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New Zealand government funds project to discredit anyone who questions safety of vaccines




New Zealand government funds project to discredit anyone who questions safety of vaccines

It’s not only the UK government that’s refusing to acknowledge excess deaths since the mass covid injection campaign began, the New Zealand government is doing the same.  Is it because they are afraid to admit that those who are raising awareness about the unsafety of the vaccines might be right?

Silence is one thing but the New Zealand Prime Minister’s office is taking things further.  It is actively funding a disinformation project dedicated to discrediting anyone who asks questions about vaccine safety.

Something is Happening, But What? RNZ Wants Us to Fantasise About It

By Dr. Guy Hatchard

On Saturday, the UK Daily Express headlined a story, ‘Experts call for urgent investigation as excess deaths spark ‘dangerous’ theories‘. UK excess deaths in 2023 have risen to levels commensurate with 2020 alpha variant deaths during the height of the pandemic, but the article admits that the 2023 excess is not due to Covid. Most concerning is the death toll in the 15-44 age group, which exceeds 2020 and prior years. An age group which was mostly just mildly affected by Covid.

As they are here in New Zealand, where our rates of excess death are measurably higher than in the UK, the Government is keeping quiet and looking the other way. Dr. Charles Levinson, Medical Director of private GP service Doctorcall, said the “silence” from the Government was allowing conspiracy theories to flourish, including from anti-vaxxers, and added:

“A refusal to openly discuss these statistics is an abdication of responsibility from parts of the scientific community [and the government], leading to an irreversible erosion of trust by parts of society.” 

We agree.

Why Aren’t Governments Investigating?

So, we are not conspiracy theorists when we warn that excess deaths are up, mainstream scientists agree with us, but understandably they don’t want the jabs they administered and pushed on people to be revealed as the cause or even openly discussed. That could be very embarrassing.

Why aren’t governments investigating? It might be a fair guess at this point to suggest that governments are actually aware of excess deaths and very afraid to investigate because what limited data they have released suggests very clearly that those asking questions about vaccine safety might very well be right about the cause.

Excess deaths appear to be clustered around a range of cardiac events scientifically proven and acknowledged to be related to mRNA injections and cancers suspected to be. The Boston Globe, for example, headlines, ‘Rise in cancer among younger people worries and puzzles doctors’. Indian doctor Feruzi Mehta from Mumbai tweets that heart attack deaths among younger people now make up 15-20% of the total, when it was just 1-2% ten years ago.

Doctors like Mehta speaking up are risking de-registration. Therefore most others, faced by the rising incidence of illness and death, especially among the young, are remaining silent. However, some diehards are doubling down or even succumbing to the irrational.

Silence is one thing, but our Prime Minister’s office is actively funding a disinformation project dedicated to discrediting anyone who asks questions about vaccine safety, labelling them violent extremists, paedophiles, Satanists, anti-Semites, animal torturers, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and anti-transgender. Saying that all these interests ultimately merge into one, beginning with a concern about vaccine mandates (???).

Time to Press the Pause Button

All the wild and incredible accusations listed in the preceding paragraph are explicitly made during the first 12 minutes of the first episode of a seven-part podcast series produced by RNZ Radio called Undercurrent, in which they interview government-funded disinformation experts (???). 12 minutes of this half-baked smear campaign was enough exposure for me to press the pause button.

The problem with the RNZ podcast so far (aside from its lengthy episodes and unrelenting madness) is that it doesn’t actually discuss vaccine injuries or unprecedented rates of excess deaths – or even mention that there are such things. RNZ began putting the podcast series together more than 10 months ago. Since that time, it has become apparent that worrying excess death rates have persisted, but RNZ has apparently decided to avoid mentioning the problem. There is a possible reason for this. Once you get into inventing causes of excess deaths, you really do begin to sound very mad indeed.

Talking of Madness…

One News tweeted tonight that people in Mount Maunganui are dying of air pollution in large numbers, along with a picture of its pristine coastline.

The New York Times suggests that extreme heat is causing hundreds of extra deaths. It advises July 20, 2023 “….plan to stay indoors as much as possible with the windows closed. If you must be outdoors, consider wearing an N95 mask…” A lot of people appear to be taking this advice very seriously, one tweets despairingly:  “….I have Covid now. I haven’t been anywhere in a month. We both mask indoors and we don’t even share a bedroom or eat in the same room. No choice but to share a bathroom.”

In 2017, The New York Times wrote in praise of sunshine, saying it has massive benefits, crowing: “Let the sunshine in.” Recently in 2023, The New York Times wrote: ‘How to Get Absolutely No Sun This Summer. None! Don’t even think about it!’.

