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Bryan Firebrand

With coronavirus hysteria sweeping the western world, Supreme Leader Jacinda Ardern is apparently pretty keen to use the crisis to try to avoid the inevitable absolute bollocking she is about to receive at the General Election later this year.

“What we’ve realised is if we go to an election, we’re pretty much fxxked.” Ardern explained.

“So we think it’s best for everyone, particularly me and the Labour party, if we just don’t have an election for a while. We need more time to re-educate people who reckon they’re not voting for us.” she added.

The Waterton Daily Chronicle understands the election, currently planned for November, will be pushed back until such time as people stop even thinking about voting for someone other than Labour.

“We’re constantly assessing the polls and identifying people who might be an “opportunity for re-education.” Ardern explained.


  1. Time won’t make a jot of difference to the outcome of the next election socialist Cindy, except give even more voting peasants time to realise you are all totally useless, incompetent, inept, feckless and delusional!

    Passengers crossing over our borders should have had much stricter protocols such as immediate and mandatory quarantine for 14 days at isolated camps. Your COL’s slow introduction of preventions to the Wuhan virus reaching our shores has left the people of NZ needlessly vulnerable. I suspected 4-5 weeks ago there was something bad about to happen with the Wuhan virus, why didn’t your government with all your resources know?

    MAGA = Make Ardern Go Away!



  2. ‘This doesn’t have to be political’ – Ardern chastises Bridges as he accuses Govt of rationing coronavirus tests

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told National Party leader Simon Bridges “this doesn’t have to be political” after he accused the Government of rationing coronavirus tests in Parliament today.

    Mr Bridges says around half a dozen doctors have contacted him over the last 24 hours expressing frustration they can’t test people with symptoms unless they meet strict criteria laid out by the Ministry of Health.

    The Prime Minister rejected the claim, saying there were 620 Covid-19 tests carried out yesterday and clinicians have been told the decision to test a patient ultimately lies with them.

    “But what we don’t want to do for doctors is create a pressure environment, where regardless of their symptoms having any likelihood of even being Covid-19, demand a test when there isn’t a need for one,” she said.



    • “This doesn’t have to be political” Actually Jacinda it does. Because despite Simons limitations, your inept, virtue signaling, ideologically driven bullshit needs to be held to account and unfortunately for you, a large swathe old New Zealand’s population think you’re a pathetic joke. Would you like me to have that translated into Retard so you understand?



    • Bloody hell. Quote of the year – “doesn’t have to be political.”

      Sweet cheeks Grant was being his true self getting bitchy when winding up his presentation yesterday. Was quite snarky about the previous administration.

      Maybe Alf smacked his hand.



    • Not political….. Handing The $25 for beneficiaries was not political? Sure, we are told they will spend it all and that will assist the economy but those borrowed funds could have been better applied to those who actually had a job they are now in danger of losing. Not political…..this announcement was about the pandemic and the top up for Pike River is not political?

      The lady insults our intelligence with these bribes for votes using borrowed money we will have to repeat from taxation. Mr Bridges is right to question these dubious moves.



      • It’s not to be political if you’re the National Party. Ardern seems to be able to throw money at anything she wants now and call it part of the emergency package.
        Bridges isn’t only right to question this behaviour, it’s incumbent on him to do so. $3 billion to welfare and only $.5 billion to health care, in an emergency package to combat a pandemic, is negligence.



  3. No more oil & gas exploration. A Captain’s call.
    Then feeling bottled down.

    Now, a new lease of life,
    Feeling the Power.
    Feeling the Delivery.
    Knowing she can even create law to deport, well except “exporting” a lawn mower.

    To make up for missing out Ardern’s adhan for Christchurch and the helicopter buzz.

    The government budgets, treasurery chest, Reserve Bank, all cracked open, plus knowing the support from the UNicornical World Bank, IMF will guide the spending in so many “zero carbon” ways.

    With the signed UN Global Migration Pact, will rapidly replenish any population loss, and the new “Hate Laws” being organized by the Justice Minister Andrew Little with the Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt, a British Labour Party supporter of Jeremy Corbin.
    They both understand collateral damage, and are ok with that.

    The Arabs are becoming a reduced force now, but the British Labour Prime Minister needed Arab money.

    and so the orders came from the very top, for the UK’s financial reasons.

    Some things may be a work of fiction, but some of the ideas and some facts seem to work in, when having no problem about collateral damage, or using a crises to further the socialist utopias.



    • That Gordon Brown was a truly hideous creature.
      I did not know that but am not surprised.
      Even a Scottish Tory (a rare thing) I was talking to last year agreed.
      My cousin in England and I were talking last year whether Gordon Brown or Treason May was worse. It was difficult to call.

      It is a good thing he was not in charge for very long (like Jack Marshal) .
      To think that the odious Tony Bliar held on for longer to give Brown less time really says something.



  4. Saul Alinsky wrote in his Rules for Radicals, “in the arena of action a threat or a crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication”.

    Translated & used by others including PriNZess as, “Never let a crisis go to waste”.



  5. The media are spinning this big time. Anyone right of Stalin is viciously attacked and lies told. While totalitarian lefty politicians are praised in gushing terms.

    The government response is being run by Ardern’s election team.



  6. Cindy will be happy to have here abortion law passed allowing women to have abortions up till birth as long as they can find a doctor will to preform one. The pro abortion lot claimed that is what the public wanted but were strongly opposed to a referendum.



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