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New Variant- What Next?




New Variant – Now What? A Humorous Look

Written by Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D.

So far, it has not bothered its viewers but looks scary because of the hole. Considering its better aerodynamic design, it is predicted that it can travel much faster speed hence more contagious. Now what?

Furthermore, rumors (“science”) indicate it has structural similarity to a popular food item (shown on the side).

Therefore, experts advise that consumption of all related food items and their ingredients should be stopped immediately.

Experts are working on developing a Wackoccine for the A-holeIRIS. However, in the meantime, using any of the current “90 percent+ effective” vaccines be considered essential.

Please, remain fearful!

Bottom line: It is just another picture with a fancy name. So take it as it should be – a picture of an imaginary object.

Its existence is as fake as its original version, which has yet to be found anywhere!

People, including medical and pharmaceutical experts, mistakenly believe that the ball with the spikes is real and exists.

However, they do not realize it is a computer-generated imaginary figure like a unicorn, flying cow, fairy, etc.

The literature does not provide any scientific or experimental evidence of its existence in the real world.

So, mask or no-mask, distance or no-distance, vax or no-vax, PCR or no-PCR, etc., make your choice for yourself wisely and live freely and happily.

It is bizarre that people, including experts, keep assuming that the cause of illness or pandemic is a virus when there has been no evidence, neither by testing nor by so-called treatment (vaccines).

There is no test available to show the presence or absence of the virus – the PCR test or any related test is not a virus test.

Vaccines have demonstrated a lack of effectiveness, i.e., vaccinated people show similar symptoms, labeled as “breakthrough cases,” based on the same irrelevant and false PCR test, and require the same preventive practices as the unvaccinated.

Have people completely lost their logical thinking ability, or is it something else? Certainly, science is absent!

It has also not gone unoticed that rearranging the letters in Omicron creates the word moronic….

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  1. Have people completely lost their logical thinking ability, or is it something else? Certainly, science is absent! Never a truer word spoken Fja has never had any critical thinking but its all in the size of your donation fizzer and all the other companies making m=billions from this scam. Great read Ed thank you.



  2. It helps on the Confirmation of the those Pfizer Contracts.
    So what did New Zealand’s world breaking skillful // negotiators sign away with Pfizer?

    The Pfizer contract. No escape and No liability. And another Health Con Omicron
    32 minutes 44 seconds : Published December 3, 2021 : ASIA PACIFIC TODAY

    Cybersecurity Expert Ehden Biber legally obtained copies of the Pfizer contracts with Albania, Brazil, Israel and the EU.
    These contracts ensure Pfizer cannot be held liable for damages and places full liability on government “Purchasers” of their product.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    The new scariant Omicron has the world on knife edge…or so the media would have us believe.
    Governments globally are feverishly working overtime, working out ways to lock the world up and push the bottom line for big Pharma.

    Omar Khan is a recognised consultant who is presently working with Dr. Shankara Chetty of South Africa to increase awareness of Dr. Chetty’s breakthrough “8th Day Protocol” and the analysis of COVID claims.
    Omar has also been instrumental in bringing the early treatment paradigm to Sri Lanka where Early outpatient therapy is now officially endorsed.

    In a funny way it is Pfizer itself, that confirms aspects of the Contracts.

    Some very unusual conditions in the Contract.
    A citizen can not sue Pfizer as we know.
    A citizen can sue the country, that is Ministry of Health.
    Pfizer retains the right to turn up at that trial if it believes the country is not defending it-self as well as it should be, and that country will have to pay for that.

    Long term clauses:- long term effects & efficacy & there may be long term effects, that we do not know about. further more the product shall not be serialized.

    Ivermectin clause, can not return back vaccine & can not cancel contract.

    Signed in secrecy.

    Threats about exposure.
    Albania was a hacked document he obtained
    The gold is the Brazil’s document was digitally signed, . that gives assuranes it is bonafide. which validated.
    Then his accounts with in about 3 days his accounts are restricted, then suspended, then returned back, but he had kicked up so much stink with evidence proving he was not in violation.
    Main stream just will not look, no reply.

    Citizen.org publishes but does not mention him, but he sees the angle, that it was a form of criticism, so that Brazil was the reason why small countries were not getting the vaxx, a form of soft censorship, with a twist.
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    The new Variant is only an inflated scare.
    “New Variant fatality is only in its capacity to monger fear”
    A rise in gastro-intestinal presentation, …. ….. nothing irregular.
    So many disconnects, like the farce of testing,
    Fauci “Christmas; t’is a season to be infected” 🙁

    A quick list of the actual symptoms, which are mild.
    No deaths in Botswana for past 30 days.

    Governments may try to amp.
    Up to us, are we the ones who want to be petrified.
    New York declares emergency, though no cases,, so vaxx. 🙁 unreal.
    All coming through into the countries via the vaxx, but media keeping that part in quietism as they want more people to be jabbed.
    – – – – – – – – – –



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