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New Zealand and Sri Lanka Were Not the Same




The seemingly unlimited supply of virtue-signalers who dominate our culture have assured us emphatically the recent terror attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka are equivalent, a kind of quid pro quo between races and religions.

Other than the fact that, tragically, a great many people died in both—more in Sri Lanka, but the numbers are horrific enough in NZ—-this is utter nonsense. They couldn’t be more different.

New Zealand was the act of one deluded or evil (call him either or both) racist individual motivated by rage against immigrants—Muslim “invaders”—he thought were ruining the country. Sri Lanka was a planned attack on multiple targets by a local militant group, likely with the aid of a yet larger group or groups (possibly ISIS) from outside the country, acting under the dicta of a highly-evolved ideology euphemistically referred to as fundamentalist Islam or Islamism.

That ideology—that seeks to take over the world—has hundreds of millions of adherents and sympathizers across the globe, vastly more than Nazism at its height.  Whether active or not, they consider themselves at war with Judaism and Christianity as well as all other religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.) and seek to eradicate these others from the earth.

Victory was recently achieved over ISIS’s so-called caliphate. Although this victory was necessary, it was undoubtedly but a temporary success in a longer war. It is highly unlikely, actually impossible as we have seen most recently in Sri Lanka but also from a staggering 34,986 deadly attacks since 9/11, that the underlying ideology has been extinguished. Only when that is done will such attacks end.

Unfortunately, we seem to be going in the opposite direction. The cult of Islamophobia—and, yes, it is a cult because it is built on a lie—is a major and growing deterrent to a solution. That deliberately false accusation of “unjustified fear” (phobia), promulgated with no consistent evidence that discrimination against Muslims is a serious problem (actually, the reverse) is meant to do one thing only—deflect legitimate criticism of Islam, therefore preventing its reformation.

And Islam has plenty to criticize, not just the obvious misogyny, homophobia, and other aspects of Sharia law, including the primacy of religious law over state law, stonings for adultery, death for apostasy, thieves having their hands removed, etc. It is indeed Medieval. Unlike other religions, Islam has never been significantly reformed—indeed, resists reformation via, among several other things, that bogus accusation of Islamophobia.

Meanwhile, many more will die, the majority of whom will be Muslims, destroyed in their primitive internecine rivalries. Islamic cultures will remain backward and impoverished because the most logical explanation for their condition, in fact, the only one at this point unless you are racist, is Islam itself.

The rest of us in the wealthy and technologically advanced West and East will continue to suffer myriad indignities—restrictions and inconveniences to our travel, visits to concerts and museums, places of business, government buildings, etc.—while looking over our shoulders for the intermittent attacks that will continue for the rest of our and our children’s lives. Soon you will have to be fifty to remember what it was like to get on a plane without having to go through security. Maybe it’s already so.

Believing this will go away by itself is magical thinking. Isn’t it time for a little honesty?


  1. You are right there is a big difference detween the two! A nutter australian came here and decded that he did not like our country and changed it for ever! Why could he have not done it over there?
    Sri Lanka has been changed as well and our PM has sent a get well card!
    Could not even admit they were christians and it was easter!



  2. Glad I don’t live in Europe and watch it slowly being poisoned by political correctness. It’s bad enough watching from here! I expect to see miserable islamic countries full of strangely dressed poor people in National Geographic. That’s where it should stay! I have no guilt whatsoever wanting the west to stay Western. Separation of Church and State is essential in the free world- that’s the fundamental difference between the muslim world and ours.



  3. Doing a comparison of events in Christchurch and Sri Lanka –
    Christchurch, Foreign gunman with no history shoots 50 injures 40, Govt bans certain guns in extreme haste with flawed legislation whilst failing to address the real problem of who is licensed and costs taxpayers a fortune in buyback. Sri Lanka, Intelligence services have info but fail to notify Police, pre organized car/suicide bombers kill 300+ injure 500+ Govt fails to ban cars and appears to be fumbling in the dark looking for a door. Commons factor – Government is the least able to actually solve a problem.



    • They are also looking at being the 15th country to ban the Burqa, many of the bombers assistants were women in Burqa’s, or maybe men in Burqa’s.
      It was not a good look being able to arrest over 20 suspects straight after explosions. The authorities obviously had intelligence that this was going to occur, it was ignored.
      Cindy is living on another planet if she thinks she has shut down any more threats, she and her followers are clueless, can’t even get rushed Gun Laws correct.
      The Burqa should be banned completely, half the 14 countries banning them are predominantly Islamic.
      The others like France are starting to wake up to the threat, but too late, the horse has bolted.



  4. The Western World is superior to other cultures because it was decided we should have separation of church and state with people free to make their own decisions regarding faith and parliament free to make laws without the restraint of religious edicts.
    Islamic countries in particular have none of this with state sanctioned faith and laws drawn up based around the Koran.
    Hence by and large they are brutal unforgiving places to live where people are forced to conform or else.
    Perfect reasons while Islam is evil and has no place in NZ and needs to be discouraged at every opportunity.



    • Should read “Western world were superior”, definitely past tense, our leaders have rolled over and capitulated. You are 100% correct, True Islamist cannot live in harmony in a democratic society.
      The really smart countries have found an easy method of control, forbid the building of Mosques.
      That is what most Islamic countries do, they go the extra mile and allow destruction of churches.
      NZ government wants to help build mosques, they want to build and support the most galvanising religion on earth today. I can understand Ms Adern supporting this, but the true leader of the COL must have lost a lot more grey matter than I thought.
      Maybe the Japanese and Swiss know something we don’t.



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