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Next 20-30 Years Will Be Cold




Next 20-30 Years Will Be Cold; Sun Much Less Active


Climate scientist Dr. Willie Soon has urged his fellow academics to pay closer attention to the sun’s activity, which suggests several decades of global cooling rather than warming.

Speaking this week with Alex Newman of the New American, Soon, a Malaysian astrophysicist and aerospace engineer, said that “what we predict is that the next 20-30 years will be cold. It will be cold, so it will be a very interesting thing for the IPCC to confront.

The sun is in a “weakened state” and far less active than during the 1980s and 1990s, Soon noted, which should last until “around 2050.

The whole climate system is powered 99.1 percent by the sun’s energy,” he stated.

Soon, a researcher at the Solar and Stellar Physics Division of the Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said that global cooling is a far greater source of concern than global warming.

We will have a lot more problems were the planet to cool rather than warm,” Soon insisted.

Humanity can solve a lot of problems including overheating, but the problem of a “little ice age” like that of the 1700s, “those problems are much harder to solve,” he said.

If you want to face a serious problem, worry about an ice age; never worry about global warming,” he declared.

Soon’s warnings dovetail with a report Wednesday of billions of dollars of Chinese investment into elite American universities to promote climate alarmism as “one of the Chinese Communist Party’s chief weapons against the United States of America.

The U.S. State Department uncovered $6.5 billion in undeclared university [funds], most of which came from China, in an attempt to “project ‘soft power,’ steal sensitive and proprietary research and development data and other intellectual property, and spread propaganda benefitting foreign governments.

It makes perfect sense that the Chinese Communists are manipulating fears of a climate catastrophe to its advantage,” the report noted. “The CCP wants the U.S. and other nations to pass laws making energy and manufacturing more expensive while they expand their economy, take our industries and our jobs, and do so with little regard for the environment or human rights.

It is a strategic geopolitical tool used by China and other nations that want to weaken America, and the freedoms we enjoy,” it said.

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  1. That is it.
    Putting in another large as, log burner, with wet back, and again can cook on.
    A ducted fan system to spread the heat.
    Putting up another car port for a wood shed.

    A smaller nifty chain saw as well.
    Log splitter
    A disability ramp, so that a wheel barrow of wood can roll right in. 🙂

    Find a few cheap sets of those so called illegal snow & ice tyres. 🙂

    We must remember, this climate like the virus can be tricky.
    In the 1920’s many believed it was getting colder, and going into an Ice Age. It then turned into glorious hot weather through the 1930’s
    In the 1970’s Newsweek and Times told the story of a new Ice Age was beginning, but then again glorious tricky warm weather broke out, and is reputedly still happening.

    Well I can decide how many fires to light, and how many logs to burn or NOT.
    Possibly sneak in a few trailer loads of coal too if necessary. 🙂



      • No,, Far away from Canterbury reaches.
        My comment is in, part of cheek, though also a work in progress.

        The question of inversion layers, fogs are still an issue nearby where I am..
        Plus a distant Regional Council applications are supposedly needed.

        Still have a walled up old fire place with hearth, designed for the wood stove oven type, and though the chimney top has been lowered. as its mortar had long since given up, so saw it as an earth quake risk.
        No problem to put a flue in and on upwards. 🙂

        After all no one ticked the box to say when the old kitchen fire place was put in, later refurbished with 1950’s tech fire box, and then removed, so I would just call it recycling.
        Much safer. to put a version of the “kitchener” or the better fitting in this case, the Contessa.:-) then re-plumb those old water pipes that still exist on the water cylinder.



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