up to date information https://www.facebook.com/groups/542669726748686

We have coined the name “New Nation Party” to give title to our objective of rebuilding and enhancing our fine country in 2024. One People, One Nation.

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  1. What does ‘working with Maori mean?’
    Surely an MP represents all and sundry.No special treatment.
    Some good policy but why oh why do people think fiddling with GST will make any difference
    If it is taken off fruit and vegetables the supermarkets will leave the price the same and make a killing.



    • Because they are “special” and cannot survive without constant handouts?
      If the trickle-down effect actuallly worked, we would see all maori benefit, not just the ones at the top.
      Good to see they will not change the countys name.



  2. Not enough to impress me yet. Words are cheap and politicians are normally very shallow. For a start I want to know who these people are that are making promises for our vote, what their personality traits are, what principles they live by and whether they have any political integrity.



    • And making use of Facebook as your principal means of disseminating information is a non-starter too, as far as I am concerned. I realise that there aren’t many “holdouts against Facebook” left in the country – but there are a few of us who don’t support corporate America and don’t wish to contribute to its profits it in any way (well,no more than we HAVE to that is). – That includes Facebook, Google, Amazon and others who are part of the American oligarchy/kleptocracy or whatever it is . . . .



    • I also would like to know what calibre these people are, who are they thinking they can start a new party, who is behind them. There have been many over my lifetime, and Act was the best of the lot as far as I was concerned then……….. they appointed David as the MP and what a woke pathetic ass he turned out to be. I thought I was voting for freedom of voice, and choice, but he has drunk at the trough of taxpayer funds and Phizer gifts it seems. We could well be going from the frying pan into the fire with these people. But thank you Ed for giving us the opportunity to take a look at what they are about, kind of.



    • Although curious, I haven’t looked at their website yet because they lost me at ‘working with Maori’ as well. You forgot one very important thing… “who’s funding it!!??” Follow the money.

      We should try living under ‘Common Law’ first , until we are satisfied that we want or don’t want to be voting for any politician. It’s about controlling the people vs being in control of your life.



  3. Too many parties and far too many egos to make any meaningful difference. If all the minor parties could put their egos to one side and come together there would be a good chance of defeating both the Nats and Labour but can anyone see that actually happening? Not a chance, so we will end up with a one party totalitarian state and Gorbachev’s prophecy (he was actually talking about the EU of course) will have come true in New Zealand and our children and grandchildren will suffer for generations because we allowed it to happen.



  4. “We are the party of common sense” Is as far as I could read without spewing up my lunch, Just FUCK OFF ,see if you can find the wriggling worm that bought us another waste of space using that same “common sense”motto about 30 fricking years ago, remember him ????



  5. We must get rid of MMP.
    This system ensures no change no matter who and what voters want.
    Half of these politicians are appointed, don’t face a ballot and spend their days snout deep in taxpayers money.
    That is their incentive
    How can this be changed?
    Only by changing the system so there is accountability and if voters reject someone they do not re appear on the list or in party appointments. ( think Bolger!)
    There must be consequences for bad policies and actions.
    At present there are not ,which is resulting in the death of Democracy!



    • STV at the very least if we continue with mmp.

      Problem is what do we replace it with?

      Also needs to be…
      term limits for ALL politicians and other state troughers.
      Real accountability.
      Stop campaigning on empty promises and campaign only on achievements.
      Zero donations, money corrupts. Just because your party is well funded and can do more advertising dosent mean theyre good fir the country.
      Defund the media, plus blanket ban political reporting and polls for a period prior to elections.



    • We need to be able to recall an MP or a political party early. Politicians wandering away from their stated intent should not be condoned by the electors. There should be a process to summon back recalcitrant members. Impeachment style to answer to the electors for not following what they say they intend during electioneering. Let’s face it, the GG is never going to intervene. That’s career ending for their own privileged existence for themselves.



  6. United States to start saying ‘up to date’ instead of ‘fully vaccinated’

    The US will begin moving away from describing people as “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19 in favour of “up to date” with their boosters.

    The United States will begin moving away from describing people as “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19 in favour of new terminology to reflect the need for ongoing booster doses.

    Many countries, including Australia, have either changed or left the door open to changing the definition of fully vaccinated from two doses to include a third or even fourth dose of a vaccine, as data reveals waning efficacy particularly after six months.

    White House chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci said on Tuesday that health officials were moving away from the term “fully vaccinated”, but the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reiterated that the definition is not changing for the purposes of travel requirements or other federal guidelines.




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