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Sweden: bishop of Stockholm says she has more in common with Muslims than “right-wing Christians”

Openly gay “Bishop of Stockholm Eva Brunne revealed that she not only has a distaste for right-wing Christians, but claims to have more in common with Muslims.”

Brunne is so nearsighted and egocentric that she cannot see beyond the end of her own nose. She is only capable of judging others and holding a world view in accordance with whatever negative experience she may have had with “right-wing Christians” in her own personal life; and she condemns others in the public square based on this experience as a bishop–a position that she is unfit for.

Brunne needs a lesson in Islamic doctrine to establish how much more she has in common with Muslims than “right wing Christians”. She can start by visiting Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan (uncovered), declare her lesbianism and speak her mind openly there. She’ll find out rather speedily about the rights of women and gays in Islam. Afterward, she can then compare it to “right wing Christians”. Unfortunately, she’d be murdered under the sharia and so, she will not be able to publicly correct her absurd commentary against “right-wing Christians”.

She also goes on to lambaste Christians for historic wrongs while ignoring the 1400 year history of jihad; the current Christian and minority persecution, murder of gays and apostates and black slavery in Algeria, Sudan, and Mauritania.

The mere fact that wretched ‘leaders’ like Brunne exist in the Church is a contributing factor to the ‘tolerance’ of Islamization of the West.

No wonder so many are leaving the churches.


    • Because we have so much to prove, and the pendulum is still ascending before it settles at a more equitable place? Did she even get the job as the best candidate or was she chosen to show how ‘progressive’ the church is?

      Should being a lesbian even be part of the descriptor, I can perfectly understand why imperfect man should shun equally imperfect women.

      Perhaps if there hadn’t been so much pederasty in the Church, women wouldn’t have got a toe hold.

      Anyway, the Pope has no problem with empathising with Islam against its own religious history, so you can’t blame a poor woman now can you?



      • It’s not a gender problem, it is lily-livered waffly lefty idealism for socialism that is the problem with such beings. They are just delusional, whatever their sex – which incidentally has nothing to do with being employed as a bishop unless they offer a bit on the side features as part of their job!



  1. Trying to serve 2 masters!
    “Those who believe in everything believe in nothing?”
    “don’t believe in something you will fall for anything”.
    Perhaps it is a birds of a feather gather together, but she seems to be “the chick in the pot” with her gay religious abandon.

    Although protestant, just as clueless as the current Pope.

    Maybe Mohammad was right in with this quisling lesbian woman!

    (Bukhari 3.48.826). Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:
    The Prophet said, “Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?”
    The women said, “Yes.”
    He said, “This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.”

    Would she be allowed to preach in a mosque, to read the koran or have any authority in a mosque?

    She should go and preach the love of God in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc.. etc…



  2. No wonder so many are leaving Christian faiths, This goes against the teachings of the bible I would have thought. One God and a Christian and all that. They seem happy to take on the teachings of Islam? The Old Testament is very similar to the Koran so why not just grab hold of the old and go with it.
    Its full of stoning, killing you brother, treating women worse than dogs etc etc. Unfortunately for these new lefty christian persons the pope included, the New Testament (funny as it was written around 2,000 or so years ago) is full of forgiveness and kindness stuff. Not good enough for them aye? Just shows how kindness and mercy abounds with these ‘new vogue’ leftist religious leaders.



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