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New Zealand censors book about censorship




New Zealand censors book about censorship

Professor James Flynn of the University of Otago in New Zealand tells us that his upcoming book on free speech was “banned” by its publisher due to its content, which addresses the “sensitive topics of race, religion, and gender.”

Emerald Press has decided against publishing Flynn’s upcoming book, In Defense of Free Speech: The University as Censor, which makes the case that institutions of higher learning freely censor political expression.

Flynn is reaching out to other publishers that might be interested in publishing the book. For now, due to leftist sensitivities and draconian speech laws, Flynn’s book on free speech is without a publisher and an audience.


  1. Banned from Twitter but welcome at Massey: radical feminist group to host event

    A radical feminist banned from Twitter for violating its hateful conduct policy will panel a ticketed event hosted by Massey University in Wellington.

    The event has attracted so many complaints that on Friday the university put out a public statement, acknowledging concerns, and reiterating it had a security plan and risk assessment in place. “We are closely monitoring the situation in the event of any potential issues,” the statement said.


    go Read this. There’s nothing like a woman scorned and frankly, some of them need scorning.

    Pity Massey hadn’t reacted the same way when Brash was due to go there.

    universities wonder why they are becoming devalued in a connected world where education is readily available for Mr Google.



  2. and the answer to the pic is;
    Sovereignty Matters.

    Always has.
    Why have we given up our sovereignty?
    Ask Bolger and the Maori.

    What are the Nats. going to do about it and will they get rid of the Chinese influence?



  3. So not 10 or 14 years jail or tens of thousands of dollars of fines, yet, but a hidden cost is applied, like de-platforming, boycott, security costs,.

    An article on Flynn’s censorship.

    Recently you see, from the Right, (and from some Libertarians), a tremendous amount of bullshit about “the spirit of free speech.”

    “The spirit of free speech” can be summarized as saying that not only is racist speech protected from prosecution and civil suits, it ought also be protected from other people’s response speech…. [N]ot only should they not be prosecuted (right) or sued (right), but it would be wrong to boycott them, shun them, encourage public condemnation of them that might cost them their job, and so forth, because that “chills speech.”

    Basically, the “spirit of free speech” people want a world where people can be consequence-free assholes: where there’s a set of rules of civility and high-minded discourse that apply only to the responses…

    White’s position is a confused one, but it reflects a worrisome movement toward devaluing free and open discussion, so it needs to be addressed. …….

    …………… When responding to speech we don’t like, a useful guideline is to ask ourselves, “Am I disagreeing, or am I retaliating? Am I trying to persuade, or am I trying to silence?” If retaliation or silencing is the goal, remember that such techniques will ultimately be used not just on “bad” speech, but on “good” speech, as well. And when people refrain from speaking because they fear personal retribution from corporations, the media, academia, or an unruly Twitter mob, the value of their speech is lost—lost in the same way it would be if the government threatened them with punishment. Someday in the not-too-distant future, speakers may have to fear that, too.

    and then there are the comments.
    Social engineering, in a open and transparent society. 🙁



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