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New World Order Vows to ‘ERASE’ Joe Rogan




New World Order Vows to ‘ERASE’ Joe Rogan from the Internet

The ‘New World Order’ have vowed to permanently ban Joe Rogan from the internet as the outspoken podcaster’s popularity continues to rise.

A group of elite scientists and establishment figures signed an open letter this week, demanding that Spotify remove Rogan from the platform for daring to question the mainstream media’s lies on Covid.

“The average age of listeners is 24 years old and, according to data from Washington State, unvaccinated 12- to 34-year-olds are 12 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid than those who are fully vaccinated,” the letter states.

Rt.com reports: It goes on to lambast Rogan for promoting alternatives to Covid vaccines, such as ivermectin, and hosting guests like Dr. Robert Malone, a vaccine critic suspended from Twitter after being accused of spreading misinformation. Clips of Rogan’s interview with Malone were criticized by the medical fraternity following their interview.

Hosting guests such as Malone is “medically and culturally dangerous,” the letter declares, warning Spotify that Rogan’s podcast presents a “sociological issue of devastating proportions.”

Epidemiologist Katrine Wallace, of the University of Illinois Chicago, who was among the letter’s signatories, deemed Rogan a “menace to public health.” She accused his podcast of making it “seem there are two sides to the issue and there are really not. The overwhelming evidence is the vaccine works and it is safe.”

Rogan has not said he is anti-vaccine but has earned plenty of pushback for inviting on to his show a number of Covid vaccine critics, criticizing pandemic-era restrictions, and questioning the US government’s mass vaccination strategy, even for those at low risk of contracting Covid. Rogan himself was diagnosed with coronavirus last year and ignited criticism after openly battling the virus with a “kitchen sink” of medications, including ivermectin.

The podcaster and Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator speaks to a range of guests on topics ranging from physical fitness to comedy to conspiracy theories, and has remained Spotify’s most popular podcaster since joining the platform last year.

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  1. They don’t like him because, as Jordan Peterson says, he tells the truth. Oh, and by the way, did you know that of the 270 “doctors” who signed the letter only a handful are actually medical doctors?



  2. The same people who have suppressed, censored, denigrated, discredited “The Great Barrington Declaration” which has many times the Doctors, medical staff, sign up.
    950,000 signed up.

    So they believe they can do it again 🙁 by harnessing all the state’s resources, and social media. along with the hidden money flows, that swirl

    To isolate people, and prevent discussion, debate, as this is to protect their dangerous, religiosity in their ideology and ascent of their all controlling scientism.



  3. Liz Gunn, It will be interesting to see how long the MSM and the Ardern Cabal leave her alone and let her do the fabulous free journalism work she is doing.
    Going after the media themselves yesterday was a very brave move, it not only brave it is so necessary to expose these bastards for what they really are.
    The problem is will ruling elite tolerate any voice that has an alternative opinion.
    I doubt they will.



  4. A good reminder wombatge and more here on this thread with further links yesterday’s early evening.

    “” Liz Gunn talks to One News Reporter and asks why they are not reporting onsite reports of children collapsing at the drive through vaxathon in Northshore,Auckland New Zealand link at

    The TV 1 news crew did not stay to investigate or report that. “”

    Plus a bit more detail late evening

    The cabal will try to discredit, denigrate Liz Gunn, but if Liz can get some more good detail, then maybe it will backfire as more information comes forward as in a Streisand effect.

    Are there any other witnesses? and can they collate together to make an affidavit on this.
    To retain privacy, may be work in with a Justice of Peace, that verifies the people, even if they remained screened, and dubbed voices.

    So remain protected from that media swill.



    • Well said, another story I will share is a truckie that blocked the M1 on the NSW/QLD border months ago was to be interviewed by MSM. The reporter put a mask on just before the interview, but not the cameraman. The truckie let her rabbit on for a few seconds, then reversed rolls, he interviewed her on the mask situation and the cameraman. It was gold viewing, she was sent packing without her story and totally humiliated. She even had a mask that matched her clothing.
      Hopefully, there is justice in truth, Germany are attempting to close down Telegram, it seems they really don’t want any counter opinion to be heard at all.
      New Zealand is so lucky to have Liz Gunn, it appears they have put a large dose of “go lightly” through talkback radio and flushed all what they consider bad for the narrative to banished. I religiously listened to Peter Williams every morning because I thought he was the most balanced person I could find as a presenter, he was removed at the flick of an eyelid. Radio has changed as now you can listen to anyone anywhere in the world, but the presenters are being culled at an incredibly fast pace.



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