Alex Berenson, award winning former New York Times journalist, responds to this kind of reporting with “The New York Times has lost its mind. And by mind, I mean principles and understanding of the First Amendment (the right to free speech).” In which he says The New York Times has walked into the government censorship trap, cancelling those voicing concerns, including himself.

A quick survey of other suggested causes of record excess deaths suggested by corporate media ranges from the just possible marginal effect of lockdowns to the implausible alcohol consumption, loneliness, too much exercise, gardening, vacations, climate change, and the really far out: “there is too much air.” You can feel the panic setting in, can’t you? Something terrible is happening, but people are very afraid to face up to it.

Pro-vaccine advocate Prof. Peter Hotez is also recommending staying at home. He is warning against going to see the blockbuster Barbie or Oppenheimer movies at the cinema because you might bring covid home with you. Incredibly he also joins with RNZ in thinking that concern about vaccine safety is a form of anti-Semitism.

The Lack of Any Plausible Explanation

It doesn’t take much thought to realise that the underlying concern here is the increasingly noticeable high rate of excess deaths and the lack of any plausible explanation. All this is happening after mass vaccinations with a novel biotechnology drug. How long are we going to go on without acknowledging the elephant in the corner of the room or, more especially, tabulating how many among those dying are vaccinated or unvaccinated?

The government-backed RNZ podcast is an act of desperation which is transparently biased and illogical, aimed at a demographic that has been systematically schooled over the last three years to unquestioning dream-like acceptance of the government and the medical establishment. This might be very comforting to some who are just blindly hoping it will all go away or else feeling grateful there is a scapegoat they can blame and revile, but this narrative no longer makes any sense, if it ever did. The RNZ podcast should be dismissed as absurd propaganda issued during the last days of a failed parliament.

Just remember the paragraph with which we started this article:  Scientists are now warning us that excess deaths are real and very concerning, not imaginary as our politicians and some uninformed medicos and media hacks are still pressing us to accept, against the evidence.

We are facing a real-life emergency. Our emergency departments and hospitals are overwhelmed. Young people are dying of conditions that used to mainly affect the elderly, but the media, the government, and the medical establishment want the subject to remain taboo. They are funding efforts to marginalise those asking questions, shooting the messenger rather than acknowledging the problem and searching for solutions. Time to wake up from the fantasy.


    • The worlds population has voted with its own feet, it has finally stood up to all this.
      I compiled a worldwide list of the fourth booster jabs, just 15 countries have utulised these for their citizens, and a staggering 190 countries have not participated. The one that have like Japan, Denmark, Taiwan, Australia, Peru, and Belgium have jumped in with a real zeal to keep following the agenda.
      Japan tops the list with 57% of the population accepting the experiment for fourth time.
      Just 1.29% pf the worlds population have had the fourth booster, it appears it is at an end, they have fallen short by 7 jabs, the original aim was 10 per person.
      I have a letter that confirmed this to Greg Hunt in 2021, 10 per person were ordered.
      It is time to move onto climate change, they have exhausted this mass physchosis event as far as tthey can push it.



  1. Where has covid gone? Did it ever exist?
    What is happening about blood transfusion? Vaxxed/unvaxed?
    Can we ever trust the medical fraternity again?
    What happened to the pandemic plan?
    How come all the socialist governments in the world were in lockstep in their reaction to the so-called plandemic, based on the Chinese model?
    What was the real reason that the unvaccinated medical staff got the boot? Was it because they knew what was going on and had to be got rid of?
    When is justice going to be served and the perpetrators of this bullshit …. the lies, the social destruction, fear mongering and genocide, going to be brought to task?

    I know the answer to these questions and there are many, many more and they have been asked over the last couple of years but they just disappear down a black hole and are forgotten about.

    There is no way I trust any of the shower of shit that is hanging around Parliament at the moment.



  2. Ostrich heads in sand. There is no way those ostriches involved in constructing the wall of secrecy will admit the excess deaths even with the jabbed collapsing or dying in front of our eyes at sport events, collapsing on TV, and the increasing death notices of young and previously healthy. The Western life span has lengthened with decades of improved health and nutrition but now we are expected to accept young and healthy bodies randomly just give out. RIP jabby victims, apparently you’re the acceptable collateral damage in this war to control by those who pressed the GO button on this genocide.



  3. Well, eventually the vaxed will die off and the only ones left will be the unvaxed pure bloods. We will nod wisely and may say told you so, but we will prevail and be the few left that are healthy and sane. The masses can die for all I care. I feel for those who were forced against their will to be vaccinated. Hopefully. as you have shunned the boosters, you will be Ok. As for idiots like my father in law ( 5 boosters), hope the will is in order. Twats



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